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Laura Moore's Articles in Arts and Crafts

  • Create Artistic and Bold Signage that Shouts Using Chalk Pens
    Have you heard about chalk markers, chalk ink, liquid chalk, chalkboard markers, chalk pens, or wet erase markers? Although they come in different names, they are actually one and the same - dustless chalks. Chalk marker is being preferred more each day than chalks or other markers and you might be surprised to know who use them in their line of wo
  • Bringing Emotion To Your Woodcarving
    One thing I have actually learned in being an artist woodcarver is how technical capacity and feeling are both critical to be effective in your work. One without the additional is not enough for producing truly good art.
  • Canvas Photos are the Perfect Gifts
    For unique gift ideas, try canvas photos. They are very creative and personal as you can select the kind of picture to place on canvas that you know the receiver will truly appreciate. If you have the skill to shoot photos, you can transfer these into a canvas, place it inside a photo frame and you will make the recipient one happy person. Here are gift ideas for people close to you.
  • A Guide To Bernina Sewing Machines
    Highly regarded as the worlds finest sewing equipment, Bernina sewing machines are an iconic brand in the sewing industry. This sewing machine equipment provides users with a range of different functions and features to choose from. The company behind this amazing growth is the Swiss juggernaut Fritz Gegauf AG which happens to be the parent company of Bernina International AG. A gentleman named Karl Friedrich Gegauf was the founder of the brand. He created this company in Switzerland in 1893, he would also go on to invent the hemstitch sewing machine. This article will unveil the growth of the enterprise as well as valuable company information.
  • Tips in Making Art Reproductions
    Art reproductions are seen in houses, hotels and studios. They may not be seen as fine art but these reproductions help harness the skills of art students as they peruse the creations of real artists and imitate their strokes. When replicating an original piece, this takes patience, time and training. The artist himself must be very good, sensitive and sharp-eyed in to copy an original work. In this article are ways to make an exact replica of a masterpiece.
  • A Stunning Flower Oil Painting Can Enhance Your Home
    It could be that you have just moved house, or that you want to invest in some decent quality art. Whatever the reason that you have decide to buy a flower oil painting there are a few things to consider first. It is best to think about the art that you buy for a while, as it is not something to rush into. Decent art can cost a lot of money, but if you choose well you will enjoy looking at your picture for many years to come. You may need to take your current furnishings and decor into consideration.
  • Reasons To Use Fine Art Oil Painting In Your Home
    Decorating your home can be a wonderful thing to do. The problem that some people can run into is not knowing what kind of decoration they should be using in the home. That is when they will want to know about some of the reasons why they should be using some fine art oil painting to make the home look gorgeous again.
  • Construction: The Pentax WG-1 Verse The Sony Cyber-Shot TX-10
    What model is the most durable compact digital camera, the Pentax Optio WG-1 or the Sony Cyber-Shot TX-10? We will focus specifically on the abilities/components of each of these cameras that allow them to compete not only against each other, but their other competitors. Weatherproofing, shockproofing, waterproofing, and dustproofing are what truly make them the top two most durable compact digital cameras on the market. Let's find out which one of the two can withstand mother nature best.
  • Oil Painting Reproductions: The Smart Choice!
    Are you an art fan? Or do you generally like good art hanging on your walls? Or you might be an interior designer searching for a few good pieces to hang on your client's new interiors? You might want a few good paintings for your home or your office but you aren't really that great a painter and you don't know anyone who paints too. So where can you get a really good painting at an affordable rate? If you've answered yes to any of these questions or if you desperately want good paintings, then Oil painting reproductions is something you should try.
  • Adorn Your Living Place By Using Oil Painting
    The world of fine art is vast and to the beginner art collector the broad selection of oil painting art may seem confusing. Oil is a wonderfully textured medium that lends itself to bold colors and amazing versatility. There are many avenues to explore when it comes to collecting new artworks.
  • Replica Paintings: Valuable Rip-Offs
    Thousands of people flock towards museums everyday in order to see the greatest masterpieces ever made, yet few of them realize that some of the works they're seeing are actually mere replicas, or rather, reproduction paintings. Admittedly, most of the art pieces found in museums are the 'real deal' , but sometimes the original is removed and hidden away, in order to be retouched and restore it to its original quality, or in the more extreme cases, to have it protected.
  • Metal Crafting - Options and Safety Tips
    Metal crafting is one of the oldest traditions all over the world. With the basic tools and techniques, you can easily start your own metal craft projects at home. The following are just some of the projects you can include in your metal crafting hobby:

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