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Jeffrey Benson's Articles in Multiple Sclerosis

  • Some Tips on Hiding Stretch Marks
    If you've tried everything you can think of to make them go away, you may not be interested in some tips on hiding stretch marks! Stretch marks are actually scars on the body so they're not easily gotten rid of, although there are treatment options available to you.
  • Your Doctor Can Remove Stretch Marks
    Many years ago it was virtually impossible to remove stretch marks. Doctors didn't truly understand what caused these scars and so often used incorrect treatment options to try and correct them.
  • Some Tips to Reduce Stretch Marks
    Many doctors believe that to completely remove stretch marks you need to undergo a medical or surgical procedure of one type or another. Many recommend laser treatments to repair and rebuild the damaged elastin that causes these unsightly marks.
  • Tips for Preventing Stretch Marks
    If you want to prevent stretch marks, the tips in this article will give you some techniques. Many women who are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant are concerned with how their body will change in many different ways, and of course others too may see marks on others and wonder how they happened and what causes them.
  • Talk to a Doctor About Removing Stretch Marks
    Many people today are wondering about removing stretch marks. If you are pregnant or have already given birth you may hate to look down and see these purple or white marks staring back up at you.
  • Using a Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks
    You may be planning a pregnancy and are worried about stretch marks or you may already have these unsightly scars for whatever reason. While you can try many different remedies, typically a laser treatment for stretch marks is the most effective option.
  • Some Information on Laser Removal for Stretch Marks
    If your doctor has recommended a laser removal for stretch marks treatment option, there may be a few reasons why you should consider what he or she has to say.
  • Do You Always Get Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?
    Many women unfortunately get stretch marks during pregnancy and wonder if there's anything they can do once they get them, or better yet, if there's any way to avoid getting them in the first place.
  • What Causes Stretch Marks?
    Would you believe that doctors aren't always in agreement as to what actually causes stretch marks? While it may seem obvious that gaining weight is connected to these scars on the skin since it's typically those that are overweight that get them, there is actually more to it than that.
  • Your Doctor Can Help With Stretch Marks Treatment
    If you're searching for some stretch marks treatment options, you might want to talk to your doctor. You may be hesitant to make an appointment with a physician just to see about this type of cosmetic treatment.

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