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Jessica Moorhill's Articles in Music

  • Top Ten Hip Hop / Rap Artists of All Time
    What is Hip Hop? To rap or to make a beat, is that what it is? We often hear a rap beat or some hip hop instrumentals but most individuals are not really familiar of the meaning of Hip Hop. If you ask various people this question, I'm sure that you will get diverse answers too. Hip Hop has been accepted to be many things. It has been thought of as a lifestyle, others consider it as a movement, and still others will think it as part of their culture. However, most people know that Hip Hop is also a musical genre that is rocking the music world and is becoming stronger and more popular as time passes. But whatever people might say about hip hop or rap, the genre is a permanent element in the music world.
  • Top Ten Eminem Song Of All Time
    Eminem is best known for his creativity reflected in his songs. Writing songs about his life experiences is what endears him to fans around the globe making one of the most popular rappers of all time. His songs have unique hip hop instrumentals and that special rap beat just makes Eminem songs chart toppers. Help us make a beat as we review his best albums of all time.
  • How To Make A Hip Hop/Rap Beat
    Only a few individuals really take into account the time, energy, and endeavor that is used in producing hip hop instrumentals and rap beats. Hip hop beats are not simple and are often hard to produce, but it is invariably a necessary part of hip hop and rap music. In this article, you will find some uncomplicated measures to begin the process to make a beat. Countless individuals suppose that virtually every single new rap beat is merely a minimalist sound that was produced very quickly for rappers to perform. Producing top quality beats is an extensive and time-consuming process.
  • Hip Hop Rap Outside the US
    Hip hop and Rap started in the Unites States around late 80's and became widely accepted in the 90's. There were many artists that started the hip hop movement. There were the East Coast Rap and the West Coast Rap. Then hip hop became more popular with the demise of Notorious B.I.G and the hip hop legend Tupac. The hip hop movement made an immense influence in the United States and extended to the MidWestern States and even to the Sothern part of the United States. Who would guess that a rap beat mixed with some catchy hip hop instrumentals would make such an impact to the youth all around the globe.
  • Hip Hop Creates Nothing
    One of my students told me about the West Coast and East Coast hip hop and the rivalry between these two. The death of Tupac or 2Pac seems to have attracted more interest from young people. With the violent death of this rapper, hip hop suddenly became the Mecca of young minds with its catchy lyrics about life, its hardship, and unique experiences.
  • Conscious Rap versus Gangsta Rap
    We may have heard about the terms Gangsta Rap and Conscious Rap from our kids, from the radio from the TV, or we may have read about it somewhere. But what do the two terms mean exactly? There are many sub-genres of hip hop and these two are the actual opposites. Let us compare the two sub-genres and learn more about hip hop and rap music.
  • 12 Worst Hip Hop/Rap Lyrics Ever
    In another article, How to Make a Rap Beat, we have learned that it is not easy to make a beat and that it takes a lot of time and effort to take a rap beat and combine with some hip hop instrumentals. However, those are not the only things that need time, energy and effort. While the beats may be the soul of any hip hop/rap song, the lyric is the
  • What's the Best Trumpet?
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the same goes with what musicians consider as the best trumpet.

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