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Laura Moore's Articles in Collecting

  • Getting to Know Your Friendly Knife Collectors
    Knife collecting is a fun and exciting hobby that has been around for generations. A World War II veteran may pass down his rare knife collection to his boy, who in turn will pass them on to his son. A rare knife produced in the 1960s may appear in one of the displays of a collector who started the hobby only in the mid-2000s. Serious collectors of different ages and cultures may join a knife club or attend knife shows to gain more knowledge about limited edition knives and to meet other collectors.
  • How to Grade Your Coins
    A "grade" is described as a shorthand designed by coin experts (numismatists) to reveal a coin's appearance. Simply put, if a certain coin collector tells another collector that he owns an uncirculated Charlotte 50 half eagle, both should already have a concept of the coins appearance without even seeing it, because of the claim of its grade.
  • Coin Trading: Distinguishing Between Value and Price
    The value of a coin versus its price differs considerably. The two are usually interchanged, but they actually have different meanings and represent different concepts. The price of a particular coin is its price tag when it is bought from a coin dealer. It is basically its retail price. The coin's value, however, is the price by which a collector can sell it to a dealer.
  • Collecting Coins: Sources and Coins to Avoid
    There are particular coins and sources that one must avoid as one goes through his coin collecting hobby. The first and most obvious are dealers that peddle their wares on TV shopping channels. They usually sell so-called premium mints, which could be handsome commemorative coins that have little bullion value, if any. The problem with these sources is that their prices are extravagantly high, while the value of their products is shockingly low. Even if genuine coins from the U.S. Mint are offered, which they sometimes do, the prices are so staggeringly beyond the coins' normal price range. They typically do not sell anything rare, with most of their items being readily available from mainstream coin dealers.
  • What are the Different Categories of Collectible Coins Issued by the US Mint?
    If you want to start coin collecting US coins, you should consider the other types of coins issued by the US Mint apart from the regularly circulating coins that you find in your pocket. The US Mint is the agency authorized by Congress to produce and distribute official US currency. The Mint produces coins in four facilities: Denver, Philadelphia, West Point, NY and San Francisco with coins carrying mint marks to indicate where they were minted. In addition, the US Mint produces other collectible numismatic products that are sold directly to collectors through its online store. Here is a brief breakdown of the various categories of these numismatic products.

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