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John Clayton's Articles in Computers

  • VPN Service Provider: What is a VPN Service Provider and Why Do I Need It?
    Many people have not heard of the term VPN, otherwise known as a virtual private network That is, unless they have spent time in the Middle East and Asia
  • Skype in UAE: Why is Skype Blocked in Dubai? Find Out Why and How to Unblock It!
    Skype, along with many other websites has been banned in the UAE because it is included in the ISP's that the UAE censors feel violate their laws These laws include blocking sites that contain pornographic and gambling sites, sites that contain anything involving terrorist activities, and moral and religious laws
  • Why Are Internet Sites Blocked in China? Find Out Why Will Need a VPN on Your Next China Trip
    China has been called the "Great Internet firewall of China" due to its extreme censorship of the internet Some sites such as Google Docs, Google, Piscasa, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and even wordpress are among the 2600 plus blocked sites in China
  • 3 Reasons You Need to Root Your Android
    When it comes to phone performance there are two different kinds of people There are those that are looking to just talk on the phone and get a few games in and enjoy the entertainment gamut that is out there
  • Android Phone Rooting - Accelerate Your Technology the Right Way
    For millions of people the latest phone technology seems amazing, and rightfully so, it's one of the coolest things about living in this day and age However, when you finally go to buy a new smartphone you'll get hit with something that is slightly unexpected
  • Benefits Found With Rooting Android
    It happens all the time, people believe the hype surrounding the latest and greatest smartphone technology and when it comes out, it's not quite what they said it would be In fact, most technology updates are a bust and many are finding this to be true when it comes to phones in these modern times
  • 4 Reasons Rooting Your Android Rocks
    I've been one of the biggest critics of the Android system because there are so many limitations that are placed on it by manufacturers You hear a lot of great things about it and then when you finally play around with the latest offerings, you realize that you've been had
  • A New Perspective on Technology - Android Rooting
    When first getting into smartphones I was disappointed with the many different problems that I was experiencing I got a Droid and it wasn't exactly as good as the Apple products that I previously had
  • Weatherproof Dome Camera - The Best Option
    When you are looking at adding cameras for your home or office, make sure that you look into a variety of different high quality options You may be tempted to go with something that is cost effective, but often times when going to lower priced items, you will miss out on something big
  • Infrared PTZ Camera - What Options Do You Need?
    When you're looking at getting the best protection for your business or even home, you want to ensure that you are purchasing the right technology to help you monitor things outside Often time's buildings get broken into when there is a lack of monitoring equipment to thwart criminals
  • Infrared Dome Camera - Elements For Maximum Protection
    When it comes to making sure that your protecting your home or business, you should always invest in cameras that are going to help you out the best Sure, you could go with low grade, low end items that can give you a closed circuit view of what is going on, but often times those options are grainy and leave a great deal of detail out of the frame
  • C-Outlook Recovery Review
    The use of Outlook in nearly every large office, small business or even just a home user has become very prevalent in the marketplace today This particular program has become an integral part of many people's daily lives
  • SoftAmbulance MySQL Recovery Review
    If you do any work at all that involves the use of databases or the database process, then you need to constantly be on guard and aware of problems erupting You need to know that you can always roll back or get all your hard work back in an instant should something become corrupt for one reason or another
  • SoftAmbulance Access Recovery Review
    In today's work environment, more and more people are using a database as part of their daily routine This means learning how to handle the data, create a database and associated and tables, and most of all, how to use the appropriate software
  • How to Recover My Files
    It can happen to anyone at any time It does not matter how much of a computer expert you are or whether you think you have everything under control or not
  • How to Recover Deleted Data
    Whether it happens by accident or not, there is likely going to be a time where you are looking for a file on your computer and you realize it is no longer there If it is a file that you considered vitally important, a sense of panic may immediately set in as you try to figure out what you are going to do
  • Is Your Spouse Cheating? Find Out With a Reverse Phone Search
    Even considering that your spouse could be having an affair is heart-wrenching, but what is even more devastating is not knowing for certain It seems the cell phone is going off at all hours of the night, always "just a friend" that is calling
  • The Phone Book Can't Do This
    How many times has a number called you that you didn't recognize If you are like most people, this has probably happened on more than one occasion
  • Reverse Phone Lookup Service: Free or Paid?
    Reverse phone lookup service has become a popular tool for those wondering who is calling them It is so popular these days that it is possible to find both services offered free of charge as well as those that will set you back a little bit of money each month
  • Reverse Phone Directories Many Benefits
    Reverse phone directories are available to anyone who needs to learn a name to go with a phone number Men and women all across the world use these reverse number lookups, where in seconds they have the name, landline phone number, address and other information on any number they need information about
  • Canon EOS Rebel T3i Review: Great Quality Plus User Friendliness
    Photography and pictures will always hold a special place in our hearts When there are special occasions and events that happen in our lives we always find the need to take pictures
  • Canon T3 Review: The Best Entry-Level Camera For Aspiring Photographers
    If you are an aspiring photographer, you might want to look for a camera that is very easy to use but can still provide the best camera images There are actually many brands and models nowadays that you can choose from which makes it really hard and confusing to figure out which one is the best
  • Canon EOS Rebel T3i Review: The Best Camera To Use For Aspiring Photographers
    Pictures represent the special memories that we have People like to take pictures so that they will be able to remember these special moments that many would cherish for years and years
  • Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS Review: Portable and Functional
    Cameras nowadays have become more portable than ever Older cameras tend to be really bulky including everything such as the flash the lens and the body of the camera together
  • Canon T3 Review: Great Quality and Affordability
    Pictures are one of the most precious and memorable pieces of our lives that we will forever cherish These capture those moments that we would want to remember for the rest of our lives
  • Registry Cleaner Download: An Overview
    Taking care of your personal computer should not just be seen on the outside; nevertheless, it should be definitely seen on the inside as well If you have noticed an irregularity with your computer's performance mainly in terms of speed, it is best to take a look on the registry
  • Information on Registry Booster
    Have you ever noticed the change in your personal computer in terms of speed back then when it was new Were you able to see substantial differences with its performance over the last couple of months
  • The Knowledge of Dedicated Hosting
    What exactly is dedicated hosting It is surely meant to be a way of promoting via the internet
  • Send and Receive Text Messages Online
    There's now a new and easy way to send and receive text messages online All you have to do is download a software or a text messaging client which lets you send and receive text messages on your computer, laptop, iPod or iPhone; and you can instantly send and receive text messages anywhere in the world even without a phone
  • Mobile Marketing Features and History
    Marketing has come to existence since the introduction of the metal movable type, the first printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450 When his printing machine became popular due to the success of publishing the Gutenberg Bible, flyers and brochures have become widespread and have become the first form of marketing
  • The Growing Mobile Phone Market and Marketing
    The boom in the number of cellular or mobile phone users in the past couple of years has been steadily increasing Mobile phones today are becoming increasingly ubiquitous that even elementary age school kids and senior citizens have them
  • The Phone-y Promotions: Mobile Marketing Issues and Features
    Cellular phones, also known as mobile phones, have changed the way of life of people all over the world People have used mobile phones for communication purposes, primarily calls and text messages
  • Mobile Applications and the Materials For Their Manufacturing
    What comes into your mind when you hear the word "mobile application" Usually, you would think that they are programs that you use on a smartphone such as the Apple iPhone
  • How to Avoid Video Driver Problems
    I can only tell you a really few number of things that are damn more annoying than a video driver problem A lot of people are quite aware of the whole lot of harassment they encounter simply in their bid to get the latest they can get of a graphic card driver
  • How to Find and Use a Free DVD Decoder For Windows
    You may have experienced an ugly setting when you open your computer's Windows Media Player only to be 'told' that the 'file format is unknown' or that the player can't recognize the video therefore it couldn't be played Even if you haven't experienced any of such scenarios, it can be quite disturbing and frustrating
  • Fixing USB Device Errors With an Automatic USB Driver Update
    It is quite common that most people simply log on and start making use of their computers without having the faintest knowledge of how its internal components work Some have all the time to learn one or two things about the ways their PCs operate but always feel that it is irrelevant but this set of people are usually the first that would become much disorganized the moment they find out their computer aren't responding to simply usual commands any longer

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