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Jack Landry's Articles in Interior Design

  • Avoiding the Most Common Decorating Mistakes
    This article is about common decorating mistakes, and how to avoid them. It discusses ways that we are dating our homes, and how to replace things that have no business in your living room.
  • How to Find Your Dream Home
    This article is about how to find the home of your dreams. It talks about factors such as real estate agents, schools, crime rates, etc. which will help you to narrow down your search.
  • Using Tin Ceilings to Decorate Your Space
    There are many decorating options available to furnish your home, office, or commercial space, and all should be considered to get the style and feel you want to accomplish. Tin ceilings are a great way to add an extra bit of elegance to your space.
  • How to Decorate on a Budget
    This article is about how to decorate on a budget. It explains different creative ideas you can try, to give your boring walls the spice they deserve.
  • Deciding Whether or Not to Remodel Your Home
    This article is about things to consider when debating remodeling your home. There are factors which may help you decide if a certain change to your home is a good idea.
  • Installing Your Tin Ceiling Tiles
    This article is about tin ceilings. It explains how they are designed, what their makeup is, and how they should be installed.
  • How to Paint Your Own Tin Ceiling Tiles
    This article is about how to paint your own tin ceiling tiles. It suggests the supplies you will need, and technique that will make your ceiling look amazing.
  • Discovering the Majesty of Ceiling Art
    This article is about ceiling art, and all of its different forms. It suggests a few different ways in which you may create a unique look to your home.
  • How to Install a Tin Ceiling at Home
    This is article is about installing tin ceiling tiles by yourself. It also explains how to prime and paint it afterward for the desired look.
  • How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget
    This article suggests ways that you can dramatically change and brighten the look of a room, without having to break the bank. These ideas include painting old furniture, using Tin Ceiling Xpress, finding inexpensive stores for frames, mirrors, and more.
  • Adding Turquoise to the Country Western Style
    Turquoise has been a big part of the country western style for centuries. This beautiful stone is graded on hardness, rarity, and luster.
  • Discovering the Importance of Turquoise
    Turquoise and silver have long been significant substances in the creation of Country Western jewelry. This tradition originates in the Native American roots of the United States.
  • Achieving a Rustic Looking Home
    Rustic home decor is a great style for your home. Even if you have never tried home decorating before, you can find this fashion easy and fun to create.
  • Decorating with Tin Ceiling Tiles
    A decorative ceiling can be an asset to any room in your home or office. Learn about your options for beautiful ceiling decor.

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