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Holly Petherbridge's Articles in Loans

  • Student Loan Consolidation: Federal Interest Hike Sparked Growing Need
    Now that the interest rate has doubled for those taking out new student loans, it has those with current bills seriously considering student loan consolidation programs. The fear for many was based on not understanding what the July 1 rate doubling meant. the panic of double interest coming in the mail was felt by many.
  • Direct Payday Loan Lenders Keep Finances On Par When Emergencies Arise
    Has emotional spending created your need for fast direct payday loan lenders? Maybe it was created by overconfidence in consumerism with plastic cards fueling each purchase. Is a credit balance an addition to your income's wealth or is it an option when financial times get tough? Do you know why your finances are not on par?
  • Cash Advance Loans: Not A Peer Pressure Solution
    Is trying to keep up with the Jones shackle you to fast cash advance loans when extra spending limits your ability to make cost of living payments? Could you blame the extended high school drama of peer pressure or is it pure envy or jealousy to want what your friends have. The desire to fit in by materialistic standards is a hard habit to break.
  • Low Fee Cash Advance Help With The Top 10 Debt Struggles
    When trying to avoid problems with personal debt, many folks turn to low fee cash advances. Getting a quick fix can oftentimes prevent the domino effect from starting. When there are large amounts of debt or the income cannot support whatever amount there is, individuals begin looking for easy approaches to fix their money problems.
  • Best Cash Advance Lenders Will Provide Service With No Hidden Costs
    What should you know about a best cash advance loan before you apply? You will most definitely want to understand how the short-term loans work especially if you have never used one in the past. Consider the interest, possibilities for hidden costs, long-term payment options, time frame for payments and general business practices for short-term loans. What should you find?
  • Online Cash Advance: A Quick Fix If Used Correctly
    The fast online cash advance feeds into some users need for instant gratification. People who rely on quick cash as a budget convenience tend to have the debt piles to prove it. The way people use credit cards racks up balances faster than those who save them for unexpected costs. How controlled are you when there is something you really want and you know you have a credit card in your purse?
  • How to Consolidate Your Student Loans: Both Private and Federal
    If you are looking to find answers covering how to consolidate your student loans before your debt brings financial troubles, it is important to know that proactive choices work the best. As with any type of debt, student loans are no different in that the bigger the problem, the harder it is to recover.
  • Find Student Loan Relief With Experienced Services
    Many high school graduates dream the college dream without thinking about financial ramifications. Not every student has parents who can afford tuition costs out of pocket. Some student will have academic or athletic scholarships to help cover the costs while others may qualify for the limited number of grants and other scholarships.
  • Student Loan Help: Women Need It More Than Men
    Are you looking to get student loan help in order to make your budget fit your income? Don't be surprised if you end up waiting on hold for long periods of time while you try to reach someone. Why the long wait? Student loan debt has become the nation's leading debt problem for those people who have earned a college degree in order to better their life.
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness: Helping Educators Lower Student Loan Debt
    Did you know that Federal Student Loans offer teacher loan forgiveness programs? Are you aware of the different programs, the qualifications and the avenues you need to follow in order to get the student loan relief? If you are not privy to the information, you may want to go ahead and contact a company that does.
  • National Student Loan Relief: Finding Solutions For Money Stresses
    When looking for national student loan relief online you will want to know the owners of the original debt. Did you apply for private loans or were they directly form the Department of Education? Once you know who the loans are with you can begin to determine what programs they might qualify for.
  • Cash Advance Loans: Fast Emergency Cash For A Short-Term Loan
    Cash advance loans will meet the demand for fast cash when other options are not available. Time sensitive money transactions are often the only type of emergency help needed. Because the cash advance lenders will most often be able to get money into a bank account within 24 hours, the time sensitive matter is covered.
  • Online Cash Advance Loans Provide Cash To Boost Poor Budgets
    If you're not much into budgeting, no fax online cash advance loans will provide access to fast cash when funds get tight. For those who don't know how or don't like to account for their paycheck, there are more chances of running out of cash before the next paycheck.
  • Cash Advance Online Loans Support Unexpected Costs
    A cash advance online is a quick way to get unexpected bills paid on time. When a person uses them to avoid spending cut backs, the high interest loans have the potential of causing additional money problems.
  • Online Cash Advance Loans: A Last Ditch Effort To Make Ends Meet
    If you sporadically apply for low fee online cash advance loans, have you found out why you need to get additional help to make your budget function? Do you keep track of monthly spending as evidence of what worked and what didn't? If you do not have some budget system in place to track your spending, it would be a good idea to start.
  • Cash Advance Lenders, Mortgage Companies and Banks: They Are All Subject To Scams
    I wish I could say that direct cash advance lenders are the only scams created by impostors. When it comes to money, there is plenty of opportunity for scam artists to attempt deception. With all of the troubles with people losing their homes, there are many current refinancing scams ready to prey on unsuspecting and vulnerable customers.
  • What Is Your Cash Advance Online Loan Story To Report?
    How did the cash advance online loan work for you to solve the financial crisis? Where you able to take out as much money as needed? Were the fees affordable? In the long-term, was the loan worth obtaining? Important questions to answer for future emergencies.
  • Many Lessons To Learn From A Cash Advance Lender's Wrong Doings
    Did you know that cash advance lenders are required to be fair to consumers? It's an off-the-cuff question which may get some people to laugh others to say "well, yeah" and get some to start thinking about the practices they encountered when they took out a short-term loan.
  • Learn More About Cash Advance Loans and Lenders Before You Apply
    When it comes to taking out cash advance loans, if you have never done it before, you may want to read on for some helpful loan tips. When a person is at the point of needing a short-term loan in order to make it through to the next paycheck, it may be time to reevaluate the present financial situation.
  • Say "Bye" To A Cash Advance Lender and "Hello" To A Financial Planner
    Are you seeking professional help to secure your financial future? When your current situation is free of cash advances, and it contains limited credit card debt, you are in a good place to start looking towards the future. Unless you have a close friend, relative or are knowledgeable in the financial field yourself, you will want to find a financial planner to help guide you in the right direction.
  • Income Makes An Impact On Cash Advance Loans And Credit Card Debt
    In order to be proactive with personal debt, many people need to take a long hard look at their own financial situation. It often takes practicality within budgeting in order to keep a cash advance at bay and minimize credit card usage. In order to make any dent in debt, a person cannot continue to add to the costs.
  • Would You Know How To Get A Payday Loan Online?
    There are many reasons as to why payday loans are so popular. Ask your browser, "How do I get a payday loan?" Search results will bring you answers galore. The facts about payday loans are simply convenient which sums up the reasons why these short-term loans have become such a big part of the American lifestyle.
  • Credit Counseling Can Help End Cash Advance Cycle
    According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, the average payday loan borrower takes out eight cash advances in a year and spends $525 in interest on just $375 of principal as of 2012. This shows that too many people are stuck in a cycle of using cash advances to pay off ordinary living expenses.
  • Cash Advances Don't Stay Secret Once Transactions Occur
    Secret debt; ever tried to keep it a hidden? If you have had success, then you are one of the lucky ones who didn't have a major problem arise. Hiding cash advances or credit card debt from a spouse will certainly cause a bone of contention if a debt collector is the one to let the cat out of the bag.
  • Cash Advance Online Opportunities Promote Comparative Shopping
    Life is good when you can sit back in your bathrobe and get a cash advance directly deposited into your bank account. It gets even better when you can spend that money just as easily. Shop for groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep, the latest in fashions and electronics or for a direct lender. It is amazing how much can be done on the net.
  • Default Cash Advance Loan Collections Heat Up During Tax Season
    Debt collectors will be vamping up their contact opportunities the next few months. It is tax season and many taxpayers will be expecting a refund. If the collectors are working for the IRS, student loans or it is the state trying to collect back child support, then there will be no tax refund coming your way. Debt from credit cards, cash advances and medical bills will be seeking out a piece of your tax return.
  • Who Normally Looks To Apply For A Car Title Loan?
    Car title loans carry a reputation for "bleeding the poor". The title lender does not chase after people to apply for loans, but it does offer quick access to emergency cash to those who own their own vehicle. The real fact in the matter is that being low-income is not a viable factor in who needs a loan. There are many different income levels that end up strapping people. It isn't the dollar amount as much as the management of said income.
  • Use Critical Thinking To Solve Cash Advance and Credit Card Debt Problems
    In order to solve a cash advance problem, there may need to be some critical thinking components active within the household budget. By the time a person is at a point where cash advances are used, there tends to be more debt and possible budget problems elsewhere. Cash advances tend not to be the cause of a financial problem, but are often the last piece of straw which breaks the camel's back.
  • Are Cash Advances A Help Or Hindrance?
    Who exactly uses cash advances and payday loans? The obvious answer would be people who need fast cash. Dig a little deeper into that thought and many will be thinking these people are low-income workers who cannot keep up with the cost of living. This thinking is not incorrect, but it surely does not present the full picture.
  • Buy or Lease? Cash Advances and Credit Cards Help With Vehicle Emergency Costs
    Monthly demands on income are often times overwhelming. As so many of us look to avoid cash advance or digging ourselves deeper into credit card debt, we try to find ways to pay less with having to cut out. Purchasing a vehicle is a big hurdle many have to face when it comes to squeezing out money for a payment. Should we buy new and lose a bunch of the long-term investment once it leaves the parking lot?
  • Curtail Debt With Car Title Loans - Fast Payoff Helps In Long Run
    Baby boomers nearing the age of retirement are looking at their mounds of debt and starting to panic. The plan had been to retire comfortably and continue a comfortable lifestyle, but for some, this plan flopped over the years. Credit card debt has taken its toll on retirement plans; not even a car title loan will save the day on this one.
  • An Auto Title Loan Is A Secured Loan Until Paid Off, Completely
    Secured debts are not all the same. Depending on what type of loan you receive, payments may be extended over decades or expected within 30 days. The one aspect to a secured loan is that if the loan is defaulted up on in any way, the lender may seize the property which was used to secure the initial loan. An auto title loan uses the pink slip where as a second mortgage would use your home's title.
  • Thinking About A Cash Advance or Bank Loan? Check Your Creditworthiness
    If I asked you to describe the Four C's what comes to mind? I am betting you won't be thinking about a cash advance, a credit union, credit cards or credit report. I believe that the majority of people will instantly think diamonds. Typically the four c's define the categories in which this precious stone is described: cut, color, clarity, and caret.
  • A Look At Money Options: From A Cash Advance to A Home Equity Loan
    There are different types of credit available. Some people rely on cash advances online while others keep a home equity line of credit to help with emergency costs. Before you make a decision to solve a money problem, it may help you prevent further problems to know all different types of credit available.
  • Quick Money May Require More Planning Than A Cash Advance
    Depending on how much money you need and how fast you need it, a cash advance may not be the only access to fast cash. If you have any type of investment portfolio, it is good to keep track of how much you have and how long it will take to access it. It is hard to prepare for cash emergencies. Help yourself prepare for any given situation when you map out your options ahead of time. You will limit stress and find a solution at a much faster pace.
  • Online Cash Advances Are One Kind Of Financial Safety Net
    Those who apply for online cash advances are seeking a safety net between current income demands and the next few days before payday. The extra money bridges the gap and relieves accounts from potential mishaps. The positive side to these short-term loans is that there is no credit check in order to be approved. For the millions of people who cannot receive help elsewhere, an online cash advance is a perfect temporary safety net.
  • Use Your Tax Refund To Clear Up Your Car Title Loan Debt
    If you have a car title loan out and have been paying the fees each month without making much of a dent against the principle balance; make good use of your tax refund and clear up that debt. As much as you might like to take an extra vacation or purchase that new wide screen television, it may help you more in the long run by getting rid of debt which eats away at your hard earned income.
  • Interesting Tidbits of Information Relating to Car Title Loans
    When people think of car title loans, much like payday loans, there tends to be certain demographic stereotypes which come to mind. Most people would assimilate a title loan with large metropolitan regions focusing in on the low income areas.
  • 10 Rules To Limit Cash Advances, Pay Down Balances and Protect Your Credit
    Breaking the cash advance dependency is a good start to healthier finances. This is one rule of many which is meant to be broken. Relying on any type of third party money source would never be the most cost effective approach to budget planning. If you are looking to have good credit, there are some rules (10 of them actually) which should never be broken to support healthy credit.
  • 5 Tips To Find A Reputable Cash Advance Lender
    There are some distinct qualities of a cash advance lender that you should be aware of before you apply for a loan. You will have to choose one company out of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands; how do you cipher through? Generally speaking, there are certain characteristics of a cash advance company you can look for which will help narrow your choice selection.
  • Salary Savers Could Be Cash Advances or Savings Accounts
    Here's a new approach to cash advances, "salary savers". It is one more catchy approach to marketing short-term loans as money solutions. It is catchy. In fact, for many people who use cash advances or payday loans, it rings true. There are those cases where the opposite is in fact the truth, the quick cash did not help money matters but on the contrary ruined them.
  • Cash Advances to Student Loans - 10 Financial Considerations Before You Choose
    Problem debt stereotypically involves both online cash advances and credit card balances. Home mortgages and car loans are considered good debt. When income does not support the latter payments, it is hard to describe it as good. It takes some common sense, a bit of finesse and a lot of control in order to keep debt problems out of a budget. There are ten practical moves which can alleviate or prevent problem debt for the upcoming year.
  • Short-Term Loans: A Cash Advance, Payday, and A Tax Refund Loan?
    Getting a cash advance is pretty easy when you use a direct lender. During the holiday season, there is another opportunity for quick access to cash. Many tax preparation companies offer loans against your tax return. It sounds like a good way to get fast cash, right?
  • Even A Cash Advance Won't Help If You Lose Your Job, What Then?
    With all the budget juggling I have to do on those "overloaded" months, you would think I would have taken out many cash advances for some quick money relief. Thankfully, I have been able to put a little bit away on the regular budgeted months to counteract the extra costs. I would also have to say that I am very thankful for the health of my family so I don't have to worry about medical expenses. I am also very thankful to be employed.
  • What Are Your Cash Advance Pros And Cons?
    There are pros and cons to cash advances. They are a great money options when the next paycheck is still a few days away. Getting some quick cash into the bank is a great way to cover costs without the hassles of juggling late payments. Making late payments without trying to prevent it is intentionally damaging your history with creditors.
  • Can A Non-Working Spouse Obtain A Cash Advance Or Credit Card?
    How would a cash advance online be accessible to a spouse who is not employed? An at home spouse could describe many "stay at home" moms or dads. They may be employed full time and work crazy overtime, but bring home no official paycheck. Would this person be able to apply for a short-term cash advance online or a new credit card?
  • A Cash Advance Is An Alternative Way to Obtain Fast Cash
    A cash advance is an alternative financial service when banks, credit unions and creditors refuse to do business with a consumer. These loans are also known a payday loans or short-term loans. Banks now offer these type of loans, but you will have to have an account in order to be approved.
  • Who Do You Talk To For A Loan Or Cash Advance?
    When you are looking to obtain a cash advance, knowing the company, how things work and what their policies are can all be found out through a phone call. Dial the number and all it does is ring? Move on to the next number. Have someone answer and cannot or avoid answering your questions?
  • Settle Your Cash Advance Loans Quickly
    If you are looking to settle your cash advance debt, you will want to take a long hard look at your finances. Settling any kind of debt is a process when your paycheck is struggling to make minimum payments. Since a cash advance online is a short-term loan, interest adds up fast. Keep these low cost loans short-term when you pay them off on the original due date.
  • Use An Auto Title Loan To Recover From A Small Financial Crisis
    Are you one of the millions living life with a financial crisis lurking overhead? Is your home mortgage in default or a pending divorce running your finances below ground? Did you have to spend your retirement early in order to make ends meet? Or do you have a smaller emergency which repeatedly troubles your budget yet never seems to go away?
  • It Isn't Just A Cash Advance Lender Who Can Have Bad Practices
    Fraudulent cash advance lenders are well reported upon. Borrowers are forewarned against lenders who rush the process, do not fully answer questions or avoid them all together.Applying for a cash advancewithout knowing or understanding the full cost is irresponsible transaction by both parties. If a lender is not willing to be up front with costs for the cash advance online, then you do not need to be doing business with them.
  • Auto Title Loan Positives For Fast Cash Outweigh Many Negatives
    Have the store marketing techniques trampled your budgeted costs leaving short-term cash options like auto tile loans or cash advances your only way to stay alive? The end of the year brings the advertisements and marketing strategies into full swing. It's a plethora of sale tactics ready to bomb your budget. How oh how can you survive the battle?
  • Auto Title Loans Are Based On Qualifications Not Explanations
    Are you going to head to an auto title loan lender for extra cash? Is the cash a necessity or for something extra? The title loan lender is not going to stop and ask those kinds of questions, it is not a loan requirement. Banks and credit unions will want this information, as their process is much different.
  • Cash Advance Loans Online Are Options - Why Take Them Away?
    Should consumers be allowed to make financial decisions themselves? When a state does not allow the online payday lender to help residents, what is it saying about the people and their ability to make personal financial decisions? Is taking options away from people helping? There are many who would answer this question with a strong "Yes!"
  • Cash Advances Should Not Be Used To Payoff Large Debt
    Student loan debt can be a hassle if you are carrying online cash advances, credit cards or car loan debt. the grace period after school is over runs runs out fast when you are busy setting up a new place, finding a job and trying to enjoy life after college.When it is time to start paying on your student loan debt, you will want to understand what type of loan it is. .
  • Car Title Loans Are Fast Cash For Financial Emergencies
    Is it possible to have a good amount of credit card debt and not need a car title loan? How can you have credit card debt and a good credit score? Most often, those with poor or no credit will end up using the equity in their vehicle to obtain a fast title loan. When a credit score is maintained, there will be many more money opportunities to get financial support.
  • Use Personal Best Practices For Car Title Loans
    The use of car title loans or payday loans are often saved for emergency cash needs. Depending on how much of a loan is needed with any of these loans, a person will have access to quick money. These financial solutions have caused further problems with many borrowers when there is no money to repay the loan on time.
  • Inaccurate Credit Scores Do Not Affect Cash Advances
    When you think you should have more options than an online cash advance, your credit score accuracy proves to matter. Some people just assume it is good because they make on time payments. If you never check on your credit's accuracy or what number you have from all three credit bureaus, you may be in for a big surprise.
  • Use A Cash Advance to Help With Moving Costs
    Are you moving to a new apartment and need an online cash advance in order to get the funds? It is an option for cash, but having cash will not guarantee that you are chosen by the landlord. Good apartments are hard to find unless you know someone. Online cash advances help with the security deposit, but you need to get your foot in the door first.
  • An Online Cash Advance Differs From Credit Card Cash Advances
    Taking out a cash advance to make up for overspending is not the best way to utilize this fast money option. A responsible cash advance company would not advocate using these short-term loans as a way to live beyond one's means. Some people opt for the cash advance option on their credit card instead. The two cash advance options are completely different with the same given name.
  • Cash Advances Online Are One of Many Online Financial Options
    Cash advances are an option for getting money online. More and more people are using online options in order to make their finances a smoother operation. Online cash advances and payday loans are being used so often because of the convenience. What better way to help out your finances than the convenience of an online application and no racing across town to stand in banks lines?
  • Cash Advance Loans and College Finances Are Not A Good Mix
    Are you a college student wondering how online cash advance loans fitinto your finances? If you are a smart college student, then you will know online payday loans are only for emergencies. The payoff comes in just a few short weeks, so steady income is a must in order to pay it off without putting more damage into your finances.
  • Cash Advance Online Brings Fast Money and Demands A Quick Payoff
    How can you pay a low cost online cash advance off without letting it disrupt your regular finances? Each situation is different, but this is a good question to ask yourself before you take out the loan.
  • Do I Really Need A Cash Advance or Can I Budget Better?
    Are you being honest to yourself when you choose a cash advance online in order to pay for concert tickets? Maybe you buy them using a credit card instead. A cash advance is a fast payoff, and the credit card debt can last a lifetime if you want it too. What can you do to be true to yourself when it comes to your finances?
  • Cash Advance Online Is Easy As 1… 2…3
    "How do I get a cash advance?" is one of the leading questions for direct cash advance lenders online. The phones ring constantly from potential customers who are looking for fast ways to get some much needed cash. As popular as the loans are, most of the business comes from repeat customers.
  • Low Cost Cash Advance Loans Online Do Work For Many Borrowers
    Cash advance loans online are great when emergency cash is needed. The application simplicity and fast transaction speed is attractive when in a financial crunch. Another big pull which keeps new borrowers coming to payday loan online applications each day is the access. There is little confusion as to 'How can I get a cash advance?' when the loans require little effort and no fax opportunities to qualify.
  • Tax Season May Induce More Car Title Loan Applications
    Fast money options are available to get through some crunched times, but they need to be used wisely. Car title loans are fast money at a high price if not paid off on the original due date.If you are able to plan in ahead in order to keep yourself from having to use a short-term loan.
  • An Online Cash Advance Is One of Many Money Options
    Getting a cash advance online when you have other money options may not be the smartest financial decision ever made. An online cash advance is one option out of many, but you will want to make the best decision for your financial status.
  • Your Financial Plan of Action May Not Include an Auto Title Loan
    Finances work best with a plan of action. A monthly budget helps plan the everyday costs of living. Retirement plans will guide you in preparing for later in life. The better prepared we can be in all money situations; will prevent the stress filled last minute dashes for cash.
  • How Can I Tell If A Car Title Loan Is Right For Me?
    When you are in a financial crunch, how do you know if a car title loan is right for you? Owning the title of the vehicle is the first step in qualifying for a title loan, but it is not a guarantee that obtaining one is the best option for your financial situation.
  • College Students Start Off Right - No Cash Advances
    Teach your children the right way the first time around in order to prevent a need for an online cash advance later. Sending a student off to college is a first step for them to learn about tracking finances and being accountable for what they spend. Credit cards often require cosigners unless the student has a job.
  • An Auto Title Loan Is One Option For A Secured Loan
    Any time a secured loan is utilized, the borrower needs to understand the consequences of not paying the money back. It is important to know what kind of business is behind the loan, their collection practices and how quickly repossessions are processed.
  • Cash Advances Are Helpful to Some But Hurt Others
    Applying for a cash advance is one freedom that is used quite often in the troubled economic times of today.Online cash advances are on the rise alongside personal debt. One is not the cause of the other, but having a cash advance out without the means to pay it back certainly does not help peoples' financial situations.
  • Why Do People Take Out Cash Advances Over Other Money Options?
    How do applications for cash advances differ from credit cards? There is no formula that a customer will follow to decide which loan will be best for them, but they do need to know what they need and what will be best for their individual circumstances.
  • Online Cash Advances Will Solve The Small Stuff
    Solve the small problems with online cash advances. If you are not yet at that point for such drastic options, use the smaller resources to keep your budgeted funds moving in a positive direction with the least amount of long-term damage. The less debt you have on file, the better your credit score will be.
  • A Payday Loan Lender Watching The Political Race
    Why would a payday loan company be interested in politics? When it is about this country's debt or the situations behind financial institutions, it becomes an important topic of interest for a payday loan lender to know about.
  • Cooking Up A Budget With A Cash Advance
    Cash advance companies, whether a direct payday lender or non-direct lender, could be the extra ingredient you need to supplement your budget recipe and make it to your next payday. Reasearching lenders and loans can help ensure that you find a reliable and trustworthy loan company.

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