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Kevin Dark's Articles in Health

  • Self Breath Alcohol Test
    Knowing when you've had too much to drink is a tough thing to do. The simple answer is to say that if you've had anything to drink it makes you unable to drive, but legally that is not always the case.
  • How To Remove Cigarettes From Your Life
    To get started on the journey to become a non-smoker and removing cigarettes from your life completely, you will need to rally support from your friends and loved ones, let them know you are going to quit smoking.
  • Facts About Condoms
    One of the most effective contraceptive methods used by both men and women are condoms. Without this incredibly rewarding invention, many individuals would be burdened with much more than they bargained for.
  • Charting a Woman's Chances for Becoming Fertile
    When a couple consults a physician regarding difficulties with starting a family, they learn about the relationship between fertility and ovulation.
  • Why Smoking Is Harmful
    Have you heard that McDonald's is stepping up? In addition to the end of hydrogenated trans fat fried French fries and chicken nuggets, the multibillion dollar corporation that has been more successful than any other known business on planet earth at marketing to children is adding gyms!
  • 10 Ways to Quit Smoking Forever
    The unconscious desire to smoke is an addiction from a nagging nicotine urge. Managing, controlling and releasing the anxiety and stress that have caused people to turn to cigarettes or cigars and allowing them to remain free from the urge to smoke is the focus of Dr. James Walton's "Stop Smoking" treatment.

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