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Lawrence Reaves's Articles in Business

  • Professional Food Vending
    Selling concessions at state fairs, outdoor music events, rodeos, and other events is a lot of fun and is a great way to make money Many people have gone into business for themselves as food vendors and made more money than at their previous jobs
  • Saving Money by Purchasing Used Auto Parts
    Why To Buy Used

    When it comes to replacing car parts, things can start getting pretty expensive pretty fast With every time you take a car into the shop to be fixed, you have to worry about product markups, labor fees, and any other costs that might have been added by the shop
  • The Basics Of Shaft Alignment, And Why It Matters
    Coordinating all the "moving parts" of your business means more than just ensuring your people and your products are on target. If you work in a manufacturing environment, it's also important that the moving parts within the machinery are operating as they should.
  • Voice Recognition Software Dragon Naturally Speaking Saves Time & Effort
    Ever use voice recognition software If you haven't, you might be surprised at how much time it can save you
  • Small Businesses Look Bigger with Custom Return Address Labels
    Psst! Want to make your small business look bigger? Its actually easier than you might think. Your parents were right about making a good first impression - they really do count! Try looking like a bigger business with Custom Return Address Labels.
  • Budget-Saving Tips For Printing Online
    Buying print as cheaply as possible follows the same basic rules as buying any other product or service:

    What you do yourself you don't have to pay someone else to do;

    Wherever you can use standardized components or work on a standardized schedule, you save the costs of customization;

    Pay for only the level of quality you need
  • Corporate Stationery That Your Small Business Needs
    If you are just starting out in business, why would you need to spend money on high-quality corporate stationery Don't you have better things to worry about and spend your limited resources on
  • Customize A Calendar For Branding Purposes
    Before we talk about what it means to "customize a calendar for branding purposes", it's best to talk about what we mean by branding To some, branding means logos and t-shirts and mouse pads and all kinds of paraphernalia which people are given by various companies
  • Why Your Business Should Send Out Customized Holiday Cards
    You've no doubt walked into a business of almost any type around the time of the year-end holidays, and you've seen a number of Christmas, Channukkah, or non-religious cards taped on the receptionist's desk or on the wall of the lobby or waiting room

    These cards are not found in the employee lunchroom, or in the personnel office
  • Reduce Landfill Use by Recycling
    Imagine what it would be like to wander around the entire 843 acres of Central Park in Manhattan, enjoying the pathways, the meadows, the bridges, the ponds You can have a nice picnic, watch a play, enjoy a concert, attend a wedding, fly a kite, toss a Frisbee around or join in a baseball game
  • Launch a New Business with Business Card Magnets
    Starting a new business? You'll want to know about business card magnets. They can help you successfully launch your new business. The best thing about these magnets is that they work for many different industries and niches.
  • How To Be Successful In The Manufacturing Industry
    If you are a manufacturer, there are plenty of attributes that you probably already have that make you successful at what you do. In case you are looking for some help in being more successful, there are a few things that you should consider.
  • Flyers To Rev Up Your Motorboat Mechanic Business
    Motorboat mechanics were a special breed: their work was very seasonal. They sat around during the fall and the winter and often had little to do, but when spring came they were often inundated with calls to help someone get his boat running because the weather had turned warm and he wanted desperately to go fishing.
  • Reasons For Buying Products Pollution Insurance
    Accidents can occur at any time, no matter what preventative measures are in place This article provides a few interesting examples of how a pollution accident can occur and the subsequent consequences
  • Environmental Insurance
    Companies that are involved, or could be involved with environmental issues need to fully understand the importance of buying suitable insurance protection Unfortunately, it is often the case that a claim arises and only then is the insurance policy scrutinized only to find that it doesn't cover the claim
  • Pollution Impact on Businesses and the Environment
    Despite what people may think, pollution is not a recent thing For example, there is plenty of evidence to support lead pollution in Roman times and even the discovery of fire could be considered as the first type of air pollution
  • Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance
    Contractor's regular liability policies generally don't include, and often specifically exclude, environmental pollution cover With increasing concerns about environmental pollution and stricter legislation in place it's imperative that contractors and subcontractors have pollution insurance in place
  • Environmental Insurance Overview For Businesses and Consultants
    Environmental Insurance coverage started in the US
  • Environmental Protection Insurance
    Environmental protection insurance is a specific insurance protection for environmental companies that provide professional services and external field operations It's a type of all-inclusive protection policy that includes contractor's pollution liability cover and errors and omission cover
  • Managing Your Asbestos Liability
    Asbestos was once considered as a miracle man-made construction product It was used by most industries such as engineering and construction from the early 1940's through to the 1970's
  • Oil Pollution
    Crude oil is probably responsible for the most and the worst pollution disasters over the decades None is more prominent that the British Petroleum oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010
  • Products Pollution Liability Insurance
    Products pollution liability insurance is essential for any manufacturer who produces products that may have the potential to cause pollution It's an important extension to a regular products liability policy which probably doesn't provide insurance cover in the event of pollution occurring
  • Mobile Phones As It Access Terminals
    At first mobile devices simply had the basic functions of phone messages and text messages Gradually, color screens and cameras were added
  • Using Body Language to Maximize Sales
    Whether you consciously know it or not, every time you talk to someone there is body language between each of you If you are exhibiting at a trade show you need to able to get an understanding of people's behavior
  • Motivation of Trade Show Attendees
    A trade shows sounds fairly straightforward; it's a gathering of companies, usually with a specific theme, with the aim of increasing business through personal contact, referral or new leads They can be very rewarding for companies hence the trade shows popularity
  • Access Terminals As a Part of Information Technology
    Although some 43% of people are using the PC to watch videos, usually shorter ones of the Youtube style, or movies on DVD, television continues to be used for watching longer programs As for other devices, mobile phones are becoming the most popular means of engaging in communication for households
  • Big Corporations Are Key to American Businesses Going Green
    In the United States many small businesses have been created around the "green movement" that is growing at a rapid rate While the steps being taken by these entrepreneurs are making a difference, it is efforts by some of the largest companies in American that are forcing a shift toward environmentally friendly business practices in the United States and global marketplaces
  • Companies Are Going Green in the US
    For companies, going green does not always mean loosing money to follow some liberal legislation While many people would like to see all companies make choices based on what is best for the environment the reality is they usually make decisions based on what is good for the profits
  • Adding New "Zing" to Your Marketing Plan
    Every small business owner knows they need a marketing plan. But if you're not getting the results your like, you probably realize it needs some adjustment.
  • How to Use Notepads for Business and Marketing
    The old-fashioned note pad is a very good item to use both for your business and marketing needs for your company. After all, even with all of the computers and technology that we have today, sometimes there is no replacement for being able to scribble something on a piece of paper. This is why a notepad is such a great way to market yourself.
  • Marketing Tips For Your Company
    There are many small things you can do to boost your B2B marketing success at your company A few that we have found that work well for us include the following the following tips
  • Oil Spills in the 21st Century
    Gasoline, a product of crude oil, is the number one fuel source for cars on the road in the United States today Since the beginning of the 20th century drilling for oil has been a major part of the American economy
  • Jellyfish Cause Nuclear Plant Shutdown
    There are over 200 species of jellyfish living in our Earths' oceans With little control of their body movements, jellyfish rely heavily on the oceans currents to travel however they do have some control by utilizing their hydrostatic skeleton
  • Mine Contamination in Summitville Colorado
    In 1870 miners struck gold in Summitville Colorado Over the next 15 years hundreds of claim operations were in progress throughout the towns mines
  • Corporate Mistakes Can Affect More Than Just Business
    Corporations take on a large amount of liability as they begin to expand beyond a small operation Work place accidents and mismanagement can sometimes cause problems that extend beyond the confines of the business and have adverse effects on the environment and the people who live nearby
  • Be Like Simon Cowell: Review Your Marketing!
    Okay, we've all seen American Idol by now. Simon Cowell was by far, the toughest judge. He made a lot of hopeful singers happy - but he also made a lot of them cry.
  • The Happy Holidays Year Round Can Promote Your Business
    Many who own a small business look forward to the holiday season in winter. Retail sales pick up during this time, many businesses earn more during this time than any other quarter. But there are holidays year round.
  • Understanding Your Trade Show Booth Visitors
    Three seconds is all you get for a person to make up their mind about you when you first meet each other, according to many psychologists. The point is, it isn't usually a conscious thing, it just happens and once a decision is made it takes quite a bit to change it again.
  • Faulty Engines Cost Caterpillar Inc. Millions
    A settlement was announced on July 28th 2011 between The United States Environmental Protection Agency in conjunction with the United States Department of Justice's suit against Caterpillar Inc The initial suit claimed that Caterpillar Inc
  • Massachusetts Company Settles With the EPA For 1.7 Million
    Clean Harbors of Braintree, Inc has recently agreed to a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency also known as the EPA The Massachusetts based company processes and stores large amounts of hazardous waste at their plant
  • Trade Shows Need Teamwork
    Trade show are all about your ability of working together for the better good of your company which ultimately will also produce good results for each of the team members.
  • Traveling to Expand Your Client Base
    Trade shows, expos and conventions and can a huge opportunity for small businesses. Such events provide owners, operators and representatives to establish personal connections with the public and build upon what may start out as a very small circle of customers. With the availability of the internet and widespread media, it may seem like child's play to market your business to a wide audience and really get your name out on the market.
  • Trade Shows - Setting the Budget
    Exhibiting at a trade show is time consuming and expensive, but if done properly is very rewarding, both on a personal basis for those manning the booth, and financially for your company. There is no doubt that by attending the correct trade shows, you will get to see more people in the course of a day or two than you could ever expect to see by using other marketing methods.
  • Get Customers to Read Your Email Every Time
    Are you sending email to customers, only to discover they just aren't reading it? You may be offering terrific products and services, but somehow they aren't interested.
  • Trade Shows - Finding the Best Visitors
    Trade shows are excellent places for promoting your company's good and services, increasing its profile and generally getting new business and potential new business on the books. During the course of one single day at a trade show you are likely to talk to more people than you could ever do using another form of marketing.
  • Trade Show Visitor Types
    Whatever walk of life you are involved in you will have ascertained that there are various types of people. Those that attend trade shows are no different. It's hard to provide an exact definition of the various types or to work out just how many different types there are.
  • Show U.S.A. Patriotic Pride With Made in The U.S.A. Labels
    Fewer and fewer products today are Made in the U.S.A.. That's why if you have a product or number of products made in America; you'll want to let your customers know. Many customers today actively look for products that are made in the United States, hoping to find products that express their patriotic pride and to support American business ingenuity.
  • Trade Show Display Types
    Select a reputable trade show booth manufacturer and you can choose any type of booth that suits your budget. Irrespective of the price you decide to pay you will get a top quality, long lasting, display that will help to promote your company and its products and services at any trade show you attend. As your needs change, you may want to look into the different types of displays available.
  • How to Become a More Ecofriendly Business and Save Money
    When most business owners hear about new environmental regulations, they are often overwhelmed by the expansive market of expensive new technologies. However, for many smaller business owners, the monetary investments required to totally convert their current locations is not realistic based on their company's profit margin. Here are some ways even small businesses can take steps toward becoming a more ecofriendly business.
  • Popular Business Quotes for Motivation, Inspiration and More
    Walking by a coworker's desk, you may discover they have a quote or two well in sight. Whether it is their screen saver, in an attractive plaque or simply taped to an index card, this business quote can be a great help during the day. No matter what industry or field you work in, business quotes are useful to motivate, inspire and to remind you of what you think is most important.
  • Expansion to Overseas Markets
    There may be many reasons why your company has taken the decision to market itself overseas; perhaps the U.S. is saturated, or maybe you feel you have niche product that research tells you will sell well in certain overseas countries. Whatever the reasons, there is no better place to start your involvement in new countries than to attend a couple of trade shows in the U.S. that are specifically set up to welcome visitors from all over the globe.
  • Say Happy New Year From Frank's Lumber
    Many businesses like to celebrate the holiday season by giving holiday gifts, and Frank's Lumber is no different. But Mr. Frank has a unique hobby, he makes red wine. He's been making red wine for years, his father taught him and his father's father taught him. It's an old family tradition, a very proud one.
  • Attending as a Trade Show Visitor
    Exhibiting at a trade show is an expensive, time consuming business, but if the preparation and planning are skillfully done, then it's been proven to be a great return on investment. Importantly, always go to the trade show you intend to exhibit at as a visitor first. The reasons for doing so are simple; you get to see everything from the perspective of a visitor, rather than under the stressful circumstances of being an exhibitor.
  • Why Going Green Makes Business Sense
    Activists have a hard time understanding why all business owners do not want to make ecofriendly choices for their business. Perhaps the problem is the message delivery. Many people are still skeptical about the scientific reports on global warming and other high level environmental issues. Perhaps what they need is an explanation of how ecofriendly choices can help their profits. These are some of the ways going green makes good business sense.
  • Trade Show Categories
    Obviously there are hundreds of trade shows exhibitions; most have their own specific theme, so that the trade show attracts exhibitors and attendees that have a generally common interest. Trade shows are rather like market places, except you will more often than not find a common theme that runs through.
  • Exhibiting Countrywide
    Local trade shows are great for spreading your service or product in your local region but obviously reduces the amount of greater exposure your company is getting. Everyone knows that traveling around is tiring and increases costs, but if it's properly evaluated and planned you will find that your company will get the rewards
  • Attract Overseas Business Without Going Overseas
    You may be considering attracting new customers from overseas to expand your companies business. However, you may feel there are a few major problems you need to overcome, such as marketing your products overseas can be very expensive, if you intend to travel to the country and you may have a language problem. The solution is simple; find a trade show in the U.S. set up to welcome visitors overseas.
  • Ways to Make Sure the Environment Around Your Work Site Stays Clean
    Construction and manufacturing companies have a high risk of causing damage to the environment. Their environmental liability can be very high if a solid plan is not in place that will help them avoid contaminating the environment around their site. These plans include detailed instructions, describing how the site will manage toxic waste and chemicals that could harm the surrounding land, water, or air if they are not contained.
  • The Interesting History of Business Cards
    Business cards have been a very common and inexpensive form of advertising for hundreds of years. The history of business cards stretches all the way back to the 1600s. Back in those times, a business card actually was a visiting card or also called a calling card. This was a social convention of the time and there was a great deal of social etiquette surrounding the exchange of these cards at the time.
  • Spring Home Improvement Made Easier with IKEAs' Planning Tool
    Okay, we've all had the discussion where the new chair or lamp (usually the chair, because of course it is heavier), should "go over there," or "no, over there." This usually goes on for awhile until the chair or lamp winds up in its original spot.
  • Using Name Badges Effectively at Conferences
    Name badges or name tags are a very important part of any business meeting, conference or seminar. When name badges are used properly, they can help to make people communicate better and build business relationships. The basic reasoning behind this is that people are much more apt to talk to one another if they can see the other person's name and what company they work for, or where they are from.
  • What Static Cling Can Be Used For
    Most people think of static cling as something that is mostly annoying, such as when you pull your clothes out of the dryer and your socks stick to your shirts and so on. However, static cling is an important aspect of physics that has many uses in the modern world.
  • Choosing the Best Trade Show Booth
    When trade show booths used to consist of a couple side panels and a table and chairs it really wasn't that difficult to make a choice. However, things have moved on at a pace and nowadays choosing the best trade show booth for your company can be time consuming, confusing and difficult.
  • Name Tags Say "Hello!" and Make Connections in Business
    Many may fuss about name tags, saying they don't want to wear them. They say that "everyone" already knows their name and that wearing one is kind of pointless. Its funny how many of those people will run into people at that very same meeting, convention or lecture, relieved to find that other person is wearing a name tag.
  • 5 Tips to Manage Your Small Business' Social Media
    More and more small businesses are joining the conversation and getting social media accounts. Connecting with their customers and people interested in their products and services. One of the biggest challenges any small business faces with their social media is how to manage it.
  • The Dangers of Workplace Asbestos Exposure
    Asbestos was a common material used in construction around the world until the later part of the twentieth when doctors and scientists began to uncover the dangers of using asbestos. Many countries began banning the product for use in new construction projects, this new legislation did not however eliminate the risks associated with the toxic material because it still existed inside the walls of millions of buildings worldwide.
  • How To Use The Urgent/Important Matrix
    If you want to be successful in the business world, you've got to understand how to use one of our most finite resources: time. We all have the exact same amount of time each day, each week, each month, each quarter and every year.
  • The Work Doesn't Stop When the Trade Show Ends
    Staffing a trade show booth for a couple of days is a fairly gruelling task and is very tiring. It isn't just talking to all the people or the constant standing up, it's also all the months of preparatory work that goes into getting everything ready. During this time you and your team are running on adrenaline; it keeps you going and you never seem to get tired. Well that is until you stop. That's when the real work begins.
  • Corporate Tech Upgrades That Can Make Your Company More Ecofriendly
    Businesses have to be in a state of constant change in order to compete in the highly competitive global markets of the modern age. Part of competing in these modern markets means updating your company to be more ecofriendly. Some of the changes made are a reaction to mandates by governments around the globe to protect the environment, people, and natural resources of the country.
  • Getting It Right At A Trade Show
    If you are new to trade show exhibiting it's possible you think that just turning up with your team at a trade show is enough and new business will simply appear during the course of the day. However, you only have to speak to one or two seasoned exhibitors and you will end up with little doubt that to make a trade show a success, there's a lot more involved than turning up.
  • Success At A Trade Show
    You've put in the hard work, done your research and got your team together. Now you have a few days before the trade show takes place, but don't sit back and relax, the next few days need to be spent ensuring that everything will go to plan so you can make your trade the success you want.
  • Marketing Your Business by Getting Involved in Your Community
    Most businesses start out small, relying on an initial base of local customers before acquiring the means to expand. Rather than letting your sales reps and advertisers do all the work, consider taking matters into your own hands by reaching out to your community. Few things in the world can inspire customer loyalty like feeling that one is dealing with a business or individual who is genuinely dedicated to the well-being of their home town.
  • Statement Stuffers In Another Language
    The Orlando Pizza Company was located in an area where there were lots of different ethnic groups. They were sitting around discussing their growth and revenues one day, and they wondered how they could achieve better growth rates among these ethnic groups. One point of view was that ethnic groups simply chose to frequent restaurants that they were familiar with, and that marketing to them was a waste of time.
  • Nine Tips for Designing Your Asset Tag
    Asset tags are essential to control and identify your company and personal assets. They can be easily sourced from online stores, frequently using ready-to-go templates which can be adjusted to suit your own custom needs. This said, they are also frequently missing important information so we've put together the top nine tips to get the most out of your asset label purchase and make life simpler and easier for you.
  • 5 Ways Name Tags Can Improve Your Next Conference or Business Meeting
    Getting ready for a big conference or business meeting? Don't forget to order name tags. Conferences and business events that have name tags are simply more successful. While some may roll their eyes about having to put on "another silly name tag," these little tags serve as an easy introduction for everyone attending. Just think of all the great connections and simple icebreakers that will be created, without fuss or hassle.
  • Use Anniversary Seals to Express Company Pride and Sustain Business Loyalty
    If your small business had been in business for 10, 20 or even 30 years, that's quite an accomplishment. Don't by shy: let your customers, vendors and suppliers know about it! One of the best ways you can do this is by adding Anniversary Seals to your products and documents. Anniversary Seals are distinguished, in gold and black and easily get someone's attention.
  • An Overview of Mechanical Industrial Seals
    There are two common forms of industrial seal: braided packing seals and mechanical seals Braided packing seals have been around for several thousands of years; however mechanical seals are a modern invention from the days of the invention of the automobile
  • An Overview of Braided Packing Industrial Seals
    The two most common forms of industrial seal are mechanical seals and braided packing seals Braided packing seals have been around since 3,000 B
  • Cloud Computing Versus Virtualization
    Cloud computing is making a mark on the IT landscape, but it has yet to reach the level of universal acceptance that virtualization has achieved To be fair, virtualization has been around for longer than cloud computing, and it also went through an initial phase of introduction and adoption by companies before it reached the depth of penetration it enjoys today
  • Choosing a Network Management Partner
    Choosing a trusted partner for any business service is an important decision, but when you are selecting suppliers to assist you with mission critical infrastructure you have to be especially careful Your business relies on your network, and while there are numerous advantages to outsourcing management of network functions, you need to know your service standards will improve, that costs will be controlled and most of all, that the network will continue to be available whenever your business needs it
  • Facts About Bar Code Labels
    Bar code labels are everywhere today. These labels, including shipping labels and also thermal transfer labels, are a big reason that most of our packages get from one place to another. But the fact is that few people really understand the science of bar code labels and how they are manufactured. Read on to learn how these essential parts of the manufacturing and shipping process are made.

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