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Lawrence Reaves's Articles in Culture and Society

  • Guide to Antique Jewelry
    Collectors and fashionistas alike rejoice in finding a truly special, one-of-a-kind piece of antique or vintage jewelry Whether you run across an ornate Victorian treasure, a spare Colonial item, or a funky art-deco piece, this wearable art brings individuality to any outfit
  • Canadian Diamonds
    The scramble for gold in the late 1800s was the key to many miners and prospectors striking it rich The Northern regions of Canada proved massively fruitful, not just for gold, but also for oil, and more recently from diamonds
  • In Demand Diamond Cuts
    Are you in the market for a new piece of jewelry Are you having trouble figuring a way to narrow your search to help you uncover the perfect look for you
  • Engagement Rings Today
    Nearly every girl dreams of that special moment when the one she loves asks the all important question, "Will you marry me" Second only to the person asking the question the potential bride has probably thinking about the ring she wants for many years
  • PG and E Contaminate Ground Water
    Growing up in a small town is a wonderful way to spend your childhood You know all your neighbors and most everyone greets you with a smile as you go about your daily business
  • Wal-Mart Inc. In Trouble For Violating America's Clean Water Act
    Before the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, there were very few regulations to keep businesses from negatively impacting people and the environment around their operations During the time of little to no regulation many people died as a result of irresponsible business practices that contaminated the air, drinking water and other resources
  • Honeywell Fined 11.8 Million Dollars For Environmental Violations
    In March of 2011 the corporate giant Honeywell International Inc registered a guilty plea during a case against them in a federal court located in Benton, Illinois The corporation was charged with one criminal felony that stated they had intentionally stored toxic waste without obtaining the proper permits
  • American Companies Are Going Green
    While many corporations are still clinging to the old way of doing things and are constantly fighting the Environmental Protection Agency and lobbying government to reduce regulations, some companies hae decided the capitalize on the rising popularity of "green" businesses among consumers These companies can be found in every market ranging from food suppliers to banks
  • Exxon Valdez Disaster
    While in recent years the gulf oil spill has become the most talked about oil tragedy of all time, prior to that accident the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989 was the largest oil spill in the waters of the United States The Valdez oil spill had a disastrous environmental impact that has been called one of the most crippling environmental disasters caused by man kind in recorded history
  • Education and the Information Society
    Society demands learned people with a broad education, an entrepreneurial and creative spirit, mastery of one or more foreign languages, and large capacities for problem solving. Young people acquire various skills outside of school because they are self-integrated in this new paradigm of society, often preferring the cozy home to the "boring" school. It is important to make the school more attractive, and in tune with technological innovations.

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