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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Arts and Crafts

  • Creating a Masterpiece
    One of the advantages of watercolor painting is that it calls for but little in the way of equipment. We shall consider briefly the materials needed before you can start to work. By following these few simple pieces of advice, you will be well on your way to creating your own masterpiece.
  • Form and Features in Portrait Painting Explained
    In portrait painting there is the matter of representing the human features: notably the eye, ear, nose and mouth. Of these, the easiest to do are usually the ear and the nose.
  • How to Understand Color in Painting
    Unlike some teachers of watercolor, I advise students to start painting as soon as a satisfactory drawing is completed. So let's start right in with a simple explanation of value and color.
  • Essential Tools for the Model Ship Builder
    Before beginning to fashion the model, materials, tools and supplies must be collected. It is good practice to begin with only essential items, because these things have a habit of accumulating.
  • How to Teach Woodcraft
    Teaching woodcraft to a group of children can be a pleasure or a plight, depending largely upon how the activity is approached by the instructor.
  • Materials Required For Portrait Painting Explained
    The materials needed by the beginner for portrait painting are but few, but these should be of excellent quality and carefully selected. The materials required are: a canvas, a selection of brushes, linseed oil and of course a wide selection of paints. Once you have these materials you are ready to go.
  • How to Begin Model Ship Building
    Assembling model kits is a straightforward job comprising well made parts with detailed instructions; some of them are illustrated and show each stage of assembly clearly.
  • Materials Required For Watercolor Painting
    My attitude toward materials may be summed up by paraphrasing the old adage that just as you can't be a good carpenter without good tools, so you can't be a good watercolorist without good materials.
  • How to Set Up A Workshop for Furniture Making
    There are few occupations for pleasure or profit, as satisfying as working in wood. And this satisfaction is nowhere more fully realized than in shaping wood into things of beauty and utility that add charm and comfort to the home.
  • The History of Model Ships Explained
    Contemporary models of old-time ships are nowadays very scarce and precious things; most of them have found permanent homes in the great museums of the world, others in the collections of wealthy connoisseurs.
  • Tools for Pottery Explained
    Beginners learning how to make pottery and sculpture in clay, will need a minimum of tools. Those basic tools required are outlined below.
  • Make The Beautiful Jewelry You Want
    Jewelry making is a trade that has been passed down through many generations and has taken many shapes, colors, and forms. Use this article to help you create beautiful jewelry to contribute to the tradition.
  • Useful Accessories For Ceramic Work
    When you're building up your ceramics workshop you're going to need a litany of tools including a wedging wire, wedging board and soft hair brushes for decorating your work. Though these tools are important, there are other tools that will help you create wonderful ceramics including plaster bats and banding wheels.
  • Seeing 1,000 Items And Creating One Picture
    When you get ready to paint your first picture, a great thing to bear in mind is that you are working in a specific and defined space or shape. You have, not infinity to deal with, but a canvas, measuring so many inches wide by so many deep.
  • A Basic Guide To Gathering Ceramics Tools
    The way to build up your ceramic tool set is to start slowly. This will help you save money and avoid confusion.
  • Getting A Feel For Oil Paint
    Finding the right brushes and becoming familiar with the texture and nuances of oil paint is critical to successfully using this medium.
  • Equipping Your Ceramics Workshop
    You're going to need several different tools to fully equip your ceramics workshop.
  • Making Puppets With Next To Nothing
    Pulling together a puppet using minimal materials is a great skill to have. Especially on a rainy day when you're kids can't go outside and have nothing to do.
  • Homey Homemade Gifts
    Homemade gifts are always great for family and friends because they're thoughtful. So on a cold winter day before Christmas, rally the kids and get them to create an Indian notepad, cookie tray or colorful shelf trimming paper.
  • A Brief Look At Present Day Picture Frames
    Picture framing follows all general changes in sound decorative style, so no one can expect to produce a frame which need never be changed. By keeping the principles of good taste always in mind, we will not turn out something faddish or freakish.
  • Ensuring The Quilt You Make Is Warm And Well Lined
    On to practicalities, the warmth of the quilt will depend upon the thickness and kind of interlining you use. If warmth is desired, have a thick interlining which means that the quilting lines must be farther apart. If the quilting is to be close and elaborate the interlining must be thin.
  • Tips for the Beginner Wood Carver
    You, as a beginner wood carver, may be ready to think of designing something yourself. Before doing so, look at some really good wood carvings. Photographs can remind us of things seen but for proper appreciation it is better to see the actual work.
  • Tools for the Jewelry Maker
    Essential tools for the beginner jewelry maker are surprisingly few. A variety of articles can be made with a small set of good tools; in fact, some of the pieces are made with only two or three of the tools listed.
  • A Brief Look at the Historical Development of Picture Frames
    The picture frame, as it exists today, is derived from the doorway or entrance to temples, palaces and cathedrals. The earliest examples of frame-like decorations or borders bear a great resemblance to door frames.
  • Flying a Kite Well
    First to be considered is the place from which the kite is flown. There are certain do's and don'ts which operate here. For example, avoid a spot where the kite might become entangled with trees or overhead wires, or where it might sail over a busy road.
  • All the Tools You Will Need to Do Upholstering
    Perhaps the most important one is the upholsterer's hammer. Upholstery hammers are specially made for this specific craft. There are three types, the favorite one being that with the round ringed shaft.
  • Choosing the Right Materials When Beginning Quilting
    To begin with, I want to say something as trite as it is important and that is, "Use the very best materials that you can afford for any and all handwork." Extravagance is never smart, but good quilt materials are not expensive. It's the sleazy ones, unreliable dyes and starched cloth that prove expensive in the end.
  • A Brief Look At The Beginning Of Kite History
    Kite flying is one of the oldest pastimes in the world. No one can say with certainty precisely how old it is, but we do know that it goes back for many centuries, and that the beginnings of the story have an eastern setting.
  • A Brief History of Upholstering
    It is widely thought that the craft of upholstery evolved from that of the tent-maker. And it does seem a likely development. Although tent-making is now quite a separate and a very prosperous trade, it is not so many years ago that many branches of that trade were carried out by the upholsterer.
  • Who Else Wants Quick And Easy Blueprints To Make Just About Anything Out Of Wood
    This article gives some information for people just starting out in woodworking, whether at home or in the workplace.
  • Who Else Wants To Learn How To Complete Different Wood Working Projects
    One of the most important things for the novice wood worker who wants to make this a permanent hobby, is to keep your tools clean and in good repair.

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