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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Recreation and Leisure

  • Billiard Tips, The Illustrated Principles of Pool
    I have some billiard tips that I'd like to share with you. Billiards is a game of diligence and to do well in the game you have to have the right tools. It is recommended that you obtain your own cue as having one can be somewhat of a luxury.
  • Bowling Tips Steps to Success
    Here are some great bowling tips. You don't have to own your own equipment but if you plan to play a lot, it is a good idea to invest in some of your own equipment. When you buy a ball, you can have it drilled so that it fits your hand just right.
  • Creating Your Very Own Cotillion
    The cotillion danced by guests with its variety of music and its brilliant whirl of color is returning to us with the revival of so many charming things of other days. This article will help you to plan your own perfect cotillion.
  • Jumping Your Way To Fun
    For an activity that's packed with thrills and excitement, it's hard to beat trampolining. There aren't many concepts you need to understand but for any of your questions on trampolining, this article will help you understand.
  • Easy Card Games To Entertain
    It is a healthy experience for a child to play with grownups as an equal; and to play with other children without noticing difference in age. Card games can be an easy way to accomplish these things.
  • The Secrets To Dancing Like A Pro
    To be a great dancer and to get the audience to notice you, you need to master the techniques. Using the tips in this article you will have the moves and the confidence to bust a move out on the floor!
  • A Brief Look at the Beginning of Fly-fishing
    The beginning of the ancient and honorable art of taking fishes with an angle is lost in the dim, misty reaches of the past before men made a pictured or written record of events. Nearly all ancient peoples, however, had their quaint and curious fables on the origin of angling and many of these legends tell us that the art was handed down to men from the Gods which is, indeed, a reasonable supposition.
  • Advanced Trampolining Stunts Explained
    Looking for something to amaze your friends and you've already mastered those simple tricks? Follow the steps in this article to learn some new stunts on the trampoline.
  • Two Exciting Card Games Anyone Can Play
    Card games are a great way to pass the time no matter what age you are. Here are two simple games that anyone can play and will entertain many!
  • Tips For Organizing Novelty Dances
    Much fun can be had if you go to the trouble of organizing a party around some novelty dances. This article provides you with two classics and most simple dances to get started.
  • Discover How to Dance Variations of the Waltz
    The standard Waltz following the mode of the day becomes more old-fashioned each moment. However, there is a new idea of combining two figures of the Boston and then a few figures of the Hesitation and then the Lame Duck, which again changes to the standard step.
  • A Brief Look At The History Of Pipe Smoking
    One of the first descriptions of tobacco smoking in the New World reached France through a report of Jacques Cartier, who explored the St. Lawrence River as far as where Montreal, Canada, now stands.
  • Using Phrase-Reading To Improve Your Reading Speed
    The basic skill of rapid reading is learning to read in phrases. This simply means taking wider "visual bites" as your eyes move across a line of type.
  • Turn Yourself Into A Checker Champion Practically Overnight
    To play checkers badly is quite easy; and that is the way most people do play it.

    Even if you don`t play a perfect game of checkers, you can still enjoy the game. But checkers as the experts play it, with all its richness of ideas and exquisite economy of force is much more fun. It is always more gratifying to play expertly and to win, than it is to flounder.
  • The Idiots Guide to a Killer Checkers Strategy
    There you are, sitting across from your opponent. You overlook the 12 men in front of you. You are playing checkers. You want to really show this guy what for you need a strategy.

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