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Laura Moore's Articles in Fashion

  • Top Men's Fashion Tips For A Timeless Closet
    The finer things in life have actually constantly appealed to the visual sensibilities of Johnny Manglani. The business person hails from India however has actually put down roots in nations like the United States, Jamaica, Russia and now Singapore. He is the creator of the Uomo Group, and with a concentrate on high-end luxury menswear, it's easy to see he comprehends stunning things.
  • Shopping for Fashion 101
    It is a fact that what you wear defines you. Aside from protecting you, clothes can make you look good, feel pretty , powerful and confident. In the past, women always put much worth on what's hot and trendy but these days, they are bolder and braver when it comes to fashion. While you wear fashion, your natural style is what you radiate. Designer clothes and accessories could be the best way to be trendy but this does not necessarily mean that they are the only means to look great .
  • Styling Tips for a More Fashionable You
    Regardless of shape and age, there are basic styling tips that can help transform your outlook on how you feel and look. In this article, you will know different style elements - from wearing the right clothing for your body type and the best colors for you, organizing your closets to evaluating your personal style.
  • Basic Styling Tips: Dressing for Everyday Activities
    It is important to dress appropriately and dress for comfort but what does that exactly mean? The following is a list of daily activities we commonly go through and some styling tips to guide you.
  • Stylish Mom
    Oftentimes mommies invest so much time looking after their households that they do not make time for themselves. If your tied up routine has you feeling "blah," perk up yourself as well as your clothing collection by having these magnificent trend suggestions. Merely since you work at home looking after your youngsters does not indicate you won't be able to look great also. Sure, you are not sporting suits to operate day-to-day yet it's achievable to be a mellow yet stylish mom.
  • The Search for the Best Denim Jeans: Is it Over?
    It is quite hard for most people to find the perfect denim jeans for their frames. Maybe you're one of those people; you might have searched all the boutiques just to find the denims that will fit you perfectly, introducing DL1961, the jeans that have the perfect fit.
  • Clothing Boutiques - Know Your Responsibilities before Opening One
    Having an attractive window display that highlights the current trends in fashion clothing might seem the best achievement designers can achieve with their clothing boutiques, but it's not the only responsibility they have. In fact, there is more to it.
  • The Good and Bad Thing in Buying Luxury Watches Online
    Luxury watches are everyone's dream accessory. Even men, who do not really have a marked affinity to jewelry, still somehow want to have at least one luxury watch in their lives. There is something about an expensive watch that makes it a goal for every person to have. There is the prestige that comes along with it, as well as knowing that a luxury watch can actually increase in value as it becomes older, so it is also a good investment.
  • Mens Apparel on the Web: the Best of the Best
    Even though many prefer to purchase budget-friendly mens apparel, a select few only choose to purchase designer clothing. After all, purchasing the most fashionable clothing on the market is always a worthwhile endeavor, as one's appearance reflects one's status and dictates one's opportunities. Despite the significance of purchasing designer apparel though, many remain confused as to which brands truly stand out. Of course, a designer brand should not merely offer the most eye-catching styles, it should also provide unparalleled shopping convenience. With this in mind, it is only necessary to come up with a list of the top designer brands with online shops.
  • Getting Wise on Finding and Buying Designer Apparel
    Every fashionista, or even those who are aspiring, wants to have designer items in their closets. Nobody can really fault them, as designer apparel is what dreams are made of - aspiration-al, well-crafted, luxurious, and utterly expensive. It also boosts one's social status, as people's perceptions of someone wearing designer clothes are somewhat better than someone who wears plain clothes. But reality is, not a lot of people can afford to buy designer clothing with just their earnings. However, with some smarts and by following some rules, anyone, even those with not a lot of money, can also enjoy having some designer branded items.
  • Why Designer Fashion Apparel is Inevitable
    When it comes to shopping for fashion apparel, the choices have become endless . A number of factors have changed. One, the number of designers that offer their creations has exponentially increased through the years. Two, more and more people now have the income to purchase these clothes. More and more people, particularly women, are decided to set aside a part of their income for clothes. Third, there are more avenues for people to buy clothes. There are malls, shopping centers, factory outlets, and now, the Internet that is filled with online shops where people can purchase the latest trends. Alas, people these days are more adventurous when it comes to their fashion choices. While it used to be that people are more comfortable with the usual clothes, they are now more open-minded in buying flashier, more provocative attire.
  • Choosing Leather Handbags
    In shopping for leather handbags, some pointers need to be considered. It is always worthwhile to choose the right item, whether this is for personal use or to be given as a gift to a loved one. Gifts should always be carefully chosen, and this is no less true for handbags.
  • The Different Types of Women's Swimwear
    Women's swimwear was invented ever since women learned to swim. the swimsuit began a journey from way back where they were created from loin cloths and then turned into swimming outfits in the 1800s. Later on, they became heavy bathing attires and in 1958, the comfortable, lightweight and water-friendly Spandex was created to give ways to new designs of the swimwear. presently, swimwear has various designs for any shape and size. Each bathing suit now has a purpose, whether to accentuate or conceal a certain part of the body.
  • Top Fashion Clothing Faux Pas
    Even celebrities wearing the best designer fashion clothing commit fashion crimes every so often. Thus, it is no wonder why we mere normal folks also experience these faux pas more than once or twice in our lifetime. That is why here is a brief rundown of the top fashion blunders to avoid.
  • Tips in Wearing Bikinis with Confidence
    Many women are frightened to wear bikinis in public places such as the beach or a resort with a pool. This is because unflattering marks, dimples and curves will be exposed to people. If you are one of these women, you should not be afraid to don on a skimpy swimsuit in the beach as everyone around you is also wearing one. In addition, they are also minding their own business and will definitely not spend their time looking at your body. If you still feel uncomfortable, here are tips in wearing a bikini with confidence.
  • Online Fashion - A Gateway to the World of Fashion
    Perks of online fashion
  • Cheap Online Fashion
    Online fashion is one way to look for great items without having to spend a lot. Although there are numerous ways to check out what's latest in fashion, probably the most up to date and fastest way would be online. If you are new to the idea of checking out fashion trends online, then you better get started because it can get overwhelming. If you're planning to shop for items and have no idea on what clothes to buy, you can easily look through the latest online fashion trends without having to purchase a magazine.
  • Shopping for Leather Bags Online
    Given that not all handbags can be appropriate for every occasion as much as they are not right for any wardrobe, women tend to have a large collection of bags. Furthermore, it is likewise difficult in some cases to find the handbag suitable for a specific purpose. This is because handbags need to go with an entire outfit and the event or occasion. On the other hand, you do not have to stress yourself trying to find the right bag for any purpose. One of the types of bags that you need to have is one made of leather. Leather bags are guaranteed to go with any outfit on any occasion.
  • Why Should You Buy Jewelry Online?
    If you're a guy who would want to pop that elusive question to your girlfriend, you might be considering of buying her a ring. Have you considered buying one online? There are actually a lot of advantages in shopping online. If you are not too comfortable in dealing with such a sensitive thing online, this article might be able to help to make you buy jewelry online.
  • Some General Information about Hair Extensions
    During the past few of years, we have seen how a wide array of different hair trends come and go. In a lot of instances, the trends tend to go from one extremity to another, one season everybody will be wearing long hairstyles and the next thing we know, everyone have had it cut off. So what will take place if the trends shifted once again and it is all about long hairstyles once more? Let's accept the truth, no one is capable of growing hair that quickly. The good news is that you could grow your hair back in an instant with the help of hair extensions.
  • Hair Extensions: An Overview
    Hair extension is one of the easiest ways to create a new look without going through the trouble of waiting for your hair to grow. This article will let you in on the basics of this rising fad in fashion and beauty.

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