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Jacque Crook's Articles in Pets and Animals

  • Make Your Dog Feel Cozy With A Dog Cave Bed
    The cooler months of the year make humans want to snuggle up on something comfortable, covered with their favorite blankets. While you could invite your dog to join you upon your favorite couch or on your bed, it would actually be more healthy for you and for the dog if it had its own snuggly place to rest on. A solution for this issue is the dog cave bed.
  • T5 Aquarium Lighting
    T5 aquarium lighting is becoming one of the most popular forms of lighting for reef aquariums around the world, and you may find that this form of T5 aquarium lights is exactly what you need to get your aquarium set up.
  • Dog Meds That Can Be Ordered Online
    The saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" remains true for both humans and four legged children. Dog meds will keep your dog healthy and can be ordered online with a click of your mouse. Every dog owner values the companionship of a dog.
  • Benefits of Using a Pet Tracking Device
    Losing your beloved friend is mortifying. Having a pet tracking device can ease the minds of those with pets, as well as make it easier to retrieve a pet that has gone missing.
  • Pet Dog Doors
    Pet dog doors can be easily fitted to many different styles of doors and will give your pet freedom to come and go out in the garden as they please.
  • Automatic Dog Feeders
    Buying an automatic dog feeder will ensure that your dog is fed when it should be even when you aren't there. These dog feeders are affordable and come in many different designs colors and styles so you will find one that you like.
  • Anti Bark Collars
    Some dogs will bark at every little noise and often this can start all the other dogs in the neighborhood barking as well, one way to control this problem is with anti bark collars. This design of collars can stop the problem instantly making your dog a more sociable creature.
  • Why Your Pet Needs a GPS Dog Tracking System
    What are GPS dog tracking systems? These are dog tracking devices that are worn as a collar, and an owner can use a hand held unit to track their pet's location, wherever it may be through a satellite positioning system, similar to the ones used when camping or in your vehicle.
  • Underground Electric Fences
    You want to ensure that if you own a dog that you know that you will be able to keep them in your garden. Some dogs love escaping and you will spend so long trying to build bigger and tougher fences that your garden will look terrible.
  • Big Dog Collars and Leashes
    There is a plethora of big dog collars and leashes out there and deciding which are the best for your pet can be a little overwhelming. However, when you learn the different materials and types of collars and leashes out there, it can make the choice much less daunting.
  • Dog Kennel Accessories
    When it comes to dog kennel accessories, there are many items to purchase, but it really depends on what you need and how long your dog is going to be at the kennel while you are traveling. For instance, there are kennel runs that can be placed in a backyard, which is especially useful when you have a dog that digs or tries to escape from your backyard.
  • Pet Backpack Carrier
    When you own a smaller dog sometimes it is easier to carry them rather than let them walk next to you. There are safety issues with trying to walk a smaller dog in a crowded area as they might get hurt or confused. The ideal solution to this problem is the dog backpack carrier; although this may seem odd you can carry your dog around with you on your back allowing your hands to be totally free.
  • Dog Grooming Tips
    Grooming your dog can often be a laborious and trying endeavor as pets generally resent all things being clipped, cleaned, or brushed. Good grooming habits, however, are essential in maintaining the health of your dog. It is best to begin at an early age as it becomes progressively more difficult as a dog grows older.
  • How to Walk Your Dog on a Leash
    Walking your dog is not only a physical exercise, but a mental one as well. When you learn how to walk your dog on a leash, you start to understand the natural inclinations of the canine as well. One of the most important factors in establishing a lasting bond with your dog is making sure that you are the alpha.

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