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John Chambers's Articles in Dental & Oral

  • Mouthful of Medicines, a Mouthful of Tooth Decay
    A large black hole on a front tooth of an elderly man's mouth was what the dentist saw, and it was the most unusual looking tooth decay ever seen. The man was taking medicine for his heart which he placed under his upper lip instead of under his tongue.
  • Young Children Can Already Practice Oral Care
    There is a need for babies to receive dental care just like the average person. Early intervention in your child's dental care would lead to a good dental future for your child.
  • Your Smile Could Radiate After You Utilize Whitening Products
    If you would like a more dazzling smile, simply whitening your teeth could be what you're looking for.
  • Be Aware of Cavity Causing Acids
    Should there be a problem but pain has yet to manifest then a person will forego a dental appointment. Problems like these are best avoided when a person can be educated through good family dental care with regard to preventive care.
  • Study Shows No Link of HIV Positive Dentist Patients
    An HIV positive dentist failed to consider precautionary tactics for his infection but new studies from Florida researchers and federal officers discovered that in no way did he transmit the virus to patients. When earlier findings from a similar case with an HIV positive dentist infecting patients were analyzed the resulting conclusions showed how the two cases came from opposing poles.
  • Government Money for Dental Research
    To generate funding for their university research program looking for corporate investors became the goal of the department heads for which they needed a strategy. A state biotechnical center assembled investors together in an event called academic entrepreneurship.
  • Caring for Your Greatest Asset
    How much awareness do you have on your teeth, apart from the fact that they're situated above your chin and under your nose? You'll soon find everything you need to know about teeth here. Teeth are designed differently as each comes with a purpose.
  • The Development of a Child's Teeth
    Babies need good dental care at home and professionally, just like everyone else. Caring for a baby's teeth at an earlier stage would make sure the the development of the child's teeth would turn out well.
  • Dental Health and More
    To address different needs, a wide selection of toothpastes are made available. Imagine how now, you can get toothpastes for kids and ones that can stop the build up of tartar in the teeth.
  • Periodontal Disease a Leading Cause in Adult Tooth Loss
    Kids spend much of their summer time eating junk food and snacks, and often end up with toothaches. There is a new location for families seeking professional dental care.
  • Why The Little Ones Need Dental Attention Too
    It is just a pity how the tooth fairy, like tinker bell, does not really get to dart from one home to another, reminding every parent to prioritize the dental health of their little children, as it does not really exist? Three year olds have appeared at the clinic with their teeth rotted to the gums.
  • Skill Building in Dental School
    Even if the field of dentistry boomed after the Second World War its achievements including the development of new techniques and dental equipment were still unable to capture every field in medical science. Gone are the days when a visit to the family dentist was an ordeal.
  • Periodontal Disease: Know How to Prevent Your Gums and Teeth From its Irreversible Effects
    Millions of people's teeth and gums are the victims of periodontal disease without them even being aware they have it; are you one of those unsuspecting millions? Periodontal disease is an oral infection of the surrounding tissues that support your teeth in your mouth. The major cause of this comes from plaque-forming bacteria in your mouth.
  • Poorly Maintained Dental Workspace
    An HIV positive dentist who used an imperfect infection control techniques apparently did not transmit the virus to his patients, according to a new study by federal and Florida researchers. When earlier findings from a similar case with an HIV positive dentist infecting patients were analyzed the resulting conclusions showed how the two cases came from opposing poles.
  • Laser Teeth Whitening: What You Should Know if You're Getting it in the City Down Under
    Teeth whitening, as in anywhere in the world, can be the product of various methods and results. A bleaching agent for teeth works much better when used with a laser that can penetrate tooth enamel, and these two tools are part of some of the best whitening systems that dentists use today.
  • Your Dentist Should Be Very Sensitive to Showing the Proper Concern and Attention
    Some dentists can be unknowingly insensitive. As a result, many seniors avoid regular dental appointments because of this.
  • Orthodontic Benefits for All Ages
    Now it is possible to have a perfect, bright smile at any age. Recent studies show that out of every four orthodontic patients, one is an adult.

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