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Jacque Crook's Articles in Hobbies

  • RC Warbird
    It would not make much sense to have a modern RC airplane control like a traditional aircraft. This is why many of the beginner RC aircraft take the form of traditional models like the RC warbird.
  • Great Metal Detector
    Gold detecting is one of the things that many people love to do in order to strike it rich, as the allure of gold is something that has attracted millions of people to dig, excavate, and search throughout the ages. If you want to find gold, chances are that you may get lucky. The truth is that many people spend their lives hunting for gold, and they never find more than the occasional nugget.
  • Pool Cue's Today
    Billiards or pool is a fun game to play with friends and there also are highly competitive professionals that participate in tournaments for prize money.
  • Compound Bow Draw Weight
    The compound bow has been a popular choice for thousands of years, with races like the Mongols using the compound bow and its increased draw weight to amazing capacity. The Byzantines also used the compound bow draw weight to outshoot the Persian dehgans, and they ruled their part of the world for many years thanks to the compound crossbow and its extra draw weight.
  • Hunting Spotting Scopes
    Unlike the regular binoculars, hunting spotting scopes have greater magnification power that usually ranges from 15x to 250x, depending on the kind you are using. It allows better visual range during bird watching, telephotography, amateur astronomy, and target shooting.
  • Nitro Rc Vehicles
    On road Nitro RC vehicles are for on the road kinds of surfaces, and have been seen in many races that were thought of as real from a distance
  • Electric RC Cars
    While there are nitro and gas powered RC vehicles, there are some drawbacks to these that you don't find in electric RC cars.
  • Radio Controlled Trucks
    Radio controlled trucks are a great way to get every member of the family involved in a hobby you can all enjoy racing it around the garden.
  • RC Car Accessories
    There are many different kinds of RC car accessories. While you can find some RC accessories from local hobby shops, in order to find to best prices and selection you need to go online.
  • RC Car Hobbies
    RC car hobbies are great for a number of reasons. For one they are a great way for families to spend time together.
  • Winter Work Gloves
    Winter gloves are a must, especially in the colder climates. If you are a person who works outdoors every day, winter work gloves should be tops on your list of equipment that you need. Prolonged exposure to cold weather can cause many complications other than discomfort. There is always the possibility of frostbite as well.
  • Palm Coated Gloves
    There are many different types of gloves available to purchase and many of them have different uses, some are great for sportswear and others ideal for work wear. Palm coated gloves are one style of glove which has many different uses and many people own a pair. They are ideal in wet conditions and when you need extra grip either for work or for your sports activity.
  • Gloves for Welding
    Gloves for welding are an essential item to keep the welder safe on the job. While there are many different pieces of equipment that are designed to protect you, welding gloves are one of the most important. Not wearing them can lead to serious injury on your hands. When this is part of your livelihood you can't afford to be harmed because you weren't prepared.

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