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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Hobbies

  • Flying Model Aircraft Explained
    Today's fastest growing model airplane activity is control-line flying. This type of model performs at the end of two lines ranging in length from twenty to one hundred and fifty feet, depending on the size of the model and the skill of the flyer.
  • How to Perform Magic Tricks
    In life there are two kinds of people: those who lead the parade and those who follow the leader.
  • History and Origin of Woodturning
    If you refer to your dictionary, you will find it defines "turnery" as the art of shaping wood or ivory by means of a lathe, and that a lathe is a machine for shaping wood or ivory.
  • Qualities of Fabrics Explained
    Fabrics are ever new and an inspiration to one who sews. Each year, new developments in synthetic fibers and in the blending of synthetic and pure fibers offer many exciting variations in textures and designs.
  • How to Improve Your Reading Habits
    Body habits count no less than mind habits in reading. Posture and activity must be carefully analyzed.
  • The Hobby of Model Aircraft Explained
    Starting in the dawn of recorded history and continuing to this present day, man has patterned his construction pastimes and artistic ability basically on the precise image of objects and persons known to him.
  • Essentials To Consider Before Wood Carving
    Wood carving has become an art form and there are many techniques to be considered before attempting to create your very own masterpiece. Use these tips to help you on your way to creating a work of art.
  • The Secrets To Tropical Fish
    Keeping fish has become a popular hobby but there are certain things that must be acknowledged before one can successfully maintain a beautiful aquarium with healthy fish.
  • How To Make Your Model Railroad Look Real
    It is important when you go to the trouble of building a model railroad that the finished product looks real. The primary way to do this is to work to a plan and consider the essential characteristics of your particular railroad.
  • Starting A Shooting Club - Let The Range Be Your Guide
    Whenever three or more persons in any locality are interested in rifle or revolver shooting, a club can generally be organized and additional members secured. If the business affairs are properly and conservatively managed, much pleasure will result for the members at a nominal cost.
  • Mastering The Four Of Aces Card Trick
    Some of the most astonishing effects in card magic are those that utilize the principle of secret prearrangement of the cards. The four of aces card trick is one that can make your reputation as a magician.
  • The Pistol vs. The Revolver
    The term " pistol " is frequently applied indiscriminately to the single-shot pistol and the revolver. A marked distinction between these arms has gradually been developed.
  • Giving The Lady A Gun
    The great majority of ladies have some inherent dread of all varieties of firearms. This is no doubt largely due to the senseless and irresistible desire of inexperienced persons to indulge in a mock-heroic display and flourish of such arms when in the presence of ladies.
  • An Easy Disappearing Coin Act
    Invisible coin tricks are a great, easy way to entertain kids at a party. To make a coin disappear, hold any small coin on the right fingertips. Bend your left arm, putting the hand near the left ear. Place the coin on the left elbow, cover it with the right fingers, and rub it with a circular motion.
  • A Brief Look At The History Of Karate
    Karate is the art of self-defense and counter attack without weapons. It is a Japanese word and in its native language means literally "empty hands". Karate as a method of self-defense originated hundreds of years ago in Japan.
  • Making a Green Christmas
    A writer of the seventeenth century declared that "a green Christmas is neither handsome nor healthful." He was referring to Christmas outdoors, of course. Indoors, the use of evergreens in decoration is traditional. It is interesting to note that evergreens were not used, at first, for their decorative value, but because of their symbolism.
  • Wood Carving Explained
    In learning to carve wood it is a very good plan to start with a few basic shapes so before trying anything complex, start with these few basic exercises to get you on your way1
  • All You Need To Know About Billiards
    Billiards is a game of strategy that incorporates much talent. To achieve greatness in this game you must know the basics along with helpful tips. Follow this article on your way success in billiards!
  • Discover Ways To Create A Model Railroad
    The hobby of model railroad building is one which lends itself to constant growth. There are several different ways which you can use to accommodate this growth. Follow the advice in this article to complete a perfect model.
  • A Difficult Sailing Maneuver Explained
    Sailing can be relaxing and a fun hobby but if the risks associated with certain maneuvers aren't explained, some difficulties can arise. This article will help you to understand the risks but also the fun involved with sailing.
  • Secrets of the Best Scenery for Your Model Railroad
    More newcomers to model railroading are discouraged by the thought of making scenery than by any other aspect of the hobby. They will tackle carpentry, wiring, and complicated layouts even if they've had no experience before, and will operate a complex pike like real-life dispatchers.
  • A Brief Look At The History Of Ventriloquism
    Ventriloquism is almost as old as the world, or at least as old as intelligible spoken language, but just when and where in the dim and misty ages of the past it had its origin will forever remain unknown. Unlike other arts it was not brought to perfection through the slow development and accretion of years.
  • Pep Rally Ideas That Will Give You A Night To Remember Forever
    Cheerleaders and Pep Squad members are constantly called upon to conduct, supervise and present all types of programs for the student body. It is also their responsibility to arrange the half time stunts at basketball games, decorate the gymnasium for school dance; conduct the pep rally program, decorate the goal posts, and floats for parades and ever so many other kinds of programs.

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