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John Clayton's Articles in Finance

  • Deciding if Penny Stocks Are Right For You
    Finding penny stocks requires a little more from the investor than calling up his or her broker and issuing a buy order The investor must explore a number of online resources and research and evaluate a company's financials
  • Choosing Penny Stocks
    A penny stock is usually defined as a stock that trades at a relatively low price outside the major market exchanges Penny stocks are highly speculative and high risk because the companies lack liquidity, have small capitalization, and limited following
  • Car Loans Canada Get on the Road With Ease
    When it comes to purchasing a new or used vehicle, many times people don't have the money to come up with the down payment or even pay for the sticker price If that sounds like something that you're dealing with, it's imperative to know that there are ways to ensure that you're going to get moving forward with a new car even if you can't afford to pay it out of pocket
  • Bankruptcy Car Loans Get the Vehicle You Need
    When it comes down to getting a new automobile many people just can't get one They have to deal with classified ads and hope that they find something that is going to be reliable, and isn't going to cost them an arm and a leg to procure
  • Bad Credit Car Loans Yes It's Possible
    When it comes time to get a new vehicle, you'll find that many dealerships are closing their doors to people that don't have stellar financial records That's right, they will often times simply shut you out and force you to deal with alternative methods of transportation
  • Creating Residual Income by Richard Singleton
    There are many ways to create residual income in this technological age The internet has developed into one of the greatest money making tools at your disposal and gives the potential to gain global attention and exposure from your own home
  • Increase Your Residual Income by Richard Singleton
    Residual Income, by definition, is the money we value most in our lives It is the earnings that we have remaining once we have paid all our bills and debts and so is the income we use in our free time to do the things we enjoy
  • Maximise Your Residual Income by Richard Singleton
    There are many ways to increase your residual income Some require a small start up fee to begin marketing, or simply to established, your product or service
  • The Need For Medicare Supplement Plan
    The Medicare Health Program first came into existence upon President Lyndon Johnson's approval in 1965 Over the years, the benefits afforded by the law were expanded to include hospice care, physical rehabilitation and an outpatient prescription drug feature
  • Medicare Supplement Plans, Anyone?
    The Medicare Health Program of the federal government is set to cover great amount of expenses, but is definitely limited Because health is wealth and wealth can be used to invest for good health, the offering of Medicare supplement plans to the public was deemed necessary
  • Medicare of Florida On-Focus: Supplemental Insurance and HMO
    Standard Medicare program of the United States government sets forth a number of components The four letter-designated parts, comprised of Parts A, B, C and D, are prevalent in any state
  • Medicare in Florida Spells P-L-A-N-S!
    Healthcare never ceases to be a concern these days but surprisingly, statistics show a drooping number Of the 18,000,000 residents, less than 20% carry a Medicare plan, 63
  • The Best of Florida Medicare
    Echoing the federal government's healthcare program, Florida sets forth its Medicare coverage on four basic levels: Component A, Component B, Component C and Component D With benefits aligned to the mandate of the federal law, the Florida Medicare is not only equipped with the primary coverage but is also anchored on a lineup of supplemental services
  • Medicare Florida
    Medicare Florida is the aspect of Florida that has to do with its care, concern, and service to its citizens when it comes to their medical health It provides people with the information that they need with regard to their medical benefits, and what plans they can avail of for their medical insurance
  • Blue Medicare
    Blue Medicare is basically a person's medical insurance coverage under a specific provider Many people who are members or enrollees of this insurance, regardless of the plan they are in, will naturally have some inquiries about their benefits
  • Medicare Billing
    It is important for every Medicare member to understand what Medicare billing is all about and how the processes run This way, things can run smoothly and both parties are sure that they understand one another well
  • Medicare Premiums
    Many people have a lot of questions about Medicare Premiums Some have concerns about their cost, their coverage, or their processes
  • Enrolling in Medicare
    Enrolling in Medicare is an easy and simple process If a person regularly makes Social Security or Medicare payments or contributions, he or she is automatically qualified for Medicare coverage for hospitalization when he or she reaches the age of 65
  • Information on Finding the Best Family Life Insurance Company
    Finding the best family life insurance company is not hard to do You have everything in front of you, and you can work on getting the most from it
  • Stop Fraud in Five Easy Steps: The Ultimate Identity Theft Protection Guide
    The rampant identity theft and credit-related frauds have become increasingly alarming now that almost 10 million citizens have fallen victims to these crimes Although the main idea behind identity theft is to steal information, this illegal act can be used for a number of crimes worst than anyone can imagine with regards to records that have been leaked
  • Settle Your Accounts Fast With Debt Reduction Program
    Loan defaults are often the creditors' most dreaded occasions Due to the economic recession, many people have resorted to credit buying without having the second thought about the payment of their dues
  • Living a Comfortable Life Through a Well-Planned Retirement
    Aging is an inevitable phase in a man's life No matter how we try to defy it, it is bound to happen sooner or later
  • Credit Counseling: A Surefire Way to Manage Debts
    Due to the awful consequences of being burdened with too many debts, a lot of people have sought the help of credit counseling agencies These are companies that are dedicated in helping the borrowers in managing their debts so that they can effectively pay their creditors
  • Keeping an Eye on Credit Accounts Through Credit Monitoring Services
    Identity theft and credit-related fraud have become prevalent nowadays Information regarding the finances can easily go out of hand, making it easy for the culprits to use them for their own good
  • How to Choose the Right Retirement Plan
    It can be really hard to choose the best retirement plan for you It is especially difficult if you would take into consideration both advantages and disadvantages of every plan
  • The Significance of Credit Monitoring and How to Do It
    Have you ever wondered why credit monitoring is so important Before you even begin understanding the significance of monitoring your credit, you must see the importance first of having a good credit history
  • Effective Debt Reduction Tips That Lead to Financial Freedom
    Are you tired of making regular trips to the bank, not to deposit or withdraw cash, but to make payments on your existing debt Do you want to achieve financial independence

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