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Laura Moore's Articles in Pets

  • Bird is the Word
    If you would run a poll on what is the most favorite household pet in the world, the answer is most likely be dogs or even cats. Rarely do we see birds portrayed as a pet of choice. A fact that should be changed because if people would just give them a chance, they may see that birds are some of the coolest and affectionate pets there is. They may not give sloppy kisses like man's best friend, or be as irresistibly daring and adventurous as a kitty but birds do have their own appeal. They are proven to be extremely social, craves human interaction, and are inclined to playtime and stimulation.
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Fit Fido For a Queen
    Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Ideas To Help You Choose The Best Puppy Food
    In order to ensure that your puppy develops in to a healthy dog that will not have frequent complications, you should make sure that you just choose the best puppy food. This will also allow your puppy to enjoy a long lifespan. It is not difficult to decide the food but one needs to follow a few ways.
  • For Kids Only
    Admit it. You were a child before who may have chased dogs in the mud or rolled over the yard. You may have slept with cat at home, brought home a helpless puppy, or you may have watched in awe while birds fly about. Over the course of human development, the love for pets at a later life is found to begin at home. If you are a parent seeking to get your kid's first pet, this list may be helpful for you.
  • Popular Pets
    They graced the runway on pet shows, provided color to the silver screen through their tricks, they save lives through their keen senses, walk with you around the house, entertain you with their songs, and enlighten your burdens with their compassionate nature: these are the pets we keep with us. While the world's past keeps the details of the wars it witnessed, stories about pets and their heroic feats in saving countless men are embedded in our personal history. Know the friends humans around the world welcome to the comfort of their homes.
  • Advantages of Having Dog Beds for the Family Pet
    Dog beds are gaining in popularity nowadays, especially with more and more people having at least one dog in the household. This isn't really surprising considering how beneficial the bed is for the dog. Depending on the bed type, owners can ensure that their dog wouldn't suffer from bone problems as they grow with age. However, what mot pet owners don't realize is that dog beds also do wonders for their state of life. In fact, beds for dogs are recommended for owners who want to make their life a little bit easier. That being said, following are some of the advantages of having beds for the family pet.
  • Styles of Aquarium
    Many creative styles have been made for aquariums, and the varieties can almost be as limitless as one's imagination. Fish aquarium tanks have been made into the shapes of sinks, coffee tables, and even toilet bowls. There has even been an aquarium made in the shape of an Apple computer, which was aptly named MacQuarium. Such custom-made aquariums can and do cost up to more than a hundred thousand dollars. They have turned into status symbols of the upper class.
  • Why Buy Dog Beds For Your Pet?
    There are lots of reasons why people purchase dog beds for their pet. One of those is to establish limits between the dog and the owner. To make sure that the dog doesn't sleep on the furniture, the rug or even the owner's bed, they would need to make sure that the pet has his own private spot. However, that's not the only the reason why beds for d
  • Adopting a Dog? Don't Forget These Helpful Reminders!
    Pet adoption has become a popular alternative for people who would like to have a pet. This is because this option - as opposed to purchasing one by taking your pick among dogs in a pet shop - is seen as a way of upholding animal rights. Whether the dog you chose to adopt was turned over by its previous owner for a valid reason or it was rescued from an abusive home, the fact still remains that you are giving your new pet a second lease on life and the chance to be loved and cared for again.

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