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Laura Moore's Articles in Gardening

  • How to Get Rid of Gophers
    Although gophers are a very interesting animal it is treated as pests once it starts feeding on vegetable plants. This animal loves to dig holes in the soil especially in areas that are soft and moist. It prefers living in areas such as farms, lawns and vegetable gardens where the soil is easily tunneled. Also these areas are well vegetated so it g
  • Helpful Tips for Using Pruners
    Pruners are used to trim leaves and soft branches to promote the plant's growth. This tool has other names such as pruning shears and secateurs. Secateur is the most specific term used for a pruner but only a few people know this. In fact, a lot of avid gardeners and landscapers have not heard of this time. Now that you know the term, you can use it to refer to a pruner or pruning shears.
  • Which is the Best Way to Grow Weed? Indoor vs. Outdoor
    There are a lot of marijuana growers out there and some would profess that their method is the best way to grow weed. However, the truth, as in most cases, is really relative. Knowing which method is the best really depends on the requirements of the grower. Growing marijuana indoors or outdoors each has its own unique advantages and problems.
  • Great Organic Gardening Tips
    Comprehensive way of livings are becoming an increasing number of popular as the natural trend starts to spread out. Individuals living this sort of way of life typically should increase all natural herbs and other plants to experience the health benefits, as well as they have to be increased organically. If you will prefer to grow your own natural plants, read on for some valuable tips.
  • Top Tips For Increasing Great Veggies And Blossoms
    Gardening is a little something people have actually appreciated providing for centuries. You may do it for pleasure, or for feeding a household. The subsequent write-up will definitely give advice for making gardening even more entertainment.
  • Some Simple Ideas to Make Your Plants Vigorous
    Millions of people find pleasure growing plants. Some prefer a few houseplants and others love to putter around a huge garden. There are many reasons to grow plants - they can add a decorative touch to the inside and outside of your home and/or provide you with food and herbs to eat. You naturally want your plants to be as healthy as possible, and this requires you to learn as much as possible about each of your plants. In this article, we'll cover some tips that are appropriate for most types of plants.
  • Safety Tips When Using a Riding Lawnmower
    A riding lawnmower can be a very useful piece of equipment when used properly. Your tall grass can get cut in half the time using a riding lawnmower, as compared to a push mower. Riding mowers are generally intended for use in large yards that could take hours to hand push. However, many people prefer to use their riding lawnmower in small yards as well. No matter where you are using your riding lawnmower, it is vital that the following safety steps are followed to prevent injury or damage, including making sure all riding lawnmower parts are in good working condition.
  • Autumn Gardening - Growing Daffodil Plant Bulbs In One's Garden
    Daffodils are among the most well-liked blossoming plant bulbs that are cultivated throughout the globe. They're known for their supreme beauty that has the promise to transform one's garden completely. Daffodils are also called Narcissus, and it has a lot of spring bloom varieties. The assortments of this blossoming plant are truly varied and they come in several colors.
  • Palm Trees 101: Understanding the Basics
    Before people can begin planting and taking care of palm trees, they should do their homework and learn more about them. To begin with, when people talk about palms, they are actually referring to a certain group of trees and shrubs and not just one specific type of tree. Palms usually grow in warm climates, usually in the tropics.
  • Water Tanks on the Ground and Under the Ground
    Rainwater tanks are generally flexible since you can position them just anywhere all over your property, provided that its functions are not hindered of course. You can choose to have it standing strong and proud beside your home, or have it hidden below the ground if you do not have enough space in your property to go around. One of the most important considerations in positioning a water tank anywhere in the home would be positioning the inlet just right below the guttering so it can harvest rainwater efficiently from the roof.
  • Reasons for Using Liquid Organically Blended Fertilizers
    A common mistaken belief that a greater part of folks have happens to be that liquefied natural fertilizer will certainly leech out of the soil much faster compared to synthetic chemical fertilizers. An amount of organic liquefied fertilizers are going to effortlessly clean out but, not because they are liquefied in nature. The question happens to be certainly not whether liquid fertilizers washout simply than granular fertilizers, yet on the advantages of organically grown liquid fertilizers over synthetic chemical fertilizers.r
  • Lowering the Cost of Riding Lawn Mowers
    If you have a large lawn, you already know that pushing around a lawn mower get really old, really fast. Not only is pushing a lawn mower around exhausting, it also take forever to mow the lawn. It won't take you very long before you start to think that a riding lawn mower seems like a really good idea.
  • Water Tanks and Eco-Friendly Homes, What Are the Chances?
    Everyone these days is excited about the prospects of eco-friendly homes and how these contribute in helping restore our environment back to its glorious majesty and what it is supposed to be this time. For starters, you need to consider so many things first when building your eco-friendly home. Aside from light and air, you also need water, and a sufficient supply of it for all your household activities. Your new home may be equipped eco-friendly wind turbines, an efficient lighting, solar panels and resourceful insulation, recycling and plumbing systems, but it will never be complete without the good, old and durable water tank.
  • Tiller Tines Do the Work and You Get All of the Credit
    If you have been trying to garden using only manual tiller tines then you are not getting all that you can out of your garden. The reason for tilling in the first place is to break up the soil and aerate it so that you can easily add various organic compounds to allow your seeds to grow fast and healthy. If you are trying to do this by hand you are not going to be able to accomplish your goal effectively. There is a reason that the gas-powered tiller was invented, it is necessary and it works. Rototiller tines can move at an unbelievably fast rate when compared to manual tiller tines so you need to take advantage of it.

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