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John Morris's Articles in Elder Care

  • What To Look For In A Care Giver
    Choosing the right caregiver for you depends on many factors including but not limited to your financial status, age, your personal needs, and your personal choice of the caregiver's gender...
  • What To Look For In A Nursing Home
    Enrolling a loved one or a family member in a nursing home is a tough decision to make. You need to be assured that your loved one is safe and well taken cared off in that nursing home...
  • Retirement Investment Ideas - How To Get The Biggest Payoff
    You have done your share. Now, it is almost your turn to shine and feel relaxed after so many years of toiling and sowing greener fields just to earn a living...
  • How To Chose A Retirement Home
    Finding an appropriate retirement home could waste you precious time and money. So make sure you're ready to plan for this major change. Retirement homes are usually developed as a condominium or a compound of properties, but are these the only options for you? There are five elements that you should consider before buying retirement properties...
  • How To Choose The Best Senior Housing For You
    Going through life's sunset presents many daunting challenges and consequences. You will have to face financial constraints and inflexibility due to limited source of income, fixed social security benefits, facing the high cost of health care and preparing all those legal documents through power of attorney in cases when you can no longer carry out duties normally attributed to a healthy person...
  • Why Retirement Homes In Florida Are The Best
    Each retiree has different needs, preferred leisure, abilities, and financial support. Most of them have only one thing in mind: comfortable living. Although many of the retirement homes in Florida offer the same benefits, the difference is the kind of retirement plan you would want to have...
  • Advice For Seniors - Working Your Way Through Retirement
    Caring for the elderly can be daunting and challenging at times. It is something to that everybody has something to worry about sometime. Everyone gets old in each and every family, and at the very least, most people have a relative of an advanced age...
  • Incontinence: Myths Exposed, and Helpful Tips
    What exactly is incontinence?

    Incontinence is an apparent loss of the body's ability to control fecal or urinal activity. People suffering from fecal incontinence are unable to control bowel movements, and are unable to keep the stool from involuntary escaping from their anus or urine drawing involuntarily from their bladder...
  • Elder Care Planning Guide
    Q. When do you need a care facility?
    A. A residential care facility should be taken into account when at least one of the following circumstances happens:

    - Your elderly relative requires and demands twenty four hour of continuous care and attention.
    - Your elderly relative can not anymore cope up with the activities of day-to-day living such as eating, bathing, using the toilet, changing etc.
    - Your elderly relative is more likely to have either physical or verbal violent out burst and is a threat to himself and to others.
    - Your elderly relative has wandered off from the safety of home.
    - The caregiver's physical condition and welfare is harmfully affected.

  • Best Practices For Wheelchair Safety And Selection
    There are many things to consider before you purchase a wheelchair. Regardless of whether you want a manual or powered chair, consider the following:

  • Be Prepared For Assisted Living
    Assisted living is simply finding help in the form of a care giver or a family member assigned to assist an elder who with illness or diminished mental ability is no longer capable of living an independent life...

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