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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Wine and Spirits

  • Topping Off Chinese Meals With Table Wine
    No dinner is complete without wine, which brings joy and drives away depression, and makes the old feel young and the young still more youthful. Taken in moderation, it is undoubtedly an excellent stimulant.
  • The Origin Of Southerners' Beloved Mint Julep
    The word julep is an old and honored one and can be traced as far back as A. D. 1400 - long before we ever heard of the Southern States of these United States, where the julep is popularly supposed to be indigenous.
  • The Cocktail, A Piece Of New Orleans History
    The most popular alcoholic beverage in the world today is that high-powered mixture known as the cocktail.
  • The Absolute Beginning Of Absinthe In The US
    Absinthe is a drink that has caused much controversy of the years for being a "wild" and "sinful" drink. These stereotypes fit in well with those that have followed New Orleans, which is where this potent drink first hit American soil.
  • Growing Wine Grapes
    I think it quite safe to say that more has been written about the cultivation of grapes than has - or ever will be - written about any other fruit. This is not surprising, considering that the grape is probably the oldest of known fruits.
  • Experimental Wine Making
    Vegetable wine, fruit wine, flower wine - there are hundreds of recipes, all different yet all basically the same; and if you like to experiment there is a vast field in which to do so.
  • Beginning Your Wine Making Adventure
    If you want to make wine there is no excuse for not doing so: you need neither license nor cellar and the utensils may already be in your house, flat or caravan -for wine may be made in the smallest of places.
  • Using the Best Glass to Drink Wine
    It is not so much a matter of using the right glass as it is of using the most suitable one. I am at a loss to understand the reason for so many shapes and sizes, which range from a pudding basin on a short stem to a saucer on a single stilt.
  • Maturing Wines In Separate Stocks
    It is surprising the number of people who simply will not believe that wines improve with age. They set about making wines possessed of an urgency which should not exist and an impatience that is hard to believe. They really believe that wine can be made, matured and drunk in six or seven weeks.
  • Learn How To Make Wines So Incredibly Flavorsome No One Will Resist A Second Glass
    The pursuit of a good glass of wine goes back to the time of the Romans. Some people take it upon themselves to take this pursuit into their own hands. Following is a list of times you will need and steps to take to make your own perfect glass of wine.

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