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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Gardening

  • The Truths About Orchid Potting
    With the appearance of the long-awaited first orchid in his greenhouse, the amateur quite justifiably feels a warm glow of achievement and pride. You can discover this magic about orchids as well if you only follow the few simple bits of information.
  • Learning How To Care For The Beautiful Orchid
    Nearly all orchids are benefited by a period in the garden. This article will give you helpful hints to help you to grow your own beautiful orchids.
  • How to Price and Market Your Greenhouse Plants
    The price you charge for your plants will depend on whether you sell finished or unfinished stock, and whether your greenhouse enterprise is a full-time business or just a profitable sideline or self-supporting hobby.
  • How to Grow Orchids in the Home
    To those of us who live in crowded cities where a window box or terrarium is the only means we have of indulging a desire for green and growing plants, orchids offer special attractions. Indoor gardeners say that a house full of plants is soothing.
  • How to Keep Indoor Plants Healthy
    It's always easier (and better) to prevent the disease than to cure the patient. That's just as true for house plants as it is for people.
  • The Rules of Orchid Culture Explained
    There is no cultural difference between orchids and other garden plants. All green plants have five basic growth requirements: air, sunlight, warmth, food, and water. Cultural divergences among plants are not qualitative, only quantitative.
  • How to Plan A Flower Garden
    The desire for color in the garden is best satisfied by the liberal use of annuals, perennials and bulbs in variety. All three classes of plants have their place, because each has its value as to season of bloom, height or mass of color.
  • The Equipment You Need To Grow Indoor Plants
    The beginner who walks into his garden supply store is going to be overwhelmed at the number and variety of home garden equipment he is going to find on sale.
  • Unlock the Secret of Color in Flower Arranging
    Unlike most creative arts, floral arrangement has the advantage of natural, not man-made material. In all the centuries of mankind we have been unable to reproduce the thrilling combination of soft texture, graceful lines, radiant color and delicate scent found in a single rose.
  • How to Make A Profit From Your Greenhouse
    In the greenhouse, the gardener is truly master of all he surveys, for he can choose his plants, his soils, and his climate! Not only that - but he can also spend his leisure living in this Garden of Eden, and, if he wishes, turn such leisure time into a profit-making sideline.
  • The Fragrant History of Roses
    By any other name...a rose is still a favorite flower of gardeners and romantics the world over. Discover the rich history of this fragrant bloom.
  • Understanding The Beauty Of A Rose
    The rose is, by general consent, the queen of flowers. It can be truthfully said that the rose is the only plant with which a complete garden can be made. Learn all about the true beauty of the rose in this helpful article.
  • A Rocky Start, A Beautiful Finish
    There are few features in the garden that provide such a variety of interests in so little space as a well-planned and carefully planted rock garden. Use these helpful tips to create your very own beautiful rock garden.
  • Life Secrets Of The Orchid
    The grower of orchids is favored above other men. To become one of the few, use this article to help reveal the secrets behind growing beautiful orchids.
  • The Right Equipment For The Gardener Explained
    Whether your grounds are large or small, the right tools and equipment can speed routine tasks and help you to successful gardening. Taking good care of your tools and keeping them in one place will pay dividends in time and effort.
  • Secrets Of Growing Orchids
    The orchid can be a difficult flower to grow. Many things need to be in place in order for an orchid to flourish. Using the tips in this article will allow you to successfully grow this beautiful plant.
  • How To Use The Alpine House For Plants
    Alpine plants can be difficult to grow if not given the proper environment. Learn just how to provide the right setting for your alpine plants and watch them flourish!
  • How To Design A Garden
    Roses are valued in the world of gardening. The ones who try to succeed in creating a beautiful garden achieve some of the greatest floral arrangements and always a part of the highest quality gardens is the ever beautiful rose.
  • Secrets of the Orchid Family
    The prospective orchidist will want to have a general knowledge of the orchid family and a survey of the individual members with whom he may want later to become more closely acquainted. The range of choice is wide, since there are from fifteen to twenty thousand species.
  • Dwarfed Trees Raised From Seedlings and Cuttings
    One of the most fascinating hobbies is the raising of trees from seeds sown directly in a shallow container. If the seedlings are allowed to grow for a few years, they appear like a miniature forest; the same may be done with cuttings.
  • Gardens in Containers in the Modern Day
    American visitors to the Old World are invariably impressed by the exuberant displays of container plants around homes, in gardens and parks, and in front of public buildings and places of business.
  • Pointers to Selecting the Right Soil
    Without soils, no life could exist on earth. The lowly bacterial cell and the massive pachyderm both owe their being to this basic stuff of life.
  • Information To Help Keep Soil At The Best PH Level
    Years ago, Dr. Edgar T. Wherry devised a classification of soils by degrees of acidity; it is still useful but should be qualified by the fact that many plants spill over into two or more classifications while some are relatively sensitive to pH.
  • A Brief History Of Gardens In Containers
    Gardening in pots and other containers is apparently as old as civilization, for the practice can be traced to the very early use of medicinal and edible plants. In time, pot gardening developed to a high degree, and there are numerous records which reveal its importance in China, India, Egypt, Assyria, Greece, and Rome.
  • Secrets Of Artificially Dwarfed Bonzai Trees
    The practice of artificial dwarfing might be more aptly described as "revolutionizing" normal growth. Learn the secrets of the masters to create these miniature marvels.
  • The Mystery Behind Growing Perfect Orchids
    The beginnings of the orchid family are shrouded in mystery. Since most orchids are epiphytic that is, having aerial roots through which they receive sustenance from the minerals in the moisture laden air of the tropics they have left no traces such as the fossilized remains of ground growing plants.

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