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John Morris's Articles in Gadgets and Gizmos

  • Prevent Leaks - Leak Tester Devices
    There are many available types of equipment that could serve as leak testers. These leak testers are used to compute the discharge of water, vacuum, or gases from a sealed apparatus...
  • 230,000 Dollar Fountain Pens!?
    Many individuals would probably raise an eyebrow when they hear someone willing to spend $40,000 to buy a fountain pen. Renaissance Pen Co founder Patrick Pinkston, however, says that the amount - apparently exorbitant for what is seemingly 'only' a writing instrument - is a reflection of the fact that these pens are also considered special works of art...
  • Choosing A Chair Lift For Life
    For some people, getting up from a sitting position can be quite a chore. Lift chairs help in this regard. In today's modern world lift chairs offer those who have difficulty sitting down and getting up from sitting the opportunity to live normal lives even with their disability...
  • Exploring Halogen Light Bulbs
    Halogen bulbs are commonly used in our household and offices. Many people prefer Halogen bulbs than other bulbs - but do you really know what a halogen bulb is? What is the difference between Halogen bulbs from other bulbs? What is it made of? Is it really more efficient than other bulbs?

  • Benefits of Electric Beds
    Adjustable beds are all the rage since they enable people to have a good night's sleep as well as being able to cure their erratic sleeping patterns as well as other illnesses that are attributed to poor sleeping habits...
  • Big Brother: CCTV Surveillance
    When it comes to protecting one's family a new innovation referred to as the CCTV surveillance system has been created. Thanks to the CCTV surveillance system, you are able to easily watch over your surroundings as well as the people who go in and out of your building...
  • Benefits of Carbide Cutting Tools
    In every machining system, one simply can't ignore the important role that cutting tools play. Oftentimes, the quality of a finished product would rely on the quality of the cutting tools...

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