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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Landscaping

  • How To Choose A Landscaping Service
    Whether your garden is small or big, it will definitely benefit from a professional landscaping service. This article will show you how to choose the best landscape contractor.
  • Understand Your Lawn
    Understand your lawn and origin of the lawn with the information given in this article. Who would have thought that the origin of your yard could have so much historic meaning.
  • How To Make Your Grounds Beautiful
    Landscaping is an important part of any home, building, or grounds. It can add, or it can also take away, from the value of property. Use these tips to help make your gardens the envy of your area!
  • Incorporating Your Natural Landscape Into Your Tree Garden
    When people get ready to construct a beautiful backyard, they often forget to use what's already there. We get so preoccupied in developing the "perfect" yard that we are oblivious to the beauty lying in our own yard.
  • Picking Up Where Self Pruning Leaves Off
    Lots of heedless home owners believe that trees prune themselves and they should just leave it at that. Of course, they are quite right, too. Nature does see to it that trees shed members that have become excessive or shaded out or badly damaged. The forest floor is strewn with kindling wood.
  • Getting Rid Of Tree Parasites
    Within the wonderful world of trees lies another world - that of the organisms which harbor in trees as pests and parasites. Of these there is no end in numbers or variety. New home owners are scarcely to be blamed for becoming dismayed, as they often do, upon encountering one invader after another for the first time.
  • How To Renovate Your Run-Down Lawn
    The term "lawn renovation" has different meanings for different people. Understand what it might mean to you and learn the steps to getting underway with your own renovation.
  • The Wall Garden Explained
    When laying out a garden on a piece of sloping ground, one will almost invariably be confronted with the problem of what to do with the banks which of necessity will be formed. Use this article to help you figure out what to do with your space!
  • Discover Ways to Design and Plan Your Grounds
    For the most attractive and beneficial use of your grounds, you will want to include in your plans features such as trees, a good lawn and flowers. In this way the grounds will become far more attractive, and will serve as a pleasing backdrop to your house.
  • Who Else Wants To Learn How Landscaping With Rocks Can Make Your Garden Look Wonderful
    More people are becoming interested in the ways that the use of landscaping and rocks can improve open spaces. Landscape gardening is a catch all term that can be applied just as well to your back yard as it can to extensive parks and estates. If you plan to start landscape gardening, then there are a few basics that you should be aware of first.

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