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Kellie Purden's Articles in Good Housekeeping

  • Maintenance Tips For Natural Stone Tiling and Ceramic/Porcelain Tile
    Stone and tile flooring are some of the most aesthetically pleasing décor you can use to accentuate your home Most of these tiling materials are durable and pretty but still require certain types of maintenance and upkeep so it can continue to add a relaxing atmosphere for years to come
  • What to Consider When Using Natural Stone Tiling
    Natural stone tiles are flooring materials that are created from mountain born materials such as Slate, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite and Sandstone They each have different characteristics and styles that are used for different each individual projects
  • Tips on Using Mosaic Tiling For Your Bathroom
    Before understanding how one can utilize mosaic tiling and get the best effect, they must at least start at the beginning and that involves understanding what exactly mosaic tiling is and what it involves First off, a mosaic is a picture or design that is created by many smaller pieces of material
  • Choosing the Right Tile for the Right Job
    Choosing the right tile for your project can be a pretty daunting task There are many different types of tiling for different projects that it takes a bit of research to find out which one would be right for what you want to accomplish
  • Benefits of Using Travertine and Marble Tiles For Flooring
    Travertine is a natural stone tile which makes one of the best materials for flooring It has been used for many years as a versatile and durable building material
  • Refinishing Bamboo Floors
    Bamboo is increasingly becoming popular as a flooring material in the United States, even in the state of New Jersey There are also many types and designs of bamboo flooring for homeowners and customers to choose from
  • Flooring Companies in New Jersey
    The right kind of floor can either beautify the house or make it totally unremarkable For homeowners who are at a loss at using the right kind of flooring for their homes, there are many flooring companies NJ that do that job for them
  • Dustless Refinishing of Hardwood Floors
    Dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ is one way to keep the house free from pollution and airborne contaminants About 99 percent of airborne dust is eliminated with dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ and sanding
  • Staining of Hardwood Floors
    How can hardwood floors staining services enhance the look of one's floors Homeowners are always proud of the hardwood flooring in their residences
  • Refinishing Parquet Floors
    Parquet flooring is one of the more popular flooring types across the United States, even in New Jersey Parquet flooring is not thick like solid floors
  • Basement Wall Cracks - Hiring Professionals to Help
    When you purchase a home, you don't ever think that something is going to go wrong Millions of people everyday sign on the dotted line and get a mortgage for 15 to 30 years and are overjoyed by the purchase of their new home
  • 3 Reasons to Hire Stamped Concrete Companies
    When you own a home or you're managing a property, one option that will set up the look and feel of the area with relative ease is none other than a switch of concrete and walkway raw materials Among the best options that you'll find is stamped concrete
  • Reasons to Hire a Waterproofing Company
    When it comes to getting your home fixed, you should definitely avoid going the DIY route Many people try to do it all on their own and when the elements come and rage forward, those quick "fixes" that should have been well done end up costing a great deal of money for repairs that should have been done the right way by a professional
  • Prevent Water in Basement - Steps to Ensure Things Don't Go Awry
    Homeowners can prevent a wealth of problems by simply planning ahead Most people don't worry about a great number of things until they happen, and one that you may not see coming is definitely flooding
  • Hiring a Concrete Driveway Company - Things to Keep in Mind
    In today's busy world, people often times forget to upgrade or repair their driveway For most the notion is not even something that ever crosses their radar
  • Siding For Your Home
    When it comes to making sure your home keeps its value through the many different economic downturns, make sure that you look into doing more than just painting the sides You'll find that you can make a great deal of changes to the exterior that will ensure that your investment looks good and continually rises in value overall
  • About Professional Grout Cleaning
    Proper housekeeping means maintaining your home down to the lowest possible level If you neglect certain aspects of your home's cleanliness, that means your not doing proper housekeeping
  • Tips to Remember: Searching For Lawn Care Specialists
    When it comes to home improvement tasks, lawn management has to be one of the most avoided This is not surprising, of course
  • Proper Maintenance: The Key to Making Your Home Last Longer
    One of the best ways to prolong the life of your house is by protecting your concrete or stained concrete with quality sealers If you want your house's structure to last long, you have to make an effort and care for it
  • A Contractor For Your Home Remodelling Needs
    For people who want to do home remodelling in Howard County, the process of finding a good contractor used to be difficult One had to go through the yellow pages or ask for recommendations from friends
  • Searching For a Home Improvement Contractor Online
    Finding the perfect Howard County contractor for your home improvement needs is now simpler and easier This is all thanks to technology
  • Four Tips on How to Find the Best Home Care Equipment
    Achieving proper health care for your own home has been made possible with quality home care equipment now sold to individuals The need to be able to care for oneself has become more important as private duty health care costs continue to rise and more and more people see the benefits of health care right at the comfort of your own home
  • Compare Bay Window Prices From Local Dealers
    What is a bay window It is a multi-panel window designed to give a room a "larger" look
  • How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?
    Replacement window prices vary as it can be influenced as to its brand, material used and the company that are installing it

    It is known fact that having old, damaged and worn-out windows can save you from your electricity bills
  • How To Find The Best Kitchen Window
    Our kitchen is one of the most functional areas in our home Since we are very busy cooking in this area, it is important that we get the best kitchen replacement windows when our windows get worn-out
  • What Exactly Is A Picture Window?
    A picture window makes the scenery more breath taking Inside the very comfort of your home, you would be able to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature by simply having picture windows at your home
  • Best Replacement Windows
    You want your windows replaced yet you are wondering which the best replacement windows are nowadays With thousands of window replacements out there and rave reviews about it, how do you know which one will suit you the best
  • Home Staging Courses Companies
    A home staging profession is a perfect career for those who are interested in both design and real estate Home stagers have turned out to be an intrinsic part of the property market and provide talents which are generally recognized as being beneficial to any real estate agent
  • Insightful Ways For Home Staging
    Planning is the first part of selling your house With good planning, you will be directed to the right path
  • Creativity Tips in Home Staging
    Home staging can be tantamount to playing Although it seeks the aid of your valuable time, effort and money, you will come to enjoy in this efforts while performing playful activities
  • Tips For a Wiser Home Staging
    Home staging is not just a simple task because it also involves witty convictions and clever plotting It is not enough that you have cleaned, repainted and have de-personalized your home
  • The Importance of Home Staging
    Home staging refers to the act of making your private residence get prepared for sale in souk The very purpose of home staging is to turn your house into very attractive real estate property in the eyes of potential buyers
  • Lowes Patio Furniture: Ideal Furniture for the Outdoors
    Lowes patio furniture cannot be compared by any other brands when it comes to choices, value and style Lowes is know for their simple and fuss free furniture pieces, but designed with a modern flair by Lowe's most talented furniture designers
  • Face-Saving Homemade Acne Treatments
    One can guess that about 99 percent of the population in the entire universe all crave for beautiful skin The beauty industry knows about it and is hauling in shiploads of money from skincare products
  • Are Orthopedic Foams Worth the Extra Cash?
    Sleeping mattresses made of thick foam sheets are the standard for production After all, who would not want to sleep on a softer and more comfortable cushion
  • Foam Vs Spring: Which is Better?
    You hear people greet one another come bed time to sleep tight But do you even have an idea of the reason behind the term
  • Comfort and Care: The Ideal Cruise Mattress Pads - Read More About It
    Oftentimes overlooked, a mattress pad actually plays an important role with regard to the condition of one's horizontally positioned contentment It is a sort of cushion, ranging from a full sheet to a fine mattress
  • Stiletto Knife Wiki
    The stiletto earned its deadly reputation way back during the later period of the medieval ages when legendary knights used it as their secondary weapon of choice to finish off injured but still heavily-armed opponents Chain mails are no match to its heavy and pointed blade
  • Finding a Hobby Today Makes Boring Life Go Away
    Who doesn't love hobbies these days Everywhere people are so eager to steer clear away from having that boring feeling that will certainly make everyday life dull and meaningless
  • Dine in Expandable Dining Tables
    Having the problem of dining in a table too big for the total number of people in the family or too small to settle a number of guests for a special celebration In the present modern times, these two should not be a problem anymore
  • Rock the Baby in a Graco Swing
    The economic recession that occurred in the past year has affected the income of every family in all countries affected by the crisis Most families, especially those with just one parent working and the other taking care of the children, have reported that it is a lot harder to provide for their families financially when the predicament took place
  • Stylishly-Made Bathroom Pedestals
    A bathroom pedestal usually comes in the traditional porcelain white that looks simple, elegant and clean to the eyes This pedestal in porcelain white is frequently chosen because it can fit any décor and furniture that are present in the bathroom

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