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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Food and Drink

  • Eat Better Without Cooking
    Only nature can perform the complete life process - the transformation of inorganic substances from out of the earth into organic plants and their eventual consumption by animals and human beings.
  • Making Your Own Sweet Treats
    Candy making can be fun, especially once the art of boiling the sugar has been mastered. The syrup made by boiling sugar and water is the basis of most candies, and on the quality of this syrup depends the quality of the candy. Learn all the tricks in this article.
  • Why Candy Is Fun
    Candy is involved in many of a person's memories. From the first lollipop at the first children's party to the gold-wrapped cherry cordial at a golden anniversary all of the festive occasions of a lifetime are associated with candy.
  • Home Style Chinese Food
    China is a country where the appreciation of good food is developed into a fine art. Chinese are epicures. Their cooking is distinctive: No other cooking resembles it in any way. There are many ways to cook Chinese food, but those who cook at home usually roast or steam their food.
  • The Importance Of Cooking In The Chinese Household
    Cooking has always been an extremely important part of the Chinese culture. One of the duties of a good housewife is to appreciate the importance of cooking and its close relation to domestic happiness.
  • Tips For Beginning Cooks
    These days, nothing is more fun - nor more socially acceptable than - "messing about in the kitchen."
  • Precision In The French Kitchen
    Here are a few general principles that should be followed in the creation of delicious French dishes. I trust that experienced cooks will forgive me for mentioning what, for them, must appear to be obvious.
  • French Cooking In The Back Room
    If you're serious about learning how to cook French food, ask the experts. Go into kitchens, bakeries and any other professional food spots and ask the cooks what they're up to. This is called back room cooking and it's one of the most effective ways to get advice on how to cook like a chef.
  • Planning A Stag Party Meal
    Stag parties are different than other parties because the hostess usually leaves after the guests are comfortable. However, that doesn't mean that the guests need to feel abandoned.
  • Tips For Making Good Food On Any Budget
    While it is true that we do not live to eat, but eat to live, we spend so much time at it that good eating and good living become almost synonymous. I have found that it is not necessary to be a woman of means to prepare and serve food "fit for a king."
  • Making Meals For Jewish Holidays
    When orthodox Jews came together on Rosh Hashana, they greeted each other with the Hebrew phrase "L'Shonah Tovoh Ticosevu," meaning "May a good New Year be in store for you."
  • Making Hosting A Party Look Easy
    Being a good hostess requires planning and organization. You can't just do something last minute and hope to receive the compliments, "You always seem to have such a good time at your own parties," and, "You do everything so easily."
  • The Youthful Powers Of Breakfast
    For years you've been assured that "life begins at 40." And so it does - if your middle years are protected from the serious ailments that often sneak in with the 40th birthday. But I doubt if you've given much thought to the fact that youth begins at breakfast.
  • Putting Together A Good Teen Party
    Nutritional scientists, along with the biochemists, are proving more conclusively every day that most of your ills have their beginnings in poor eating habits.
  • The Use of Coloring in Icing
    Although several coloring agents are available, paste colors have been found to be the most generally satisfactory. The range of colors available to the decorator, in addition to the primaries - red, blue and yellow - include violet, green, brown and pink. The color wheel, of course, shows us that we can get along very well with only the 3 primaries.
  • Decorating A Cake With Scenery
    Create stunning cakes for any special event with these delightful tips and tricks. Landscape your cakes like a pro!

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