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Jessica Rector's Articles in Lifestyles - Personal Development

  • The Things Single Moms Need and Miss Out On
    The dream vacations, big houses, or luxury cars are not the things single moms miss out on, although they would be nice. The things we miss out on are the things only another single mom would understand. They aren't not necessarily the geat big things we think we would miss. These things mean so much yet often times are overlooked. Discover what single moms need the most and also seem to miss out on the most.
  • Single Moms, When Not To Do Things Yourself
    How much time do you spend doing something when you should be doing something else? Sometimes when we think we don't have the money to hire someone to do it for us, it would cost us less than doing it ourselves. Hiring someone is worth it, because otherwise you might be actually are losing money not spending your time on what makes you money. Our time is too valuable to spend countless hours on tasks that are not our specialty.
  • Catching a Break
    Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right? Where you just can't catch a break? One thing after another happens, and then you cry for who knows why. What happens when day after day you go on two hours of sleep at a time. You are EX.HAUST.ED and will fall asleep standing up. Then you drive 6 hrs to and from a conference in one day...and then just to top off the crummy day, this happens. Now the tears really start to flow .
  • Rushing Your Life Away
    Do you find you hurry through your days just to get to your night and do the same thenex day? You are so busy rushing around from one thing to another, you forget to enjoy the moments. Things pass you by or minutes get away from you. You don't realize how precious they are until it's too late. Don't rush your life away. Put down the phone, get ready earlier, and turn off the TV. Enjoy the moments that will never come again.

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