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Jessica Stripe's Articles

  • Top Five Pieces Of Furniture Your House Needs
    With the holiday celebrations now over, 2013 is well under way and unfortunately what the new year has revealed is that the economic struggle still remains and home owner budgets are stretched further then ever. ...
  • Choosing The Right Upholstery For Your Dining Chairs
    It is commonly agreed that the dining table is the staple of any family home; a chance for hectic lifestyles to take a pause and children and parents to sit down, share a meal and gather their thoughts. In today's modern day, technology obsessed, fast paced lifestyle...
  • Reproduction Manufacturers: All You Need To Know
    In the face of economic struggle; we all know that every penny counts and that every purchase we make must be a lasting one, because the last thing any of us wish to have to contend with is purchasing the same thing over and over again.
  • How to Differentiate Antique Furniture From Reproductions?
    Galleries, museums, palaces they are all places where you can see antique furniture With a unique style, often interesting history and worth thousands of pounds, antique furniture is sought after by many who appreciate its value
  • What Do I Need to Know About Buying Antique Furniture?
    If an item has at least 100 years is regarded by the US
  • Antique Furniture For a New Beginning
    September has come and for many of us it is a new beginning - the school year has started, holidays have finished and everyone goes back to their routine It is a good time for taking up new hobbies, activities, or implementing changes, such as for instance changing your interior decor, moving furniture around the house or adding new elements to bring the sense of freshness
  • How to Clean Antique Furniture?
    Antiques are pieces of history that tell a story of the past Coins, jewellery or furniture are popular antiques sought for collections
  • The Ins and Outs of Antique Furniture Auctions
    Antique furniture is unique and beautiful It gives a distinguished style of the Victorian era that nothing else can bring
  • Choosing The Right Furniture Designs For Your Home
    No matter how cheesy it may sound, home is most definitely where the heart is and that is a fact that not many of us could deny. Whatever our age
  • Catering For Your Family Needs: Finding The Right Dining Room Tables And Chairs
    With so many companies offering low priced products, it can be all too easy to opt for that quick purchase and we completely understand why. During a time of economic strain and whilst trapped in a double dip recession we have yet to shake off; managing a household has never been so difficult and watching the pennies is a phrase we all hold dear but should that necessarily mean that the cheaper option is the better one?
  • Cherry Office Furniture: A Touch Of Class
    Office life as much as many of us may moan and groan over it all; is central to everyday life and keeps the world running as smoothly as possible.
  • Home Improvements, What Are You Really Paying For?
    Home improvement shows are commonly known to rule daytime television, however it is such shows that are forcing the nation in to thinking they need this change in their lives; they just simply cannot live without it. As a result many are now turning a blind eye to the realities of such renovations and the implications that can come with such work.
  • The Evolution Of English Furniture
    Many fail to realise that antiques, of up to almost five hundred years old, are extremely durable and are completely safe to continue using today. People tend to wonder how it is even possible that furniture of such age and maturity can possibly last over a period of decades;
  • Should I Purchase An Antique Dining Table?
    There may not be an actual reason but the fact of the matter is that speed and convenience are the flavours of the month and no element of our lives have become exempt to such change; believe it or not, furniture included.
  • The Round Extendable Dining Table: The Ideal Purchase For A Growing Family?
    There is a common consensus that nothing is more frustrating to a home owner, than the immensely heavy handed task that is redecorating. As the average sized home is equipped with between seven to eight rooms and a reasonable sized hall area; redecorating is a highly time consuming task and can often cost a great deal more than a planned budget allows.
  • Traditional Vs Contemporary Furniture
    As we are already aware, furniture is made available in countless shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of designs; however these can be divided in to two main categories, traditional and contemporary. Contemporary designs give way for a modern interior, where as traditional furnishings work quite the opposite
  • Dining Room Tables And Chairs: Where To Begin
    Not too long ago, meal times were considered the pinnacle of a family day and where a chance for families to gather around the table and share their thoughts however as we all become immersed in technology and distracted by social media it has become evident that many of us fail to find time to eat as a family even once a week. As a result of our flailing family commitments there is no surprise why the dining room is the most neglected.
  • Is A Small Dining Table A Wise Choice?
    When decorating a house for the first time, home owners are told to take the future into consideration as the heavy handed task of 'kitting out' a home and making it liveable for a growing family is a task not too often repeated. For first time home owners, nothing is more exciting than receiving those keys and taking the first step towards a future however; how many really take the future into account when decorating?
  • Bespoke Furniture: All You Need To Know
    As bespoke designs are custom made, they are made to measure, making furniture accessible in any area. It is important to consider details such as weather the piece of furniture would require fixtures and fittings or whether it will be free standing as such factors would need to be accommodated for.

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