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Laura Moore's Articles in Watches

  • Top Reasons for Buying Couple Watches
    A few years ago, buying watches would mean that people would have to look for individual pieces and buy them one at a time. If a couple, for instance, would like to buy matching timepieces, they would have to manually choose designs that complement one another and buy them individually. Nowadays, however, couple watches are starting to become popular not just among lovers but also among friends or relatives. Basically, these are watches that come in pairs. They may not look exactly the same, but they look similar in terms of color, style or design. What are the top reasons why a lot of people are convinced that buying watches in pairs is a good choice?
  • The Tissot PRC200 Wristwatch Series For Fantastic Design
    With regard to cool timekeeping tools, the Tissot firm always comes forward. The Tissot firm has been fashioning graceful Swiss timing tools since the middle of the nineteenth century located in the in the village of Le Locle, Switzerland. Tissot earned its esteem by fabricating timekeeping instruments applying none but tried and true matter fused with top notch options. The Tissot manufacturer is considered to make the acme in watch building mechanics and design.
  • The Reliable Victorinox Chrono Classic Purchased On-Line
    The Swiss Army Victorinox Chrono Classic is greatly reliable having been built with sturdy and superlative parts. Even though we all comprehend that seeking a consummate wristwatch is often a problem, it would always be best to make a request for a wristwatch which has been made by a reputable internet website which has been in the business for a long while. In the minds of males that are enamored with stockpiling all the Swiss Army Chrono Classic watches which they discover on the web site, not anything matches the distinct and astonishing traits of the Victorinox Chrono Classic.
  • Classima Executives Timepieces By Baume Mercier For Executives
    The Baume & Mercier Classima Executives timekeeping device range is crafted to the very same lofty guidelines as each Baume & Mercier wrist timepiece, supplying an essential purchase for individuals in the marketplace for an elegant apparatus which can be put on everywhere, whether at a ballgame or at a formal dinner affair.
  • The Baume & Mercier Classima Watch Collection Is Stands Out
    Baume & Mercier Classima Executives wristwatches project the exquisite beauty that has always been one of the characteristics of Baume Mercier timing devices ever since the Baume family initiated manufacturing timepieces in the early 19th century. The Baume Mercier Classima timekeeping devices have been endowed with the thin profile which goes easily under clothing and the luxurious fashion of a historic Baume & Mercier timepiece from the 1960s, the year when the the brand caused a shake up in the wristwatch field through producing one of the most trim timing devices in the world with a miniaturized rotor. The modern Baume & Mercier Classima wrist timepiece range keeps the characteristics of clean style and refined polish that have always classified each Baume & Mercier timekeeping device.
  • The Great Chrono Classic XLS Timepiece Range By Victorinox
    The Chrono Classic XLS timepiece series by Victorinox encompasses elegant chronographs which are famed not merely by the well entrenched Swiss Army standing but also due to their esteemed craftsmanship that continues to dazzle people. The greatness of these wristwatches is extremely observable by manner of just how the Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS timepiece line is crafted.
  • The Fabulous Tissot T-Touch Timing Gadgets
    The T-Touch wristwatch range by Tissot is a terrific collection of wristwatches that have diverse functions that someone who thrives in a robust way of life will doubtless favor. Irrespective of the happenstance that the multiple options are terrific, that which causes the T-Touch wristwatch by Tissot to be singular is its tactile sapphire crystal. The total T-Touch series has been designed with Tissot's hi tech tactile screen capability that empowers you to easily activate the multiple options while not having to mess with knobs on the wristwatch.
  • The T-Touch Expert Watch A Terrific Pick For Active Persons
    If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you will appreciate a T-Touch Expert wrist timepiece. The magnificent Tissot T-Touch Expert wristwatch supplies you with all of the important modes that you need when you are in the great outdoors and may even save your state of health.
  • Swiss Army Victorinox Chrono Classic XLS: Why Choose It
    There is no doubt that watches are a great investment. Hence, it is not surprising that a lot of people spend a considerable sum of money when purchasing watches. In this regard, one of the popular and well established brands of watches is the Victorinox.
  • Tissot T17.1.526.52: A Review
    Tissot PRC200 watches have captured the attention of most watch collectors at present. Tissot Watches, a Swiss watch company, never fails to amaze the public with its many innovative time-pieces ever since it was established in the year 1853. In fact, you can find a lot of fans for this company in different parts of the world. When attempting to buy any of the Tissot PRC200 watch models, you should keep in mind that you have a lot of choices. These include the Tissot T17.1.516.32, T17.1.586.32, T17.1.586.42, T17.1.586.52 and T014.410.16.037.00 models. The Tissot T17.1.1526.52 model is also another of the many Tissot watches that continue to gain the respect of the public.
  • Tissot T-Touch Expert: Precision and Style Personified
    When you say Tissot watches, it would always be associated with high-end and stylish Swiss-made watches. Tissot T-Touch Expert watches are one of the world's most esteemed timepieces because of their unparalleled quality. You wouldn't see big name celebrities wearing Tissot watches if they are not of good quality!
  • Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Mecha - Built to Impress and to Please
    There are a lot of reasons why a lot of diving enthusiasts prefer the Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Mecha series. These timepieces are great not only for diving and other water sports they are also quite nice to wear on a daily basis. Many customers have worn them as every day watches and loved their overall design and appeal of the Swiss Army Dive Master timepieces.
  • Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mecha - Tough and Functional
    If there is a good way to illustrate the Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mecha it would have to be tough and durable. Many customers have used the watches in this product series and have come to the above mentioned conclusion. These watches can take a lot of punishment and still look good. Many have commented that they are great as everyday watches, which means they look cool enough to wear to work and elsewhere.
  • The Classima 8688 Highlights Baume & Mercier's Timeless Design Ethos
    Baume & Mercier Classima Executives are some of the best watches currently available on the market since they hark back to a time when the amount of craftsmanship put into a watch mattered more than the features that it had. While many people look for watches with a wide range of features, Baume & Mercier hews to the traditional view that the main purpose of a watch is to tell the time and any additional features are merely extras and not the whole point of the timepiece. So while Baume & Mercier Classima Executives models may not have as many complications as watches released by its competitors, the features it has have been carefully chosen to enhance the utility of the watch rather than overwhelming the timepiece with unnecessary complexity.
  • The Tissot T17262652 is Not Just Sporty, But Stylish Too
    While the Tissot T17152652 is marketed primarily as a sports watch, it can also be a great fashion accessory that can be worn during elegant events. The Tissot T17152652 is one of the most stylish of the Tissot PRC200 watches, with a stark black dial, white and silver tone markers as well as yellow highlights on the second hand to make it stand out, and a black leather bracelet to top it all off. The hands are also highlighted with Super-Luminova, making them luminous in the dark or dim light conditions. The stainless steel case not only looks attractive, it also is functional as contributes to the durability of the timepiece. And the watch is water resistant to a depth of 200 meters, allowing you to wear it while yachting and playing surface water sports.
  • Good Reasons to Buy a Victorinox Dive Master 500 Black Ice
    A lot of people who love to dive almost naturally tend to get hooked on to the Victorinox Dive Master 500 Black Ice. It's one of those diver's watches that simply look good whether one is underwater in the company of nature's otherworldly beauty or out of the water in plain sight for everyone to see.
  • The Tissot PRC200: Elegance and Style on Your Wrist
    When it comes to designer watches, one brand always pops up, Tissot watches. One of the renowned brand's lines of watches deemed to be the most appealing to a lot of customers is the PRC200. The brand has been known to produce the best in watch-making technology and style and design.
  • The Sea Touch: Functional as Well as Exquisitely Designed
    The Sea Touch is more than just an beautifully-designed watch; it is also an important device can help save your life when you re out at sea. One of the newest T-Touch watch models, the Sea Touch is made to Tissot s exacting standards, from the stainless steel case to the wide variety of useful functions. And like all T-Touch watch models, it features Tissot s revolutionary touch-screen technology that allows you to easily access the many features handily without having to manipulate knobs on the dial. Let s examine some of the features of this great T-Touch watch.
  • Citizen Skyhawk Watches JY0010-50E: The Ultimate Aviator Gadget
    For years , Citizen Skyhawk Watches have been the industry standard when it comes to aviator timepieces. That reputation has been further cemented by the JY0010-50E titanium model, which is considered by many as one of the most elegant watches in the series if not in the market. Indeed, with looks to kill and features that are the envy of most other watches, this masterpiece of a watch has earned its rightful place in the pantheon of modern timepieces. Considered an improved version of the earlier watches in the Citizen Skyhawk Watches series, the JY0010-50E has earned praises for its lightweight characteristic, something that its earlier counterparts did not have due to their stainless steel casing.
  • Accurate Timekeeping and Stunning Looks with Citizen Skyhawk Watch JY0000-02E
    The Citizen Skyhawk Watch series is known all over the world for its quality watches that combine stunning good looks and unparalleled timekeeping accuracy. One of the popular choices to come out of the series is the JY0000-02E. This watch has all the world-class quality features of the other watches in the series but differs somewhat in appearance because of its more athletic look. Overall, though, this watch is as good as it gets. With a multitude of features to suit everyone's needs, and drool-worthy design, there is no doubt that the Citizen Skyhawk Watch series has scored a hit with the JY0000-02E model.
  • Learn How to Buy Watches Online
    The quantity of consumers shopping for watches online is continuously increasing. A lot of people find it more convenient to purchase timepieces online instead of searching for perfect ones in local stores. This is because the inception of online shopping for watches has been a great convenience for them. This is for the reason that they are also provided with pertinent information about the timepiece they are interested in. In addition, consumers can have the ease of checking online whether the information provided by the online seller is reliable or not.

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