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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Gambling

  • A Short History of Betting on the Aces
    Racing started out nearly four hundred years ago as the sport of kings, but the little man has long since taken over.
  • Steering Clear Of Unbettable Horse Races
    Three out of five horse races are unbettable and this doesn't matter whether favorites or long shots win them. The fact is: The best horse doesn't always win and the fastest horse doesn't always win.
  • Determining Speed In Horse Racing
    Many fans have a notion that speed will tell them which horse will win the race, but that's not the case. Speed can be looked at, but there are many other important determining factors.
  • Misinformation Beating Horse Racing Enthusiasts
    Most people who become interested in racing, if pinned down and forced to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, would admit that they know very little about horses, racing and the figuring of winners. Whether or not they admit these facts to you or to me, nevertheless they know them in their own hearts.
  • Maintaining Control At the Tracks
    There is an enormous amount of mental pressure generated by racetracks. The matter of self-control is extremely important to being successful at the tracks. A player may be cool and quite free from any such pressure and yet make so many foolish bets in the course of a season as to affect seriously the net profit he secures from logically worked-out wagers.
  • Avoiding Touts And Hustlers At The Tracks
    Too many people get bad information about the horses that are about to compete in a horse race from touts and hustlers. You want to avoid these guys because they will take your money and give you false information, which is a lose-lose situation.
  • How To Shoot Craps
    The basics of craps must be understood before you can attempt to play and be successful. Using these tips in this article, you will not only understand but conquer the basics and aspects of craps.
  • The History of Poker
    Poker is called the American national game. (It shares this distinction with baseball.) Actually, poker comes as close to being international as any card game possibly could. It probably originated in Persia; it developed in Europe; it did attain its present form in the United States - probably in the 1830s - but today it is played in every country in which playing cards are known.

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