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John Morris's Articles in Beauty

  • Sunscreen Selection Advice
    The sun releases many kinds of radiation, each with a wavelength band that is specified. As soon as UVR reach the skin, it is readily absorbed by the skin molecules that intermingle more intensely with a specific wavelength...
  • Super Soap Guide - Not All Soaps Are The Same
    The demand for handmade soap is increasing at a fast rate. Consumers of today are well aware of the hazardous chemicals used in commercial soaps, that they are now seeking for a better and safer alternative...
  • Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Works But So Should You
    Teeth whitening procedures vary in accessibility and price. It used to be that dentists were the ones solely knowledgeable in the process of teeth whitening, but the popularity of teeth whitening toothpastes have made the practice easily achievable by anyone...
  • Top Five Acne Remedies
    Many people are concerned about products to remove acne, yet perhaps the more important factor to consider is prevention. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...
  • Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Your Own Way
    Unwanted hair on the face or on the body affects a huge number of women. Some women are likely to develop hair growth where they don't want it usually during the onset of their puberty period...
  • How To Pick Make-Up Foundation For Your Skin
    Creme foundations are usually the top choice of most makeup artists. Available in sticks and compacts, these provide very good facial coverage...
  • Wrinkle Cream Buying Tips
    Before buying a wrinkle cream, it is important to note that not all creams work the same way. Before you buy, make sure you know whether the cream affects collagen or dirt and oil...
  • Cosmetic Bag Buying Do's and Don'ts
    A make-up or cosmetic bag is essential for every woman who wants to look presentable all the time. If you shop at department stores or even online, there's a wide range of cosmetic bags available...
  • Choice Curling Irons And Tips for an Amazing Do
    This appliance can give a fabulous appearance with very little time investment. And while it's easy to enhance one's do with the use of a curling iron, not all curling irons are made the same...
  • Choosing A Lift Chair
    For some people, getting up from a sitting position can be quite a chore. Lift chairs help in this regard. In today's modern world lift chairs offer those who have difficulty sitting down and getting up from sitting the opportunity to live normal lives even with their disability.
  • Getting A Great Tan With Tanning Beds
    Light is vital to the existence of all living things. You need the natural sunlight to provide you with a controlled amount of ultraviolet rays. Just like the tanning bulbs, it could provide you with a change of skin tone because the bulbs contain ultraviolet A and B rays. But excessive amounts of the sunlight could dry your skin or damage it - it is also the case with tanning bulbs.
  • Hair Extensions - The Fast Way to Grow Your Hair Out
    Have you even noticed that a lot of celebrities nowadays tend to sometimes have longer hair then shorter hair the next? Well, it certainly is not a work of magic but a breakthrough in the field of both beauty and fashion.
  • Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?
    Laser hair removal might not be many people's first choice of hair removal methods, however, it is definitely one that should be given some serious thought. With virtually no pain and extremely long lasting results, it is definitely one of the best around.
  • Medical And Nursing Uniform Buying Guide
    Buying the right uniform is one of the things that could ultimately affect your chances of becomming a medical or nursing professional.

    Lack of Uniformity

    Most companies, even hospitals, prefer their employees to be dressed uniformly, because they look better, and more easily identifiable, a problem that is common to large organizations...
  • A Buyers Guide For Uniforms
    Your team designs a professional uniform that will reflect upon them and you as well. Start with a simple design and have a memorable colour scheme, and work up from there...
  • Treat Cellulite With Cellulite Lotion
    Is it any wonder that you are concerned about cellulte - after all, nobody likes having bits of fat, but having your entire body riddled and pocked with marks is very unflattering...
  • Cure Your Cellulite With With Medical Lotions
    Having unflattering cellulite on your body is perhaps worse than being fat. Having bits of your body jiggle is one thing but having visible cellulite is actually just as gross for every woman...
  • Combat Cellulite With Cellulite Lotion
    Having unflattering cellulite on your body is perhaps worse than being fat. Having bits of your body jiggle is one thing but having visible cellulite is actually just as gross for every woman...

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