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Jimmy Cox's Articles in Art

  • Learn The Basics Of Jiujitsu
    Today the name juijitsu is understood very generally, in English-speaking countries, to refer to that mysterious art of self-defense. Read more to discover all the concepts involved with jiujitsu and understand the ancient art.
  • Diving Into Drawing
    Drawing has been around for centuries. In fact, wonderfully vital drawings and paintings by primitive peoples have been discovered, which proves that many thousands of years ago the art of drawing was there, innate, in mankind. Everyone can draw, for it is an inherent human trait far more natural than writing.
  • Using Watercolor Instead Of Oil
    Although watercolor painting is many centuries old, its application as we know it today is fairly recent. Used in the past by the Egyptians on papyrus and by the Chinese on silk, it gradually evolved to become an important medium on paper.
  • Defining Art from Form
    One of the first muddles that need clarifying is the sharp line often drawn to set off arts from crafts.How can anybody decide at first blush that a man who has a sense of form, an eye for color, and a definite quest for the beautiful is producing only a vessel - if he spins a lovely pot on his wheel, applies glowing glazes, and fires his work to produce a handsome jar glowing with a jewel-like finish?
  • The Aesthetic Quotient: What's Your A.Q.?
    Art collectors and enthusiasts alike can benefit from tips about how to improve and refine their taste. How often do you visit a museum? Have you seen a private collection? Read on for much more.
  • Discover The Secrets To Making Model Ships That Look Like The Real Thing!
    If you are looking for a new hobby or are a nautical enthusiast, you may consider making model sailboats. But how do you get started on such an endeavor? Following are things to keep in mind while you research this past time.
  • How the Paint Color Chart Impresses People That View Your Work
    Experience has taught us that certain combinations of colors, whether in nature or art, affect the eye and mind agreeably, while others give offense. We call the former "harmonies," the latter "discords."

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