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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Stock Market Investing

  • Stock Charting Software - Longevity is a Vital Trait
    There are a number of different qualities you can check to find an ideal charting software package. One important trait to settle for is longevity. The package that you should choose should have been around for quite some time already. There are distinct advantages to choosing an old trading chart product.
  • Why Back Testing is Important in Trading
    Most traders know the value of implementing trading systems but not all of them recognize the importance of back testing. If you've only just begun dabbling in market investments, this is one of the many considerations that you should focus on right away. You just can't make considerable profits without it.
  • Three Reasons to Settle For an Online Stock Market Course
    You can either enroll for a stock market course online or offline. Without a doubt though, learning through the internet is one of the best and fastest ways to get your head around the game. The novelty of web teaching tools however is not the only reason why you should prefer it over its conventional counterparts.
  • Learn to Trade Stocks - What Are Your Options?
    Obviously, taking the time to learn to trade stocks is a good idea. Even those who aren't financially well versed know without a shadow of a doubt that trading is one of the surest ways to earn a huge, stable, recurring income. That is if you get everything right. This is why it is more important than ever to learn the ropes from the best teaching avenues available.
  • Four Points to Consider Before Getting a Stock Market Broker
    To invest in stocks, it goes without saying that you need a stock market broker. This is even if you want to handle the details of trading yourself. Only a brokerage expert or company can place trades for you. It's therefore important to make the right choice. Here are four points to look into as a guide to help you pick the best option.
  • Things You Must Look For In An Effective Trading System
    When you want to get into trading, you do not simply plunge straight into it with your life's savings. You need an effective trading system to guide you in every step of the way. This article will help you in choosing the best trading system, no matter what market you are in.
  • Understanding Trading Psychology
    When you think of traders you think of people dealing with numbers and non-stop trading action either on the floor or electronically. In this day and age it is often the latter. While it is true there has been a lot of traders who experienced great success, there are also those who have gone broke and left the trading world. The latter are often the victims of poor trading psychology.
  • Stock Market Trading Systems - Make Money With a Plan
    The best investment decision is to trade using a stock market trading system. Not every trader has one and many novices don't even initially see the value of maintaining one. It's obvious to experts though that this is truly the best tool to make more money with investments.
  • Learn Stock Trading and Secure Your Future
    You can't be expected to learn stock trading in school. This is especially if you are enrolled in a course that is wholly unrelated to business and finance. This is unfortunate because understanding how the market works is one of the best ways to prepare for a comfortable and secure future.
  • Trading Advice - Define Capital Source
    Every reliable money management plan gives trading advice on defining float size and source. This is an obvious first step for traders to take because you just won't get anywhere if you don't have the cash to make investments.
  • Stock Trading Advice on Following Systems
    Every trader needs stock trading advice. This is especially true for investors who are just starting out in their careers. Of all the different kinds of expert tips available though, the most important ones revolve around trade systems.
  • Three Lessons From Trading Expert Nicolas Darvas
    There is so much to gain from reading the history and methods of experts like Nicolas Darvas. For people who are wary about following trading gurus and experts, there is one good reason to look into this man's techniques. Unlike other so called experts, this one, made $2 million out of just an initial $25 thousand investment. He did this while touring the world as a ballroom dancer.
  • Learning Trading - Three Benefits Non-Traders Get
    It is not necessary to learn how to trade to earn from the stock market. There are many individuals who are able to pursue the career paths that they love and still manage to create a stable financial base through stock investments. Even if you don't plan to specialize in this area however, you still stand to reap some benefits from investment educ
  • Four Points Every Trader Should Identify
    Having a trading plan or system is perhaps the most important requirement for a trader to fulfill. This is the real secret to surviving in the investment markets. It is crucial to note though that this is not all you need to prepare. There are four other important points that you must identify if you ever hope to gain profits.
  • Is Full Service the Best Stock Broker Option?
    Once you have your trading plan in place, the only thing left for you to do is to pick the best stock broker. You require no less than the most excellent professional because you will be investing a great amount of cash that you would want to see grow.
  • The Idiots Guide To Back Testing Trading Systems
    After you`ve set your initial stop loss, chosen your method for calculating your trailing stop loss, and implemented all your money management rules, there is one last thing you should do; you should begin back testing your system.
  • Is Diversification the Key to Profitable Investment Trading?
    It's not uncommon to be told that diversification is the key to profitable investment trading. If you take it to heart, you can either end up earning tons of cash or you could join the loser's circle at the bottom of a pit. You should therefore carefully assess the advisability of this crucial step.
  • Four Stock Trading Tips to Follow Before You Trade
    Every trader can do with several stock trading tips. Even experts need these if only to remind them of what they can do to cut losses. Here are four essential pieces of advice that you have to make a mental note of before making any trade decision.
  • Common Stocks as Long-Term Investments Explained
    Bonds and preferred stocks are essentially defensive investments. They aim to protect the invested funds, but they are not designed to advance or to expand in value.
  • The Value of Charts to A Company Explained
    Charts are a forceful means of presenting vital information to corporate management. They are industry's proof of the expression "A picture is worth a thousand words".
  • What Does A Stockholder Do?
    Let us envision you, not as a creditor, but as a part owner, a proprietor. That's what you become when you buy stock.
  • Options: How A Million Dollar Options Trader Sets His Stops: Underhanded Tips and Tricks
    When a options trader understand that it is important to set stops on all their positions, they often don`t know where to set them. As a options trader, how close should a stop be to price of the position they are entering? Should they be tight, set quite close to the price, or a little looser? What about trailing stops?
  • Stocks: How Stops Help You To Make Money In The Stock Market
    To make money in the stock market, setting stops is an imprecise science and involves a lot of trial and error, but it is an integral part of being a successful trader.
  • The Origin of the Stock Market Formula
    The search for automatic investing techniques - schemes which would produce profits by giving investors advance indication of market swings, based on a mechanical interpretation of market data - has been going on for quite some time.
  • Weighing Your Personal Situation When Investing In Stocks
    Your age, the state of your health, the number of dependents you support, the kind of job you have, whether you are a man or a woman, what kind of goals you have set for yourself - all these, and more, are factors which will bear on your decision whether or not to invest.
  • The Risks and Rewards of Investment Clubs
    While being part of an investment club will build your confidence with the stock market and work to reduce your personal risk, there is no way to make investing completely safe or stock markets easy to understand. With unpredictable swings in prices, bull and bear phases, and stories about people making and losing millions overnight, stock markets can be an intimidating to a beginning investor.
  • Evaluating Your Financial Position When Preparing To Invest
    One point should be made clear at the outset: you don't have to be wealthy to invest. Among outsiders you can hear it said that stock ownership is a rich man's game. This can mean any of several things: that the market is too complicated for the little man, that brokers aren't interested in small orders, that only the person who can lose a bundle without feeling it should invest.
  • How To View Stock Market Formulas Professionally
    "Sell enough of your stocks so that a market collapse won't destroy you, but keep enough so that if your fears turn out to be groundless, and the market rises, you'll still profit to some extent; in the meantime, get some sleep."

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