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John Chambers's Articles in Health

  • Dentures Topped The Charts For Generations
    Many believe that the idea of dental implants is one of the new breakthroughs of dentistry. The idea of using something else to take the place of a missing tooth started during the Phoenician age when they used seashells.
  • Dentition Interpretations
    Considering the eyes, they are mirrors of the soul but for a San Francisco cosmetic dentist the teeth can say a lot of things about people too like age and gender for example and even characteristics like intelligence, sexiness, and aggressiveness. In terms of conveying personality traits and emotional messages.
  • Adore the Smile of Your Child
    It is impossible to overstate the significance of the smile of a child. If their teeth become discolored, chipped, or decayed, they may easily become insecure and less confident in themselves.
  • Developing Healthy Dental Care Habits
    Your dentists may know the tricks in fixing, filling, curing, straighten and even replacing teeth, but you still have to do a lot of field work on your own. Experts insist that you watch what you put in your mouth from food to medicine, don't chew on hard objects and consistently brush and floss your teeth.
  • Black Non Hispanics Show Highest Rate of Tooth Loss
    Human beings will certainly encounter dental diseases at some point of their lives only in varying degrees. Periodontal disease, dental caries or tooth decay, gingivitis or gum disease and periodontitis otherwise known as pynorhea are all bacterial infections that can cause great damage to the real teeth, jawbone and gums.
  • The Correct Methods of Caring for Your Teeth
    We all get one set of permanent teeth. It's our responsibility to care for them so they can last until we no longer need them anymore.
  • Children of Poor Disposition Receive Dental Treatment
    A woman who had a huge smile and long black hair sat comfortably in the tiny waiting room of a dental clinic. Seated on the dental chair on the other hand is a middle aged woman who is currently having her teeth examined by a young dentist.
  • What It Means To Be a Safe Traveler
    Three important considerations should be learned by every traveler, especially every backpacker travel insurancecovered individual. These are before, during and after periods where every step should be carefully considered.
  • Bad Move: Forgetting Travel Insurance
    Travel insurance is fast becoming as much a fixture of a tour package as air fares, hotel accommodation and hotel bills, and for good reason. People can fail to recognize the regular occurrence of accidents, travel pitfalls, and other emergencies when they plan to arrange a trip.
  • The Web serves as a Vast Search Tool for Places to Travel
    Researching for a good trip is something I like doing as much as I like travelling. A guidebook is the first thing that I would want to buy the moment that I think about a new destination.
  • The Importance of Having Oneself secured by a Travel Insurance Policy
    For years of traveling, I have experienced the most shocking medical attack while I was in Afghanistan when a young Frenchwoman suddenly had an appendicitis attack. Somewhere in an empty desert, a bus was stranded while she was in agony.
  • Ear Infections are the Most Prevalent Cause Behind Hearing Impairment
    Have you listened to the sound of Canadian geese while they are in flight? Do the sounds that they make alert you to look upwards and witness their departure south at the end of the summer season? For the 50 million people who suffer from hearing loss, that gentle scene is only a fond memory, as are so many other wonderful sounds.
  • Can Soldiers' Hearing Be Saved?
    Marines and soldiers sent to Iraq or Afghanistan only to encounter roadside firefights and bombings come home in epidemic quantities with a huge problem known as hearing impairment along with ringing in their ears so the military saw the need for protecting the troops from noise more this time. Loss of hearing comes on top of the list of war on terror disabilities.
  • The Problem with Too Much Noise
    Aside from carrying their own portable music players, she sees people everywhere she goes with ear buds worn firmly. Using her iPod when exercising or studying, a senior at Chicago University comments on how widespread these devices have become.
  • An Antioxidant That Vows To Minimize Hearing Loss
    A pill that can lessen hearing damage caused by loud noise has been being developed by scientists for years now by using lab animals. Now they're sending in the Marines.
  • What Most People Don't Know About Hearing Aids
    Since their invention hearing aids have improved the lives of many people who suffer from hearing loss by amplifying what people hear to a higher volume. Their tiny microphones and speakers increase the volume of sounds the wearer hears allowing them to lead a better life.
  • Take Steps to Prevent Swimmer's Ear Infections
    Swimmer's ear is an affliction which affects the outer portion of the ear, and is known to the medical community as otitis externa. It is unlike an infection of the inner ear, otitis media, which is generally suffered along with various cold symptoms such as congestion or a runny nose.
  • Meet The Man Who Took His Concern For Those Who Are Hearing Impaired And Opened Hearing Aid Business
    There has been much improvement in the technology used for modern hearing aids, with the proof of over 50+ years' worth of advancements revealed in one hearing aid specialist's collection. For this specialist, hearing aids have become both his business and his hobby.
  • Defective Enamel
    The fear of pain is to blame for fifty one percent of the population refusing to get dental care. There are people who do visit their dentists and eighty percent of them agree that it is important but they do not enjoy getting treated.
  • Beneficial Restorative Dental Procedures
    You can say that dental implants, for the last 40 years, have been a part of restorative dental procedures. From placement techniques to the implant materials to the longevity and the esthetic quality, the years have brought about much progression for the dental profession when it comes to all aspects of implants.
  • Earth Orbit and Dental Magic
    As the seventies gave rise to a series of manned space voyages under the Skylab category the astronauts who embarked on space travel depended greatly on different kinds of dental equipment. Manned space travel during the Skylab missions brought military dentists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA.
  • An Indispensable Book For Those Traveling To Europe
    Want to go on your dream European tour without breaking the bank? Raging to find out where the action is in places like London, Rome, Paris, Belgrade, Moscow or even Budapest? Then you have to grab a copy of the Harvard students? newest creation ? a guide to Europe. What makes this publication, a paperback guide in a dashing blue cover with 320 pages.
  • What Are The Benefits of Travelling Insured?
    With regard to the four wheel drive carry all, it burst out of the cool and dark forest after rocking down the rotted jungle track emerging into the bright coastal sunlight. We were faced by another one in the Great Barrier Reef just 10 miles offshore after leaving behind one of the great natural wonders of the world which is the Daintree rain forest.
  • Whitening and Health Treatment Achieved with Laser
    One could easily observe the light from the laser with a sapphire tip looking just exactly like the one shown earlier at the dental clinic as soon as one gets into the treatment room where a calm, immobile patient is enduring the purring ministrations of the old, high speed, painless drill. This one is the very piece that had first been introduced to Frederick.
  • Dental Care: A Leap in Condominium Sales
    Methods of marketing condos or offering them for rent are quickly evolving with new techniques and styles. The latest is a free dental care for buyers or renters.
  • You Can Add Any Color That You Desire By Adding A Different Shade To Your Braces
    Do you have braces? Instead of being depressed about being a 'metal mouth' or a 'brace face,' focus on the advantages of orthodontic work. Long term, you are improving your smile for your lifetime.
  • Is Teeth Whitening For You?
    Right after dental fillings and braces, whitening steps in. We now see today that in America, the most recent effort in finding that perfect smile is through abolishing yellow effects of time and dreadful habits.
  • Addressing the Needs of Dental Patients
    Smiling broadly, the long haired young woman sat by herself inside the small waiting room of the dental clinic. Meanwhile, a young dentist was examining the teeth of a middle aged woman seated at the clinic's only dental chair.
  • The Protocols For Oral Conscious Sedation
    It is just more popular in some areas compared to others, but oral conscious sedation is not new in the world of dentistry. A local area dentist said this has been part of his management for years now.
  • Orthodontic Treatment for Adults
    Gnashing of teeth, clenching of jaws. They are among the signs of how these times seem to be trying our patience more and more.
  • How TMJ Affects Everyone
    A chronic headache caused this man a lot of pain that is why he showed up in the dentist's office in New York. He had sought help unsuccessfully, he explained, from an internist, a neurologist, a nose and throat specialist, and an orthopaedic surgeon.
  • Long Life Via Workplace Health
    The biggest asset of a company, as they say, are its employees. Because employees are the workforce, management, blue collar, white collar or any other designation, they are the ones essentially running the company.
  • Is Hearing Loss A Problem For Your Child?
    Your ears are worthy of proper care to avoid the necessity of having to use hearing aids or learn lip reading because of deafness. It is an unfortunate reality that a large number of babies who enter the world with normal hearing experience loss of this sense due to either injury or illness.
  • Clinical Trials for Speech and Hearing in Children
    For those in the local speech and hearing clinic, Monday morning was unusually busy. With a speech clinician or a hearing technician, twenty five children were screened for cases of speech and hearing impediments.
  • Can You Avoid Hearing Loss By Taking a Supplement?
    Following years of laboratory testing there is now evidence that the damage that loud noise cases to our hearing can be reduced by taking a pill. There are now human trials in progress.
  • Why You Should Understand How Hearing Works
    When it comes to learning linguistics, culture or just to balancee our body, hearing is very important to our body. The world around us can completely change once our sense of hearing is gone.
  • Guidelines to Help the Hard of Hearing Understand
    It is possible that I heard you all wrong so please repeat what you said a minute ago. When we socialize, we depend greatly on our ability to hear.
  • The Challenge Posed By Real Time Captioning
    You may be someone learning English as a second language, or you could even be a stressed out worker trying to keep updated while you work out in the gym, you may be a child who is learning to read, or even a simple hearing impaired viewer, but chances are you have been exposed to a lifetime of capptioned television programs.
  • Enjoying a Trip: A Matter of Getting Travel Insurance
    When travel insurance becomes a negligible travel must have, people find themselves in a jam when they realize its value only when they are about to check into a flight, it can be compared to a summertime Paris trip where you forget to make hotel reservations. One insurance executive travels a lot and he strongly suggests that people check their insurance coverage.
  • Stages in Care for Children's Teeth
    Babies need good dental care at home and professionally, just like everyone else. The earlier that care begins, the sooner you can help make sure that your child's first teeth are healthy and growing in correctly.
  • A More Genuine, Golden Smile Can Be Stimulated by Tooth Whitening
    Having whiter teeth could be the answer if you are having issues with the brightness of your smile.
  • Taking Good Care of Your Teeth
    We all get one set of permanent teeth. It's our responsibility to care for them so they can last until we no longer need them anymore.
  • Value Your Child's Smile
    A child's smile is priceless. People whose teeth are unsightly with discoloration, decay or breaks often struggle with their self esteem.
  • Dental Marvels in NASA
    Manned earth orbit space travels during 1973 involved the provision of a wide array of modern dental equipment for the astronauts who joined in the Skylab missions. There was a need for a dental component to be incorporated into the in flight medical support system or IMSS of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA especially during the Skylab flights.
  • Reducing Hazards To The Teeth
    A diverse range of toothpastes are now created to address different needs. For instance, you can find toothpastes that control tartar build up, or those that serve the specialized needs of children.
  • A Host, Bacteria and Nourishment for Bacteria All Present in Dental Problems
    In degrees that vary, every single human being will get affected by dental diseases in the entire span of their lives. Gums, jawbone and of course the natural teeth can be adversely affected by bacterial infections like dental caries or tooth decay and periodontal disease, gingivitis or gum disease along with periodontitis also known as pynorhea.
  • The Best Approach for Colouring Your Teeth: Braces
    Do you have braces? Instead of being depressed about being a 'metal mouth' or a 'brace face,' focus on the advantages of orthodontic work. Long term, you are improving your smile for your lifetime.
  • Steps in Improving Your Smile
    Even if dentists can straighten or whiten teeth, fix toothaches, fill them up or even replace them, you still have to do your part. Experts state that you should watch the things you eat, the medicines or objects you put in your mouth and make sure you brush and floss each day.
  • Dental Care Proves to be Effective in Condo Marketing
    In marketing condominium-style developments, a unique and innovative way of marketing is being espoused. The latest technique is free dental health treatment for buyers or renters.
  • Recession Proof Your Mouth
    It is possible to protect your mouth from these tough economic times. Proper everyday care at home is the best way to prevent any unwanted trips to the dentist.
  • Workplace Health - Proper Diet and Nutrition
    The world looks to workplace health as the answer to one of the world's most pressing concerns, healthcare. The average employee is at work a very big part of his or her life and it's only reasonable that to tackle healthcare on a national level, it should start at work.
  • Why Hearing Impairment Can Be Solved
    Good communication is deterred by hearing loss problems and this is something that over 14 million Americans today worry about. The week of Sept 21-28 has been designated Deaf Awareness Week and the counselor for the East Harris County coop for the deaf will be helping to make the week a success.
  • Ways That Blaring Sounds Can Lead To Ear Ringing
    There are several instances when John Bloom thinks he might go mad with the tweets of crickets in his head. Sometimes there is a whistle like sound.
  • A Brand New Hearing Loss Test Measures Auditory Brain Stem Response
    Sean was an 8 pound, 6 ounce newborn receiving the routine hearing test when he was 36 hours old, the issue was he did not wake up to notice. I stood witness to this while the female audiologist took Sean's bassinet upstairs to a normal-looking computer with strange cables hooked up to it.
  • Passion And Medicine Defines This Lady
    A well respected female physician recounts how she took some time out for the odd party as she envisioned achieving her current status by a roundabout route, a tribute to the unswerving purpose of her meaningful life. But back in high school, she was not single minded at all.
  • The Connection of Hearing and Speaking
    Parents and teachers call the child stubborn, aggressive, delinquent, defiant, and by other erroneous and negative terms. One underlying reason is the possibility of a child experiencing undetected mild to severe hearing loss, but a physician says that these problems can be solved.
  • Avoiding Hearing Loss And Its Many Problems
    Lab animals are being used by scientists for several years now to determine the possibility of a pill created to minimize hearing damage caused by too much noise. The Marines are being sent now.
  • Eardrums and Ear Wax
    Taking note of the 16 million Americans who are plagued by hearing problems 12 million refuse to get the necessary treatment and this is a sign of how people have grown to disregard their ears. The most common ear problems people have are discussed below.
  • More Than Just Drinking Water
    If the United States was to fluoridate its water supplies, there would be as much as $100 million slashed from its dental health bills each year, as estimated by the American dental association. This may eventually take place.
  • Drinking To Ease The Hearing Loss Away
    A pill that counters or reduces the effects of noise to hearing is being studied thoroughly by scientists for years now with the aid of lab animals. But such a task requires the help of the Marines.
  • 28 Million Americans Affected by Hearing Impairment
    This lady executive expected to hear mumbling from time to time a medical condition caused her to lose hearing in her left ear. She sought help only when it reached the point that everyone seemed to just mumble their words.
  • How Hearing Loss can be Worsened
    Ear phones are worn snugly as people carrying portable music players walk past her everywhere she goes day in and day out. It is not something to buzz about says an iPod user for studying or exercise who happens to be a senior at Chicago University.
  • School Children and Possible Speech Conditions
    Everyone was on the go the other Monday morning at the speech and hearing clinic. In order to detect speech and hearing impairments in children, a speech clinician or a hearing technician examined twenty five of them.
  • The Possible Effects Of Loud Noises On Your Hearing
    Quite frequently, John Bloom gets a peculiar sensation of several crickets chirping right inside his head. Sometimes it is like a distant whistling sound.
  • Different Types Of Hearing Impairment Problems
    Anyone is susceptible to hearing loss and we're not just talking about senior citizens and people who are prone to sickness, we're talking about children, teenagers of all ages too. A person who experience hearing loss more often than not, loses their sense of hearing little by little until it is almost completely gone.
  • Negative Effect Of Mechanical, Chemical And Biological Hazards On Workplace Health
    Personally, it?s hard to find anyone willing to unnecessarily risk their life regularly just for the sake of earning a living. While all jobs have their own what is called occupational hazard, it is the duty of the company hiring them to make sure all workplace health risks are managed to a certain degree.
  • Up To Date Workplace Health Practices
    One of the biggest concerns of modern society today is the exponential rate at which healthcare costs are rising. As everyone becomes more exposed to complex illnesses and diseases, the government and private sectors are being challenged more by the increasing healthcare costs.
  • Don't Go Deaf For No Reason
    The world is becoming a noisier place, and what we listen to have to get louder as the background noise increases. This increase has taken its toll and the number of deaf and people with hearing problems has grown to 28 million in America alone.
  • Hearing Treatment
    Our sense of hearing is always taken for granted since most everyone believe it is something we are born with and will die with as well. This could not be further from the truth, as not just adults, but also even children can be victims of hearing impairment.
  • Workplace Health for the Workers
    Everyone's second home is at an office, a research lab, a manufacturing firm or simply anywhere he or she works in. Employers, not just employees, should take responsibility of the health situation in the workplace because an ordinary employee spends a third of everyday in it.
  • Workplace Health for Eliminating Burnouts
    Employees are often considered as a company's biggest asset. Blue collar or white collar, staff or management, these are all employees who are very important for a company to function well.

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