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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Golf

  • Golf Techniques, Strategies and Techniques that Will Help You Master the Game You Love
    I want to take a new approach to these golf techniques. You have the swing, the way you stand and where the ball goes. The amount of hits you can get the ball into the hole will determine the outlook of your game. You want to get these shots in with the least amount of hits to the ball.
  • Exercises to Help with the Golf Backswing
    Before you properly set up alongside the ball in a position from which to commence the first operation in swinging the club, you would do well to get started with some excellent exercises which will help with your backswing.
  • How to Begin To Improve In Golf
    The first secret of golf betterment is an emotional one. You must have or develop the desire to improve. The strength of this "want" will determine one's persistence, and persistence is the secret of success
    The desire to improve should be strengthened by being based upon strong needs.
  • How to Begin At Golf
    Mastery of golf's fundamentals is the first step toward better golf and consistent iron play. The fundamentals form the framework and the foundation upon which the entire swing is constructed.
  • Strengthening the Hands for Playing Great Golf
    Strong hands, wrists and fingers are essential to the retention of a correct and constant grip in every detail and the development of the feeling that it is fitted snugly to the shaft of the golf club.
  • Mental and Physical Aspects of Golf Explained
    Every intelligent person who has played golf must have speculated on the relation between the mental and the physical aspects of the game.
  • Three Misconceptions about Playing Golf Well
    What could be simpler than golf? There lies a perfectly quiet, still ball, ready to be dispatched to the desired spot. The player can take as much time as he wants and he has a whole kit full of clubs specifically designed to produce whatever effect he desires. All the golfer has to do is to swing the club.
  • Common Faults With The Grip When Golfing
    The most common faults in the grip are holding the club entirely in the fingers of the left hand, placing the left hand too much on top of the shaft, and getting the right hand under the shaft.
  • The Three Most Important Factors When Perfecting Your Golf Swing
    There are prior factors and there are post factors in a golf swing. Let me call upon a scientific formula to help explain this order of importance that I am discussing. The formula reads as follows:

    Ultimate results depend on post factor efficiency.
  • World Renown Golfer Reveals Top Secret Free Ways To Learn And Improve Your Golf Game
    Golf is a great game, but extremely frustrating at times when you just don`t seem to get a single shot right: slices, hooks, fats abound; drives are too short, too long, too high, too low, too right or too left; those delightful cannon ball like shots are a far off dream, and you don`t know where things have gone wrong. Don`t fret.
  • Pros Secrets To Play Better Golf
    Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people every day all over the world. For many years, men, women and children have taken part in the sport of Golf. There are professional golfers and not-so-professional golfers. There are expert golfers, intermediate golfers and beginners. No matter what level of golf we play, we all want to improve our golf game.

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