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Laura Moore's Articles in Religion and Spirituality

  • The Unknown Birth of Jesus Christ
    We may never know the exact date of Christ's birth, but perhaps that date is relatively unimportant next to living the kind of lifestyle he taught. Today, Christmas is a commercial celebration. The glitz and glamour of the holiday season rolls in to entice one and all to go shopping for bargains. Neither retailer, nor shopper ever considers the birth of Christ as the focus of the holiday when they fill their carts with poor quality gifts to present on Christmas day.
  • Paul Chehade - Summaries of World Religions.
    The world's principal religions and spiritual traditions may be classified into a small number of major groups, although this is by no means a uniform practice. In world cultures, there have traditionally been many different groupings of religious belief. I don't wish to turn you away from your religious beliefs or traditions. I see all religions as part of human history Paul Chehade.
  • End-Time Spiritual Financial Plan
    Why would end-time financing be a subject to be discussed? After all, we are talking about the Great Tribulation and judgment, darkness and gloom. In the end times God will fulfill all of His promises concerning the church as spoken by His Apostles and Prophets. The church will be glorified before the eyes of God's enemies; yes it will get dark in these days but remember that light shines brighter in the darkness. God is also a covenant keeping God and in order to fulfill His covenant He must confirm all His promises that He made to His church including that of prosperity. Yes, prosperity is part of the covenant of God that establishes Him as Jehovah God, making Him greater than the god of this world, "Satan", who has stolen the wealth that belongs to the heirs of salvation. It is a known fact that whoever controls the wealth is the one that governs.
  • Spiritual Guidance Resides In Your Soul
    Phoebe: "Exactly how can I get nearer to our God and feel His love?"
  • Teaching the 10 Commandments to Your Kids
    It is interesting that a lot of Christian churches today revere the 10 Commandments even though the Decalogue has been around for centuries. However, an interesting twist to this tale is the fact that many Christians observe that many of their fellow believers have paid less attention to these commandments as they have become so busy with a lot of other things.
  • From Sinai to Your iPad - An Introduction to the Ten Commandments
    Isn't it great that the 10 Commandments are the first really important messages to be sent on tablets? Well these commandments written by God's very finger may not be inscribed via digital media, but they are many notches above Fred Flintstone's writing style. Setting the pun aside, the Decalogue is one of the most powerful documents ever to be published in human history.
  • Religion, Faith & Human Rights
    The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights has actually made a profound influence in battling injustice and is "a landmark in the history of moral consciousness", says the Archbishop of Canterbury in a lecture on Human Rights and Religious Faith at the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Centre in Geneva.
  • Selecting The Right Psychic For Yourself
    Many psychics today have found that they are capable to provide quality services on their clients by working with them via online mediums as opposed to actually being required to meet them in person. If you need a good quality psychic reading, then you certainly ought to have absolutely no problem in any way doing that online.
  • What Service Can You Expect To Have From A Free Psychic Chat
    It does not matter if you have faith in what psychics state they can do or not. You will be able to benefit from a free psychic chat in either case.
  • Being Familiar With Tarot Readings
    Regardless of what kind of individual you are, your personality can be associated back to what online tarot readings expose. Whether you're a positive, outgoing person, or you might be a negative person, or someone who's shy, expectant, etc... Your own personality can and will be listed in one of the various tarot card readings. Through the tarot cards, you may check if you're taking life the correct way for your specific individuality. If you have ever felt like you've managed situations erroneously, or it feels as though, sometimes, your success is restricted by something you can't figure out; chances are, you're not acting based in your character.
  • First Timers Guideline Regarding Astrology
    Being able to look at astrology signs may help you uncover a lot about a specific person's personality - whether it is a long time companion whom you already know much like the back of your hand, someone you just known, or your romantic partners that you are wishing to have more details about. You won't just be able to utilize astrology to find out some facts regarding individuals who you may not have known otherwise, you may also utilize astrology symbol to learn if you're well matched with the individual whom you're courting.

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