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Laura Moore's Articles in Good Housekeeping

  • How Grease Matters in Plumbing
    Grease is something you usually encounter when you cook fatty food and wash oily plates and utensils. You might not pay much attention to it, but there are those who do regularly. They are usually plumbers, environmentalists, grease trap manufacturers, and other people whose work center on greasy water in sewage. There are even some places, such as Baltimore, where people are required by law to filter it out of their water before dumping it into the sewers.
  • Steps in Cleaning Aluminum Venetian Blinds
    One of the best ways to control lighting in a room is installing and using aluminum Venetian blinds. The only problem with this is it can be challenging to clean. These blinds have slats that stop the sun's rays from entering the room. The slats of the blinds can collect dust, fluff and particles thus this needs immediate attention. Because of the sharp and hard edges of slats, it requires precaution to clean them. They may also bend when being cleaned. Here are steps on how to clean aluminum venetian blinds.
  • Taking Care of Silk Plants
    Many people would agree that silk plants are great additions to any home, living space or office. It is perfect as an accent piece or to frame a precious piece of art in your home. It is also the perfect accessory to break any hard lines and create a smoother and softer overall appearance to the room. The more modern releases of these faux plants show how well this industry has evolved throughout the years. You can see a lot of lovely designs that incorporate so much more of the details you will naturally see in a live plant. That is why decorators and homeowners are very inclined to use these plants as part of their décor in their home and offices.
  • Here Is How Carpet Cleaning Can Be Enhanced by 100 % Or More.
    Have you ever cleaned your carpets before? Did you find it quite hard? What was actually your cleaning result like? Was your carpet cleaning result dismal? When performed improperly cleaning a carpet will often attract soil once more, usually quickly!

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