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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Fishing

  • Tides - The Key to Good Fishing
    It sounds like black magic but a thorough knowledge of tides and their influence on fishing in your area pays big dividends. It's one key to success in salt-water fishing.
  • How to Understand the Sport of Fishing
    Every year more than thirty million people in the United States go fishing. Behind this vast migration to our streams, lakes, bays, and oceans, there lies a greater motivation than the desire for food and exercise. It is simply that fishing is fun - so much fun that it is one of the nation's fastest growing family sports.
  • How to Locate Fish in the Surf
    One of the toughest problems confronting the novice in surf fishing is the one of locating the fish that venture inshore to feed.
  • Tools For Making Fishing Lures
    One of the most satisfying experiences a fisherman can have is to catch a fish on a fishing lure he has fashioned with his own hands. Using this article, you can have the success and feeling of achievement by making your very own lures by hand.
  • The Truth About Fresh-Water Game Fish
    Whether you're a beginner or an old-timer a worm-dunker, plug-tosser or a dry-fly puritan you'll want to know many things to get the most out of your fishing. Here in plain fish-talk is the low-down about Largemouth Black Bass so you can't miss.
  • Secrets Of Salt-Water Fishing Plugs
    There are many reasons why you should make your own salt-water fishing plugs. The lure is not too difficult to make, and once made, you should enjoy great success fishing. Happy fishing!
  • How to Make Fresh-Water Spin Bugs
    One of the most effective lures for black bass in fresh water is the so-called "bass bug" which is used with a fly rod. However, these bugs are too light to cast with a casting or spinning rod. But the angler who wants to use such tackle can easily make bass bugs which are heavy enough to cast.
  • Surf, Rock and Jetty Fishing
    When you fish any of these three places you've reached the pinnacle of inshore fishing. Surf fishing, technically speaking, is fishing at any sandy shoreline where the ocean beats against the beach.
  • Caring For Fishing Waders and Boots
    Waders and boots, to be of any use, obviously must be kept dry inside. In warm weather one often finds himself so damp that he may suspect his waders of leaking although usually it is only perspiration. Waders thus dampened should be opened and hung up so the air can get at them. Waders that are actually wet inside demand more thorough treatment.
  • Safety Tips For Fishing On Rowboats and Outboards
    Fishing on rowboats and outboards is the boat fishing combination you probably will use the most. It's the most economical when you're the skipper and you can go where fancy dictates, you can run up on a sandy beach for a swim and lunch or just to stretch your legs.

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