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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Pets and Animals

  • Caring For The Cute Magpie
    Magpies (Pica rustica)are fascinating birds with a capability of talking. Using these simple tips, you should be able to care for and enjoy your Magpie. Good luck!
  • How to Understand Horses' Tack
    If you are going to look after horses, you need to understand their tack.
  • How to Train Your Puppy
    There are quite a few rules for you puppy to learn before he is properly trained. Here are some of the important ones.
  • How to Ride Over Show Fences
    Show Jumping, has now definitely "arrived" in Great Britain as an international sport.
  • Socialization and the Learning Process in Young Puppies Explained
    Up until a few years ago, a puppy under 6 months of age was not supposed to have any set behavior pattern. He was more or less expected to learn a few rules (such as using his newspapers or going outside) and gradually develop his sociability, reaching his peak when about a year old.
  • The Horse in Myth and Fable
    In the Bible, persons with military rank were generally mounted on horses - those without rank very seldom; and the association of horses with war is frequent.
  • The Joy of Dog Breeding Explained
    Genetics, whether of the dog or of Homo sapiens, is never a simple subject that can be simply explained.
  • How To Get Acquainted With Your Horse
    Before anyone can become a successful horseman there must be an understanding between owner and animal. If the guidelines given in this article are followed, you and your horse should become acquainted in no time.
  • Discover The History Of Parrot-Keeping
    If you're interested in owning and looking after Cockatoo's, Parrots or Macaws then this article is for you. Learn more about those precious pets and how to care for them.
  • How To Select Your Aquarium
    If you are looking to start your very own aquarium, make sure to take these factors into consideration. These tips will help you to create a beautiful and healthy aquarium.
  • Showing Your Own Dog
    Looking to get involved in showing dogs? Let us help you take the first precautions to getting started. Once these are taken care of, enjoy showing off that pretty pooch!
  • Important Considerations In Dog Breeding
    There must be plenty of thought given to the breeding of dogs. But if you plan ahead and use a little imagination, many of the difficulties will vanish. Using the tips in this article will make dog breeding simple as can be.
  • Taming Your Parrot
    Parrots, and other Psittacine Birds, have been kept as pets for centuries but if your having problems with your special bird, take the tips in this article to help tame your prized parrot.
  • Finding For Horses In Your Price Range
    Lots of people want horses, but they often times stop before they get started looking for one because they think horses are incredibly expensive.
  • Good Western Racing Horses
    Whenever the term "Western horse" is used, most people picture a rough-and-tumble rodeo - an event full of color but so full of danger, too, that no youngster would be permitted to enter the regular events. What few people realize is that many small, country horse shows have classes open to Western horses.
  • Catching Horse Fever
    Have you ever been to a horse show and seen the sleek, shiny horses of every size and color performing at the peak of their splendor? If not, you don't know what you're missing. Come along now on a trip to the country and the wonderful world of the show.
  • Important Characteristics Necessary To Training A Dog
    Bearing in mind that our object is to train a dumb animal for companionship we can, by appeal through the three senses, hearing, sight and feeling, accomplish great things. We can, for instance, save the dog much unnecessary punishment brought about by our own impatience: we can save ourselves the physical strain of the dog's constant pulling upon the leash.
  • Conditioning And Feeding Horses
    Horses confined in stables are being kept under artificial conditions, and in consequence skill is required to maintain them in good health. Living under natural conditions the horse eats grass; he eats for a very considerable number of hours each day and during the night; he feeds in small quantities at frequent intervals, and he drinks whenever he feels inclined.
  • Understand The Basics Of Fish
    It will be wise to learn something about fishes and their requirements if you plan on setting up an aquarium. Read this article to gain helpful information before setting up your own fish tank.
  • Unlock The Secrets Of Horse Riding
    There is a lot to learn in riding a horse, but each stage, each new piece of learning is exciting. Take these tips and then have fun riding!
  • Dog Breeding Explained
    The mark to be aimed at in dog breeding is improvement -improvement of your own stock, improvement in the quality of the puppies which you raise, and finally, improvement of the breed itself. Learn all about the process in this article.
  • Early Training For Dog Shows Explained
    If you want to show your dog, certain things could have, or should have, been done while you were waiting for your puppy to grow up. This article will outline those important things for you to get you started.
  • Discover The Ideal Diet For Birds
    If you want to keep your prized bird looking and feeling healthy you need to supply it with a sufficient diet. This article will help you to understand what food is right for your parrot and what food could potentially hurt them. Keep you bird healthy and beautiful!
  • A Guide To Preparing For A Dog Show
    Showing a dog is a fascinating exercise, and requires some effort on your part to get ready for it! This article will help you to prepare your dog for the show!
  • Understanding Genetics For Dog Breeders
    The history of dog breeding is a large subject, and to deal with each separate breed would entail a volume in itself. Here I shall give only a brief outline of the history of research in genetics.
  • How To Teach A Parrot To Talk
    A talking parrot is an amusement to many but just how do these beautiful birds learn to talk? This article will help you to understand the basics of bird training and potentially train your own pretty polly to talk!
  • Teaching Birds to Talk
    Whichever species of bird is selected for training, it is preferable to buy young and if possible, hand-raised birds, between 2 and 6 months old. A bird's learning ability is not as rapid, the older it becomes.
  • Principles of Keeping Good Aquariums
    Keeping fish is an endlessly fascinating and absorbing hobby. The size and shape of tanks is discussed below, as is the fish capacity of tanks.
  • Proper Grooming of Horses
    The body brush does the main work. The groom should stand well back from the horse and lean the weight of his body on to the brush, which should penetrate to the skin. It is worked in the direction that the coat lays.
  • The Different Breeds of Cat
    By "domestic", it is meant cats who, however casual their membership, belong to human families. Most of them - 13.2 million - were found to be farm cats. Seven million were city cats, and 6.5 million lived somewhere in between.
  • The Learning Capacity of Dogs
    The popularity of the police dog in Europe, and the almost unbelievable results accomplished by dog training during the First World War inspired scientists and animal experts to undertake the study of dog psychology for the purpose of improving, if possible, upon the training systems then in vogue.
  • Selecting the Right Breed of Dog
    While there are no essential personality differences between the sexes of dogs, there is no doubt that some personality variations exist among the various breeds. Though rather minor, they are significant enough so that they should be inquired into in order that the particular breed can meet individual needs.
  • On The Differences Between Cat and Dog
    The differences between these two popular house pets are like night and day. Learn what sets them apart, and why they fight like, well, cats and dogs!
  • Feeding Your New Puppy
    Taking care of a new puppy means a lot of new responsibilities. Make sure you are providing your new friend the best nutritional start possible.
  • Training Your Dog To Drop At A Distance
    Proper training means the difference between a happy, healthy pet and a misbehaved pooch. Learn some easy ways to keep you dog on the right path.
  • How to Create An Awesome Aquarium
    Fishes are cold blooded vertebrates. This means that they remain at approximately the same temperature as the water surrounding them, in contrast to the whale or the water rat, which like us maintain a much higher temperature.
  • Your Pet Shop Does Not Want You To Read This Article On Aquarium Decoration
    What do you want in an aquarium a conversation piece, a decorative addition to your home furnishings? You may have it with showy animals requiring a minimum of care and attention.
  • You Never Have to Have Any Dog Health Problems
    While any dog owner recognizes that there are certain chores that he must leave strictly to the veterinarian, he wants, at the same time, to be given at least some idea of the role he can play in preventing dog health problems. Below are a few tips owners can use to avoid problems common problems.
  • Excellent Tips on How to House Training a Dog
    You bring home a new bundle of joy. He is got beautiful brown eyes, a cute little button nose and a tail? That is right. You have just brought home a puppy. He is loving, loyal and playful. But what is that? Oops, you did not think about house breaking him. So, now what do you do?
  • Discover How To Care For Your Cat, So They Are Happy
    All in all, it is an odd relationship that man has established with cat. Toward no other domestic animal does he show such split feelings of admiration and resentment, which is some kind of a comment on man, for the cat, is constant. She has always been cat.

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