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Laura Moore's Articles in Arts - Entertainment

  • Halloween - Masks, Demons, Vampires, Horror Films
    A description of the origins of Halloween plus a look at how these festivities have become ingrained in the American cultural scene. It is a time for everyone to dress up in scary masks and costumes as well as decorate the house and yard with as many scary things as possible. The range of items designed for Halloween has grown every year and can now be purchased online through e-commerce stores.
  • Rope Magic Explained
    Magic rope techniques are not hard to do. They just need a ton of method, and also to aid us there are plenty of manuals on rope magic. You will not know which one to pick from.
  • So You Want To Play Pokies?
    Pokies are one of the most popular reasons people trek to casinos. Being the simplest and the easiest to learn, people just can't resist playing. Whether offline or online, everybody seems to enjoy playing pokies. While it is exciting to play pokies in land-based casinos, enthusiasts are starting to appreciate the wonders of playing the game online.
  • Hip Hop News: Most Awaited Albums of 2011
    Since time immemorial, hip hop news that have been continually spread throughout the world included those events that involve police arrests, accounts of rape and battery, and even drunk driving. Although there are some of those who do not entirely appreciate hip hop music due to these events, others remain loyal and consider them to be the hottest that the world has to offer. To make it more specific, many fans still lie in wait for the future album releases of their favorite hip hop artists as this year reaches its end.
  • Most Controversial Celebrities Who Dominated Entertainment News in the First Half of 2011
    Controversy is a constant of entertainment news since there s something in it for both readers and the celebrities; people love reading about celebrities in hot water and for the celebrity, controversy often keeps them in the spotlight. 2011 has so far seen its share of controversial celebrities hitting the news; here are some celebrities who are keeping readers stuck to the latest entertainment news.
  • Nude Photo Scandals and Celebrity Gossip
    Nude photos and sex videos of celebrities are among the most sought-after items on celebrity gossip sites. Recently, Paris Hilton was once again the subject of gossip when a nude video of her taking a bath was leaked onto the Internet. Hilton, of course, is notorious for her sex tape, 1 Night in Paris, with former boyfriend Rick Salomon. Although in past years such scandalous leaks would have spelled the end of a celebrity s career, these days they can even represent a career boost. Here are some of the most notorious celebrity nudes and videos to have leaked online.
  • What You Need To Know About Uncharted 3 Beta
    While using the Uncharted 3 Beta in the spotlight in the near future, I'm sure you're wondering exactly what all of us are wondering: exactly what is the game likely to be like, and how can I acquire my own copy of the beta?

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