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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Music

  • The Beatles History - The Beginning of a Creative Revolution
    Not every group sticks out from the annals of history the way The Beatles do. To be more exact, this group doesn't just stand out. They are part of what defines the story of the evolution of modern music. If the group never came to be, popular music as we know it would not be the same.
  • You Me at Six Band - A Slow But Steady Start
    The US most certainly does not have a monopoly over alternative rock music. There have been several notable UK groups that have crossed over to international success. One group that might just be well on its way beyond Surrey, England is the You Me at Six band.
  • Misfits Albums - The Birth of Horror Punk Rock
    Most of the Misfits albums are now categorized under horror punk rock. If this is a bit foreign to you, it may be because it is a sub genre of sorts of which this band is widely considered a pioneer of. The group's transition to its current enduring image however, was not a smooth or easy one.
  • Machine Head Albums - From New Wave Pioneers
    If you're a collector of heavy metal music tracks, you should consider getting Machine Head albums. The band behind these is widely credited as the pioneers of new wave heavy metal that has swept the US by storm. Unlike other forms of heavy metal, this one espoused by the group seemingly carries extreme brutality.
  • Green Day Albums - Selling Punk Rock
    Without a doubt, Green Day album songs will forever be special parts of music history. This band's musical creations have become the dominant tune in the lives of punk rock enthusiasts. This is despite the accusation that this group sold punk as opposed to just playing it for its sake.
  • Megadeth Albums - How It All Began
    Most music historians would agree that Megadeth albums are among the first of its kind in the heavy metal thrash genre. Like many great artistic acts though, this band took the long and difficult road to success.
  • Opeth Albums - Beautiful Music in Mixed Genres
    Most short bios for this Swedish band often put it under the category of heavy metal. Anyone who owns an Opeth album however would know that this isn't exactly a strict categorization.
  • Metallica Discography - Music From the Kings of Metal
    The Metallica discography should be enough proof to show that the band is the leader of the pack in the heavy metal genre. Naturally, other outstanding acts in the same category would dispute this but they'd be hard put to dethrone the group from its lead status. Ask anyone, even those who don't listen to metal and they'd know the band.
  • Alexisonfire Albums - The Best of Post Hardcore Wit
    If you're listening to Alexisonfire albums for the first time, you're in for a rare treat. Although musicians and composers in general have a gift for words, few can be as witty and engaging as this Canadian post hardcore scream band. What else can you expect from a group with singles like Pulmonary Archery and Boiled Frogs?
  • Fall Out Boy Albums - Punks Got Away With Platinum
    Many would consider Fall Out Boy albums to be quite young. After all, the group that generated them only came together in 2001. In music years, that would indeed be considered pretty young. Some would say the group is also short lived.
  • When and Where You Can Use Soothing Music
    The benefits of soothing music should be obvious. Several studies have already revealed that melodies with slow beats can help regulate mental and physical processes. Hence, listening to them can be a great way to deal with stress. Not a lot of people know though where and when calming tracks can be used for best results.
  • Rolling Stones Albums - Four Decades of Rock
    Few bands can claim immortal popularity. The Rolling Stones albums are proof however that this band deserves to live forever in its music. The group's music has been alive for close to five decades, earning for the group a whopping more than 200 million album sales.
  • Where Can You Find Calm Music?
    We all live in a world where the pace of life has increasingly become fast and often stressful. This is probably why more and more people are searching for calm music. If you can't seem to hit on the perfect soothing tune yet, you might want to check these great sources.
  • DevilDriver - When Metal Meets Dark Groove
    Anyone who owns a DevilDriver album would probably categorize the band's music as heavy metal. Music critics however are not entirely sure what sub genre best fits the group. Listening to songs in different albums can give you a feeling of death metal hitting groove.
  • Relaxing Spa Music - What to Listen To
    When you get a massage or facial treatment, it's important to listen to relaxing spa music. This is because your goal to relax can only really be achieved if you also took pains to ease the stress in your mind and soul as well. Soothing tones is just what you need for that.
  • What Does a Print Broker Do?
    One of the best ways to make sure your advertising campaign is a success is to pay for the services of a print broker. A brokerage expert or company is not the same as a printing company's sales representative. In some instances though, a brokerage service may give you more value for your money.
  • Insane Clown Posse Albums - A Trip to Carnival Horror
    For a music group that has been around for more than two decades, it seems unfair to continually refer to Insane Clown Posse albums as bizarre. That is however, unless the group itself openly declares its preference for the label.
  • Paramore - Redefining Pop Punk
    Places outside the US, UK and Australia probably saw the monumental increase in Paramore merchandise after the movie release of Twilight. The songs Decode and I Caught Myself became prominently featured in the film's soundtrack. Undoubtedly though, with the band member's intense passion for music, they would probably take offense at being known only as the band that sang for Twilight.
  • Bullet For My Valentine Albums - Heavy Metal Fodder
    The musicians responsible for the Bullet for My Valentine albums are almost the anti thesis of rock stars. Unlike other musically inclined performers, the members of this band prefer to focus on their music instead of reinventing their appearances for commercial packaging.
  • Avenged Sevenfold - The Rise of Dark Rock
    The American band Avenged Sevenfold first saw the light of day in Huntington Beach, California when the then 18 year old founding band members came together. The band name was the idea of vocalist M. Shadows. Although the name carries sinister suggestions, it is actually a direct reference to the biblical story of Cain and Abel. The group has clarified though, that they are not a religious band.
  • Six Kinds of Calm Music You Can Use to Unwind
    Everyone needs some calm music from time to time. Combined with relaxing activities such as sleep, a warm bath or sunset viewing, musical sounds can definitely take away the knots on your nerves. If you're on the lookout for great sounds to use on your chill out time, there are six kinds that are highly recommended.
  • Top 5 Ways People Remember Their Favorite Bands
    Most of us, at least at one point in our lives, we have been fanatics of certain bands. Particularly the rock bands whose legacies have stood the test of time. Names like Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Korn, Metallica, AC/DC and many others have left their marks, not only in the music scene but also in popular culture. And these are just a few of the good reasons why they are considered legends.
  • Five Great Personal Uses For Calm Music
    It's pretty obvious how most people tend to use calm music. It simply is the best tool to use when you've had a hard day at work and all you want to do is sit back, relax and get your nerves to unwind. You should know though, that there are some other great uses for your collection of slow tracks.
  • What is Soothing Music?
    It seems obvious what soothing music is. You'll easily get an idea of what it's all about by just reading the phrase. The truth though is that, there have been a couple of vital changes to how this term is now defined.
  • Tool Builds Following Over the Past Decade
    Throughout a rather active and commercially embraced career, the group first displayed a heavy metal sound characterized by what some describe as a slam and bang kind of approach. After the release of their second album in 1996, Tool became recognized as the forerunners for the alternative metal movement.
  • The Used - Making Their Mark on the Music World
    Hailing from Orem, Utah, the alternative rock band called The Used has made its mark on the public with a couple of albums and music videos released under Reprise Records. The Used possess a history of making music that begins in the middle of the '90s.
  • Growing Popularity of My Chemical Romance
    My Chemical Romance is one of the newer popular American bands out there on the market. This band has received much attention and popularity in the past few years and has been increasing in interest.
  • Slipknot Extends Their Early Success
    Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Slipknot has been entertaining adoring fans for more than ten years with their alternative metal, heavy metal, nu metal, and rapcore albums and singles. The group, which is currently on hiatus, has been attracting a following with their rather extreme musical and performance style since 1995.
  • Panic At The Disco! Climbing To The Top
    The rock band Panic! At The Disco offers fresh sounds for enthusiastic rock fans. They are a young group that has made great success with their debut album, and their fans will enjoy them for a long time to come.
  • Moving the Punk Rock World
    Few rock bands can define the musical genre of punk rock as well as the Misfits. Their devotion and dedication has won them two decades of being involved and very influential in the music business. The Misfits created their own successes and have persevered in the punk rock movement.
  • What Is Good Tone in Singing?
    Acoustical analyses were made of a good singing tone and the following conclusions were reached.
  • Writing A One Hit Wonder
    Ever wanted to write a successful song? Follow these simple and easy tips and be on your way to become a star with your new song!
  • How To Write A Hit Song
    There are quite a few factors, in addition to natural ability, that are required for a successful songwriter and Writing a hit song can be a daunting project for the new songwriter but if you understand the basics you can then use these tips to help create your one hit wonder!
  • How To Get A Song Published
    These steps in this article is the usual route taken by a song to become well-known and possibly a "hit." Once you know what happens, it will be time to launch your own!
  • How We Reproduce Music
    To be sure, some people use their ears much more than others. Most people have an efficient visual memory and can recall in the mind's eye just how a certain person or house looks; others do not have this ability.
  • An Important Reason To Learn To Play By Ear
    Listening to music is fun; playing music is more fun; playing music by ear is the most fun of all. If the player remembers the music he is playing by means of his ear, he is playing by ear. But most players who have learned to play by the traditional method of reading notes on a page and then punching keys on an instrument do not trust to their ears to tell them what is coming next.
  • Green Day Revives Punk Rock Music
    Green Day is an American punk rock trio composed of Tre Cool on drums, Mike Dirnt on bass and Billie Joe Armstrong on lead vocals and guitars. They have backup members for guitars (Jason White), keyboards (Jason Freese) and trumpet (Ronnie Blake).
  • Metallicas Heavy Metal Influence Continues On
    Metallica was formed on October 1981 in Los Angeles by drummer Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield (vocals and guitarist) after placing classified ads on The Recycler.
  • Hard Rockers Kiss Still Rocking On
    The American band Kiss was formed in New York around 1973. Now over the past 34 years Kiss have sold over 19 million records in the U.S. alone and a whopping 80 million records worldwide. They have even been awarded with 22 gold records since their formation, even though the group has a history of different band members.
  • How To Play Music By Ear
    For most, the idea of playing a musical instrument can be baffling from the start. Especially if you have never played a musical instrument in your life! Even if you do not have musical instrument, you can always begin with voice. Piano is excellent for the beginner to start learning.

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