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Lawrence Reaves's Articles in Food and Drink

  • Food On The Go Travel Tips
    It's simple enough to grab food on the road, but you never know what you are really going to get unless you plan ahead Sure you can pull over and eat at a chain, there are always plenty of MacD's, KFC's and Wendy's to satisfy even the biggest and hungriest of kids, but there is nothing worse than looking at another 10 hours on the road and enjoying that peculiar sensation which comes from digesting fast food
  • How to Care For Your Stainless Steel Cookware
    You should be able to deal with most of the stains and discolorations that you get on your steel cookware if you clean them after every use However, if you ever have some serious gunk on your pans, there are a few ways that you can get them cleaned up
  • Healthy Eating With Slow Cookers
    With recent studies saying that more than 50% of people in every state are overweight, more and more Americans are trying to eat healthy Good, quality, healthy food is often more expensive
  • History of the Coffee Filter
    Its early morning You stumble into the kitchen, desperate for that first drop of good, warm, dark caffeine
  • Helpful Hints For Using Your Slow Cooker
    On the one hand, your slow cooker takes up a lot of room in your kitchen cabinets or on your counter top On the other hand, how can you think of running a family kitchen without one
  • Tips For Buying and Cooking Potatoes
    The potato is one of the most popular and versatile foods you can cook with in the American kitchen But before you start cooking with potatoes, let's be reminded of some important tips
  • How to Cook With Beans
    Beans are a very healthy, inexpensive and filling food to use for family dinners To have the best success with beans in your cooking, follow some of these helpful tips
  • Tips For Successful Tailgating
    As football season approaches, you're pulling out the jerseys, checking your season tickets, and planning tailgate parties. When it comes to tailgating, there are some things that you will want to do so that you have the most successful tailgate party in the lot.
  • Important Considerations for Your Next Drink Blender
    Everyone needs a good blender for their home bar or parties. If you do any shopping, you may be daunted by all of the choices. Below are several tips to keep in mind. Remember, the more quality you buy, the longer it is going to last and the better drinks it's going to make.
  • Cooking with Coconut Oil
    If you go into a health food store and go to the oils section, you might be surprised to see coconut oil next to the olive oil. Many people are surprised at this, because it used to be that coconut oil was supposed to be very bad for your heart.
  • How To Use a Food Processor
    A food processor is one of the most versatile of the kitchen appliances and is able to perform multiple types of kitchen functions to make your cooking and your cleanup easier and quicker. A food processor can slice, dice or whip up a batch of summer pesto.
  • The History of the Blender
    It's the gift every bride wants. It's the essential appliance for any bar. It's the health food enthusiast's essential kitchen appliance.
  • What to Look For in a Food Processor
    So when you're making the list of what you absolutely must have in the kitchen, you're likely to ask yourself, "Do I really need a food processor?" Reality is, it's not a kitchen essential, but a good, dependable food processor can save you time and give you more cooking options in your kitchen
  • Cooking with Indoor Grills
    There's nothing quite like grilling your food over an open barbecue. But, if you don't have the available outdoor space or if it's mid-winter with snow on the ground that may not always be your best option. Fortunately electric indoor grills have become fairly standard kitchen appliances.
  • Buying a Toaster Oven
    So, what's the advantage of having a toaster oven versus just having a regular toaster? Here are some things to consider.
  • Tips to Use Your Blender as a Juicer
    The sweet spot for most blenders is making smoothies and milkshakes. A blender just about always makes these with a perfect consistency.
  • Getting to Know German Cuisine
    You cannot exactly give a precise definition of what German cooking is. Every region in this fascinating country has its own different specialties. The region of southern Germany shares many dishes with the Austrians and the Swiss, while to the southwest, cooking is influenced a lot by the French.
  • Japanese Food Essentials
    Rice is the staple of all Japanese dishes. People in Japan also often each rice cakes, or mocha. They also call every meal 'gohan', which means steamed rice is involved in the meal. For instance, breakfast may be called asa-gohan. Steamed rice is included in just about every meal. Side dishes are known as okazu and are served with soup and rice.
  • The Essential Thai Cooking Spices
    When it comes to Thai cuisine, herbs and spices are very important. When you use them properly in the right combinations, herbs and spices help to give Thai cooking the proper balance of the four tastes: sweet, spicy, salty and sour.
  • How to Cook With Fruits and Vegetables and Keep Their Color and Nutrients
    Very often when we cook with vegetables, we end up cooking them so that they lose both their color and with it, their essential nutrients. One of the harder things about cooking meals is to have it look colorful with fruits and vegetables, but make sure the vitamins and minerals are still there after they are ready to eat.
  • Types of Seasoning for Your Kitchen
    There are many types of seasonings for your kitchen - from various types of salt and pepper to very exotic cultural blends. If you learn how to use them properly, you can really add a great deal of flavor and variety to your everyday cooking. Some of the basic seasoning groups are detailed below and how to best use them for your foods.
  • Tips For Buying Pork
    What is the best type of pork to buy? It depends on how exactly you wish to cook it. You will find that small and lean pork cuts such as pork chops and loins will cook fast, but they do not have as much flavor as a Boston butt or tasty spareribs. Generally, the large, primal named cuts tell you where the meat came from on the pig, such as shoulder, the loin, leg and side.
  • Ways to Bake Better Bread
    When you are making bread in your kitchen, there are important things to keep in mind to achieve the best results.
  • How To Select a Waffle Iron
    Making your own waffles at home is generally not something you can do when the family is rushing out the door for school or work. But on those more leisurely weekends or holidays, waffles, the real kind, not the popup toaster kind, can be a great treat. So you want to make sure that you invest in a reliable and convenient waffle iron.
  • Eating Healthy, Fresh and Fast with a Rice Cooker and Steamer
    Spring is a good time to turn around your kitchen cupboards, pushing the stew-pot and soup-pot to the back, bringing grill gear and salad bowls to the front. Goodbye, hearty and heavy--hello, light and quick. One large-capacity appliance, however, should remain within reach all spring and summer long: your rice cooker/steamer.
  • Best Ways to Prepare Burgers
    There are few things in life that taste better than a properly prepared hamburger. If you have good hamburger and good ingredients (cheese, onions and bun), and grill it right, you have a very tasty meal. However, this can get a bit dull after a while. So, it's a good idea to try some different ways to prepare hamburgers to take them to the next level.
  • Using Food Dehydrators to Save Money and Preserve Food
    With a sluggish economy and more and more people trying to live a healthier lifestyle, home gardeners are producing a bounty of fresh produce. But you can only give away so much zucchini and so many tomatoes. What do you do with the rest?
  • Electric Egg Cookers
    Eggs are a great source of protein and they can be enjoyed just about any time of the day. They're not just for breakfast anymore. But it you enjoy eating eggs, but you don't enjoy the process of cooking them, consider investing in an electric egg cooker. An electric egg cooker or poacher is a convenient appliance that can be used to cook the eggs you love in several different ways.
  • What Do You Need to Know About Rice Cookers?
    Rice can be a great complement to a family meal, but cooking rice on the top of the stove can lead to a gooey paste or rice stuck to the side of the pan leading to mealtime embarrassment and disaster. Sure you can always substitute instant rice, but a much better option can be the purchase of a rice cooker.
  • How to Keep a Keg Cold
    Ice cold beer on tap. To the American male it's what you look forward to at the end of the day when you wind down with friends. But you don't always feel like heading down to the corner bar. So maybe what you need in your kitchen or your family room is a beer dispenser, also known as a kegerator.
  • How To Use a Pasta Machine
    When you think of pasta, you almost immediately think of Italian food. Pasta has been part of the Italian culture for centuries. Legend has it that Venetian merchant Marco Polo brought pasta back to Italy following one of his journeys to China. But reality is, pasta was a staple in the Italian diet long before that.
  • The Hot Sauce Lover's Guide to Hot Peppers
    When you think about it, the term hot sauce is actually very vague Literally, it means a sauce that is hot
  • How to Prepare Vegetables Better and Faster
    Many people eat more vegetables these days, such as people who are on low-carbohydrate diets. So it makes sense to learn how to prepare your vegetables quickly and efficiently.
  • Great Ways to Cook Trout
    Trout is closely related to the ever-popular salmon, but is a very tasty fish in its own right. Because trout are a bony fish, baking is the most popular way to cook the fish. This way, it is easier for you to take out any bones that you may have missed when cleaning the trout.
  • How to Roast a Chicken to Perfection
    Roasting a chicken at home is a great way to prepare tasty, healthy meat for the whole family in a very inexpensive way. If you want to roast your chicken to mouthwatering perfection, please follow these easy tips.
  • Types of Beef Cuts for Your Kitchen
    There are all kinds of great beef cuts available today in American supermarkets that can fulfill just about every budget and taste. However, it can get a bit confusing to select which sort of beef cut you want for which meal. Below are the most common cuts of beef you will find and what to do with them.

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