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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Martial Arts

  • Karate Secrets, The Hidden Truth Behind Karate
    I'd like to let you in on some karate secrets. What is Karate anyway? It is a way you can protect yourself without the use of any armaments. It is a method of self-defense that goes back hundreds of years. Nobility were the ones that were using karate and their method were kept under lock and key.
  • Three Principles for Practicing Judo
    Even a black belt judo man sometimes makes the mistake of trying to apply a throw before breaking his opponent's posture. Therefore the problem of how to break your opponent's posture is the first thing that must be studied.
  • How to Practice Self Defense
    The word Ketsugo means combination. In essence it is a combination of the best and most effective self defense moves from the greatest methods of hand-to-hand combat ever devised.
  • Unlock the Secrets of the Art of Judo
    With the rapid expansion of interest in judo throughout the world today, there has developed a need for more understanding of the art and science of this sport. The terms jujitsu and judo are common to our knowledge, but the difference in their meaning is not too clear.
  • Tips For The Beginner In Judo
    It takes some years of practice before you become adept at judo. The following tips will make your progress from beginner to expert, easier.
  • Shammed Unconciousness In Jiu-Jitsu Exposed
    In a system of combat where strategy is as highly developed as it is in jiu-jitsu it is to be expected that the student will have to deal with the problem of shamming by his opponent. This article will help you to understand the technique behind shamming and how to put it to use when using jiu-jitsu.
  • Learn The Basic Principles Of Judo
    The basic principles of judo are easy to grasp and are essential for the person studying the technique of judo. This article will help anyone interested in learning these basics and to master the art of judo.
  • Tips for Gaining Speed in Jui-Jitsu
    If the reader has the patience and perseverance that he should bring to the work of Jui-Jitsu I will offer him a suggestion that is of great value. Do not attempt to learn more than one trick at a time; do not be in haste to go to another. In this way he will be able to work his way to ever increasing speed.
  • Karate Secrets That Improves Your Self Defense
    You have seen amazing demonstrations on TV, the physical mastery over any opponent foolish enough to threaten you, no matter what his size may be and no matter what weapon he brandishes! Of course, I am talking about Karate.

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