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Lawrence Reaves's Articles in Education

  • Ways To Save Money On College Tuition
    It is a well-known fact that college is a very valuable experience that can potentially help you to make more money throughout your lifetime than you would be able to make with a high school diploma alone. However, figuring out how to pay for your college education can be a huge challenge for most students, and the debt from college tuition can be overwhelming.
  • Methods For Choosing A Great Tutor
    Most parents want their children to do well in their academic studies, which can help them succeed now and later in life by helping them get into college, and get into a promising career.
  • Tips For Teaching Your Children To Love Learning
    Have you noticed that your kids seem to be much more interested in playing and having fun than in learning? If so, don't be alarmed, because it is normal for kids to have an aversion to the typical learning environment and to prefer playtime over school time.
  • Important Information About How Children Learn
    Childhood development and learning is one of the most important subjects for parents to understand. Knowing the stages of development, and the differences between how children learn from how you learn as an adult can help you work with your child to maximize his or her potential with regard to schoolwork and other education experiences.
  • How To Help Your Child Prepare For The SAT
    Wouldn't it be nice if kids these days truly understood how important a good education is for their future? While some kids seem to grasp this concept, many of them are more focused on dressing in style and having a good time than they are on preparing for important educational milestones such as the SAT.
  • How To Choose The Right SAT Prep Course
    Most higher education institutions require students to take some form of a standardized test in order to gain admission--the most common of these tests is the SAT.
  • How To Assess Your Child's Learning Style
    Everyone learns best in different ways, and one person's style of learning won't necessarily work for another person. Have you noticed that one of your kids seems to do very well in school while another can't seem to grasp the subjects and isn't able to get good grades?
  • How To Choose The Best Tutor For Your Child
    Have you noticed that your normally bright child is having a difficult time keeping up with studies and getting good grades, despite their best efforts? You might even notice that your child is in a completely different situation and is actually excelling above and beyond other students his or her age but is starting to get bored with school.
  • Educating Your Child: Should You Choose A Private School?
    When you are ready to send your child to school, there are many different decisions to make--which school will you send them to, what teacher do you want them to have, should you choose a private school over a public school?
  • Providing Extra Curricular Opportunities For Your Child To Learn
    Private tutors have been a source of educational improvement that, in the past, was limited to those few with the financial resources to pay. Today, however, more and more parents are recognizing the benefits of extra help to ensure that their children gain an edge in a competitive world.
  • Studying For The SAT Test
    Taking tests makes many people get extremely nervous. While they might do well in certain subjects during a regular class, they could freeze on those same subjects during a test.
  • Helping Your Child Stay On Track For Success
    While holding a newborn infant in their arms, nearly every parent reflects on the possibilities for that child's future. They hope that their child will have joy and peace throughout their life and that ultimately, they will be successful. Success can be defined in many different ways.
  • SAT Tips and Preparation Strategies
    For many students, taking tests is nerve-wracking, uncomfortable, or boring. They often feel that their test scores don't adequately reflect their abilities. Maybe they felt the pressure to do well and felt like they forgot everything; maybe they felt like the test questions were confusing; regardless of the reason, a number of students know the feeling.
  • The Importance Of Education Goes Far Beyond Career Prep
    One of the most common questions that young people ponder is what they want to be when they grow up. As they begin to create their own identity, they may go through different phases. One day they may say they want to be a scientist, the next day they want to be a fireman, and the next day they want to be a movie star.
  • What is the SAT?
    When the SAT was first introduced in 1926 it was the acronym for Scholastic Aptitude Test. It has been changed several times over the years, one of them being the name Scholastic Assessment Test. It was later divided into two parts denoted by the Roman numeral I and II. However, in 2005 it was renamed the SAT Reasoning Test. Interestingly, the SAT no longer means anything, so it is simply an empty acronym.
  • What is the ACT?
    The acronym ACT stands for American College Testing and was first introduced late 1959. It is a standardized test, similar to the SAT Reasoning Test and was deliberately introduced to compete with the SAT as there were many opponents of the SAT test at the time.
  • The Financial Cost of College
    All parents want the best for their children and so going to the best college is naturally part of this. The problem is college fees and other associated costs can be prohibitively high and may therefore affect which college your child can attend. The financial restraint may mean your child can't attend the college they want or indeed need to. Your child may easily get into the college of their choice, but you just can't afford it.
  • Preparing for College
    Moving from high school to college is a big change in a young person's life and can appear to be very daunting. The chances are that many of the friends you made at high school will be going to different colleges and so you won't be seeing them on a daily basis.
  • High School to College
    If you have just started high school or maybe are about to the chances are your mind isn't really concentrating on college. After all, you have four long years of high school, so what's the rush. Well there's isn't really a rush, but you will be amazed at just how fast these four years go; before you know it you've taken your exams, done the ACT or SAT test and have chosen your college.

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