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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Nutrition

  • Your Optimum Nutrition for Reducing
    You want to reduce your weight safely. At the same time you want to substitute better nutrition than you have ever enjoyed.
  • Reducing Poor Eating Habits And Increase Your Lifespan
    Nutritional scientists, along with the biochemists, are proving more conclusively every day that most of your ills have their beginnings in poor eating habits.
  • Fats - What They Are And What They Do to You
    The outstanding fats eaten daily in the United States and Europe are butter, eggs, whole milk, cream, meat, fish and poultry fats, and cheese in various combinations. These fats, at 9 calories per gram, contain more than twice the amount of calories than protein or carbohydrate does at four calories each per gram.
  • How to Design a Lower Cholesterol Diet
    Eating is one of the things that can affect your cholesterol level a great deal. If you have too high cholesterol, the foods you eat can be one of the things you can control to most effectively and quickly lower your cholesterol.
  • How Fats Damage or Destroy Your Arteries
    Extensive research in experimental animals has been able to demonstrate how lipids (fat deposits) can leave the bloodstream and enter the artery wall within 24 hours. The atherosclerosis produced in these animals becomes indistinguishable from the atherosclerosis seen in human arteries.
  • The Importance of Eating Well
    Remember that your body needs the proper amount and variety of vitamins. Vitamin deficiency often causes run-down conditions, makes you susceptible to colds and illness. A sufficiency of vitamin intake is one of nature's great safeguards against the premature aging process.
  • Factors Contributing To High Cholesterol And Its Consequences
    Besides diet, other causes of high cholesterol are lifestyle, gender and the heritage of the individual.

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