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Kaelyn Kelly-Colon's Articles

  • Permission to Play Pretend
    Can you remember the feeling of total freedom and adventure you had as a child, climbing trees, running through the woods, and playing pretend on the playground outside of your school? Maybe you played sword fighting with sticks in the park, and dreamed you were saving a kingdom. It didn't matter how long you were out there playing - it was never long enough, and it went by too fast.
  • Depression and Exercise: An Exploration
    Exercising can do great things for your mood. Whether in personal training Miami classes or group training Miami classes, getting out into one of the fine gyms Miami has to offer and being present with a dedicated community can be invaluable to your physical fitness training. While it does lift our mood, helping the brain produce seratonin and dopamine, there is a myth that exercising frequently can be a substitute for anti-depressants.
  • Mental Health Through Physical Training
    Building a routine for working out is tough, especially if you aren't used to it. Returning to exercising after years of being lax with yourself is hard. You're your own disciplinarian, and you're bound to let yourself get away with skipping your workout, or indulging in comfort food. We all need a little help starting out.
  • Willpower and Patience: Building Wellness Routines
    There's a huge difference between dieting and casual exercise and dieting and rigorous exercise. You might think your daily walk around the park is giving you all you need, but in reality, the only way to achieve dramatic visual results with your workout routine is to really commit to a technique that aggressively targets multiple muscle groups in rapid cycling.
  • Finding the Right Gym
    For many of us who have body image issues, going out of the house is hard enough. We expect people to give us looks when we eat in public, or when we dress the way we want, or, really, when we do anything at all. Seeking help and change for our lives can be scary. With places like my gym, there is a sense of accomplishment, pride and possibility with every single workout, every post-exercise muscle ache, and every drop of sweat.
  • No More Excuses! Start Healthy Living Today
    There are so many excuses for not starting to work out. We tell ourselves we don't have the time to work regular exercise into our schedules, or that it will be far too much hard work before we see any kind of measurable improvement, and that it's just not worth the effort if there's no immediate gain. Everyone deep down knows that's a loaded excuse to just avoid doing the difficult thing.
  • Attitude is Everything: Fitness Success
    That common successful drive is found in all of us who are sticking to our routines and taking the idea that there really are no days off when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Whether you are a famous physical fitness professional or someone just looking for a place that takes you and your fitness goals seriously, despite gender, age, race or size, this is the kind of place we should all be lucky enough to have access to.
  • More than Muscles: Expanding Health
    It's important to balance your gym time with self-care outside of the workout room. Health is a total package - there's no way you can be healthy if you're only focusing on developing your muscles and not your mind! Although brain and body work together in harmony to create a healthier you, we often don't take into account the third factor - nourishment of the spirit - that keeps us feeling bright, clear, and well.
  • The Friends Who Work Out Together Stick Together
    When I first moved to Miami with my best friend, we made a pact. It was a pact to physical wellness, health and getting our lives together. We had a bit of a dispute as to how to do that, though. Seeing that we had decided to be physical accountability buddies, we were both responsible for making sure the other one worked out, and living together made that part pretty easy.
  • Choosing Total Health: Gym Selection Tips
    There's no shortage of benefits that come along with finding a good personal trainer. Just web searching "personal trainer Miami" might not get you where you need to go, though. The options presented are often overwhelming and riddled with links to dead web profiles, people who are no longer accepting clients, or, worse, vague advertisements that leave you confused.
  • Fusion: Risk Taking at the Table
    Latin fusion is the future of Latino culinary history. While some changes in tradition are gradual and natural social evolutions.. Fusion food is of the latter. Imagine taking the best rich traditions of the Dominican and putting them together in an innovative and exciting new recipe. That's the purpose of fusion food - to make the old new again by reinvigorating classics and old favorites.
  • Diversity in Fusion
    There are so many different cultures in the world, all with incredibly diverse types of cuisines. There's no way that we could eat every meal from every culture that exists. Luckily, fusion cuisine is one of the only ways that we can get close to accomplishing that, and it is everywhere.
  • Modern Advertising: Social Media and Promotional Platforms
    Social media as a promotional platform is the latest innovation in web-based advertising. The amount of time we spend with media is unparalleled when compared to any generation before us, and it is in this context that we can understand social media sites.

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