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Holly Petherbridge's Articles in Finance

  • What Would You Do To Motivate Budget Success?
    Don't let your budget go stale. It takes more than making a budget to make financial progress. It is a carefully laid plan filled with details and direction. You can't let a budget run itself and that is where many folks fail.
  • Structure Your Personal Finances to Break Bad Habits
    How can you structure your personal finances in order to prevent any more debt build up? We live in the land of consumer freedom. We have everything at our fingertips and plenty of ways to make it happen; buy online, home-delivered goods, extended payment plans, immediate credit opportunities and fast cash loans. Each day brings new spending opportunities on top of what we had the day before.
  • Why Will Tracking Expenses Help My Budget?
    Most people know how much money they earn every month. They know when the money is placed into the bank account and they know how to use it. There was never a need for financial classes to understand that piece of the budget. Troubles usually stem from money leaving the account. Bills are paid each month and the rest goes where?
  • Free Budget Help: Measure and Manage Financial Goals
    Are you having trouble setting up categories within your budget? Knowing where you money goes each month is one of the major components to learning about your spending habits. If you can't measure your spending, how can you manage it? A trip to the coffee shop is no big deal until you see the final count of how much was spent at the coffee shop that month. When you track your spending through categories you can do just that.
  • What Does A "Charge Off" Do to My Credit?
    If you see a "charge off" report on your credit history, your original creditor finally took your debt off of their books. What does this mean for your credit? Since the creditor reported the loss, your score will feel negative effects for the next seven years.
  • Will A Food Budget Tool Help Save Money?
    Have you ever heard of the saying, "spend a nickel, save a dime?" In a budgeting world the focus is always to cut back and cut out extra expenses. How does this saying fit into a budget? Dave Ramsey is always full of good money saving ideas to get people's finances back on track.
  • What Can Family Members Do to Help Financial Problems?
    Have you bailed a family member out of financial problems again? When do you decide that enough is enough? The reasons behind the debt troubles would probably be the deciding factor for most people. If your generosity is enabling bad money behavior, it would make lots of sense to back away as their money solution.
  • Get Free Financial Help or Upgrade: Cost Effective Money Management
    Are you tired of your finances being in a mess? Unexpected money problems are rarely a budget target. If you don't pay attention to both bank account balances and expense payment schedules, you could set yourself up for trouble. Not everyone who mismanages money depends on cash advance loan help applications to make it to next payday.
  • Cash Advance Loans Online Become Bad When Left Unpaid
    When you struggle with unexpected costs and are using cash advance loans online only, it may take a very long time to recover from it. These short-term loans are quick money but the interest is high. You will want to pay it back as fast as possible. Borrowers with long-term debt problems will have a much harder time paying it off on the original due date.
  • Will Payroll Loans Play A Part In Your Wedding?
    Would your debt delay wedding plans? If both you and your future spouse are credit challenged, it may be worth your while to fix at least one person's credit before tying the knot. If both spouses face alternative safe payroll loans help in order to support extra costs, you won't want your wedding to become part of that.
  • Work Out A Plan That Covers Online Cash Advance Lender Payoff
    Whether you are having difficulty repaying credit card companies or a safe online cash advance lender, it is necessary to acknowledge the financial position you are currently in. In doing so, past mistakes must be analyzed and evaluated. Learn from this information and apply necessary changes to help build a better financial future.
  • No Credit Check Cash Advance Lenders Support Recovery Plans
    Borrowing money from fast cash advance lenders is an emergency recovery plan for many people who have trouble receiving new or extended lines of credit. Once a credit score falls below the prime credit score category many financial doors will have closed.
  • Cash Advance Online: Learn From Others to Make It Work
    You can learn financial lessons from reading stories about cash advance online companies and the troubles some borrowers have had paying back their loans. The best part about mistakes is the opportunity to learn from them. Financial mistakes will come at a price for the short-term.
  • Direct Payday Loan Lenders: Paying Down The Balance Saves
    For the best direct payday loan lenders, paying your debt down each month is the best way to handle debt that cannot be paid in full. Not only will each 'buy down' cut down on the fees for the next pay period, it shows good intentions. Payday lenders service high risk loans every day and most borrowers cannot afford a full payoff without obtaining a new loan.
  • Direct Payday Loan Lenders Top Payoff Priority List
    If you are caught up in debt from fast direct payday loan lenders as well as creditors, mortgages, car loans and possibly even student loan debt you are not alone. The household debt crisis is more than most incomes can handle. Finding money options with a load of current debt is tough.
  • Payday Lender Help For College Graduates Can Be Avoided
    Graduating from college should be the beginning of some of the best years of your life. Starting out is an exciting time of life. Out in the adult world embraces a certain freedom but also carries with it responsibilities. In order for a young adult to prevent money problems or a need for a short-term loan payday lender to help them through to the next paycheck, they need to learn how to manage life in the real world.
  • Payroll Advance: Think Before You Act
    When you are in need of payroll advance fast cash what would hinder your decision to apply for one? Would you think about lack of qualification as a reason not to apply or do you look at the end cost and just realize you can't afford it?
  • Student Loan Help: Seek Affordable Federal Loans and Forgiveness Programs
    When you are seeking student loan help in order to afford college, do you look into both federal and private loans? Private loans may be quick, but they also rely on a person' credit, a guarantor or personal collateral to secure the loan amount. Federal loans are based on financial need and separate their offers into subsidized and unsubsidized loans.
  • Online Payday Lender: No Credit or Poor Credit, No Problem
    Is it impossible to think that a fast online payday lender would be providing a loan to someone who is debt free? These loans are so often associated with individuals who are either low income or have poor credit.
  • Cash Advance Online Loans Expose Financial Threats Within Budget
    Just because a fast cash advance online is simple to obtain should you continue to allow your financial weaknesses go without correction? Are you even aware of any weaknesses within your finances? It might be safe to assume that if you are looking at applying online for a fast cash loan; your financial situation is not strong.
  • Online Cash Advances Replaced By Emergency Savings
    If you are looking to make it rich this year, put credit cards, best online cash advances and free spending out of your heads. In order to make a difference in your future funds, you will have to hunker down and make every penny count.
  • Best Cash Advance Advice: Not A Good Fit For Just Any Budget
    Not everyone will use a best cash advance application to solve their money problems. As much as they are extremely helpful to those who had success with them, there as many or more stories of those who say they would never use them again. Since there is no one-size-fits-all debt relief options, any person looking for financial help will have to customize their options.
  • Cash Advance Lenders: Keeping Their Heads Up Despite Reports
    It's interesting to read all the stories addressing how fast cash advance lenders should be curtailed from the lending industry while banks and credit unions provide similar short-term loans without regulations. Why are credit card companies allowed to prey on middle class and low income households with their purchase incentives?
  • Safe Cash Advance Online Will Beat The Problem If The Payoff Is Planned
    Do you want to keep your safe cash advance online loan from wrecking your finances? If you care about the effects this loan could potentially have on other budgeted categories, then you will want to have a payoff plan of action put together prior to obtaining the loan
  • Payroll Advance Loans May Solve Your Money Troubles
    Looking for a fast payroll advance? Do you have an employer who will provide this service or will you need to apply with an online direct lender? Not all employers will offer a portion of the upcoming paycheck. There are many employees who would not even think to ask their boss.
  • Direct Cash Advance Lenders: Divert Their Interest to Your Savings
    The best strategy to prevent the need for a direct cash advance loan is to create your own personal emergency fund. If your finances are already in a problematic stage of high debt, getting money into the savings account will be a slow or no-go process. Should you put your efforts into paying down your debt or to save for future problems?
  • Certified Public Accountant: Report Potential Tax Fraud
    For those who use Certified Public Accountant tax services, income tax fraud stories are usually only heard about in the news. These tales are told of those who have earned some sort of celebrity status or have duped the IRS in such a way that reporters believe the story will sell papers.
  • Direct Payday Loan Lenders: How Much Would You Pay?
    How much are you willing to pay direct payday loan lenders to help your budget succeed? Are you willing to continue paying direct lenders and creditors over a long period of time? You may want to double check your financial records to see how long you can continue carrying the outstanding debt. What would you be willing to do in order to break that relationship up?
  • Low Cost Payday Loans: What Is Your Opinion?
    When it comes to low cost payday loans applications, whose advice should you follow? With all of the negative publicity out there, you are bound to find many who object to using this avenue for fast cash. Everyone has their right to an opinion, and for those who may support the short-term loan industry, they too have their own reasons.
  • Payroll Advance: A Quiet Supporter of Future Funding Needs
    It is going to take more than a payroll advance application to help get you out of a pile of debt. On a good note, a short-term loan could help protect your credit as long as the loans are paid off. It will also come in handy for new ventures which check credit for your approval.
  • Student Loan Consolidation Will Help To Secure Your Family Finances
    If you have multiple student loans that have taken over your monthly income, student loan consolidation programs are available. Loan consolidation programs will bring all your Federal student loans together into one low monthly cost. It is an opportunity for you to gain back control of your finances.
  • Fast Cash Advance Loans Increase Purchase Power: Worth The Added Cost?
    Did you go looking for a fast cash advance to support extra costs? Were you able to find a lender? Did you use the loan to pay for the full purchase or was it supplementing money from elsewhere?
  • Online Cash Advance Loans: Full Payoff Sets It Apart From Other DTI Debt
    Low cost online cash advance loans will raise your debt to income ratio (DTI) for a short while. Knowing your DTI or a close estimate of where your finances stand will help you better self-regulate the household budget. We can always hope it would help manage our money, right?
  • An Online Cash Advance Found To Both Help and Hinder
    Instead of thinking back on your troubled finances in hindsight, it may make sense to consider potential problems before direct online cash advance reliance kicks in. Whether you are trying to build credit for the first time or are making efforts to rebuild, there are some basics which should be kept in mind.
  • Cash Advance Loans Are Found Everywhere
    What are cash advance loans online good for? If you answered fast money to solve an immediate financial emergency, then you are on target. The high interest applied to these loans whether by a direct lender or through the use of your credit card make these loans an expensive alternative for other reasons.
  • Online Cash Advance Loans Fit The Mindset To Keep Debt Short-Term
    For those who seek out online cash advance loans for small money emergencies, there is obviously a desire to avoid debt problems. There are times when these short-term loans are not the best answer, but until another solution is discovered, fast money brings relief. In order to really focus in on what a person's income can provide, debt should be not be neglected.
  • Cash Advance Lenders Are Rarely The Cause But Often The Fall Guy
    Online cash advance lenders are often to blame for the spiraling downfall of some borrower's budgets. Obtaining a fast cash loan is often an instant relief for many with money emergencies. With the word "instant" being the key factor; for many, the real money struggles come on the back side of a short-term loan.
  • Apply For A Cash Advance Online For How Much Money?
    A no fax cash advance online will not help much when trying to consolidate debt. A good size advance would only loan a few hundred dollars. The actual amount all depends on the applicant's monthly take home income. If you are expecting one of those loans for $1000 or more, you may want to reexamine your finances.
  • Cash Advance Lenders Seek Out Qualified Applicants For Loan Approval
    Cash advance lenders online may not be the support a person wants to lean on for vacation costs, but they sure do help relieve smaller emergency needs. The fast access to money deposited right into the bank account has proven to be successful to many who would have gone until the next paycheck without any financial support.
  • Cash Advance Lenders Do Not Approve All Loan Applications
    Best cash advance lenders work hard to keep up with all of the regulations set upon them. A lender's reputation is at stake every time a predatory lender enters the news. With all of the legislation trying to regulate the loans, there never seems to be a lull in loan applications. Why is there such commotion within the short-term loan industry?
  • State Cash Advance Online Regulations - Created To Protect Against Predators
    Do you know whether or not the state you live in carries cash advance online and payday loan regulations? Do you know what they are? The more educated you are about the short-term loan industry and your rights the better. If you go against your state's regulations and work with a lender which does not follow them either, you may have built a pathway to trouble.
  • Debt Traps Are Not Only Found In A Cash Advance Loan
    Debt traps are most often related to an online cash advance loan that have short-term payment expectations. When the balance is left unpaid and interest charges begin to accrue, a debtor will begin to feel the effects on their monthly income. It isn't just the short-term loans which contribute to debt traps.
  • Cash Advances Online Are Often The Next Step For Financial Help
    When a person's financial situation is spiraling downhill, direct cash advances online are often the next step towards emergency help. Everybody's situation is different, but when it comes to a money crisis, many folks land in the same general category, broke and in debt.
  • Good Credit Means More Than Saying Goodbye To Cash Advance Lenders
    Cleaning up your finances will not only bring budget relief, but it can also pave the way to a better functioning budget. Are you settling for cash advances because no one else will work with you? When is the last time you took a look at your credit score?
  • Cash Advance Lenders: Whose Side Are You On?
    Cash advance lenders online provide small cash loans to many sub-prime borrowers. Those people who have already seen their credit scores drop over the past few years, find relief in still having a fast cash option available. For some folks, these loans are restricted by state regulations.
  • Increase Income To Avert A Cash Advance Dependency
    One of the best ways to lower credit card debt and limit cash advances would be to get a higher paying or a second job. With the unemployment rate as high as it is, a person will need to self-promote themselves during an interview to come out on top.
  • Pay Off Online Cash Advance Loans For No Credit Check Worries
    Would you use an online cash advance loan if it helps to protect your credit score? Many others feel that there are times a short-term loan is better than other options. When there are plans for large purchases like a home or car, and a bank loan is the direct route to receiving money, the lender will not want to see too much recent activity other than on-time payments.
  • Finding Cash Advance No Fax Loans Online Is Easy To Do
    One of the best options for fast money is to search online for cash advance no fax loans and examine the results. If you have heard of a certain company, you can do a search outright for that particular service. It is important to find a direct lender that you can trust.
  • Would A Cash Advance Installment Loan Be A Good Option?
    There are some cash advance and payday loan lenders who are looking into with a few offering their version of an installment loan. Imagine, a short-term fast cash money opportunity broken up into multiple equal payments.
  • A Pawn Shop Offers A Different Kind of Cash Advance
    Have you walked into a pawn shop lately? The visitor numbers are up and it isn't just people needing a quick buck who are walking through the door. It isn't just the cash advance and payday loan businesses seeing an influx of customers, secured pawn shop loans are seeing an increase in merchandise for sale which reflects how negatively the loans are panning out.
  • Online Cash Advance Loans Will Not Reject An Applicant Based On A Sub-Prime Score
    Best low fee online cash advance loans manage to help people get out of immediate money troubles. More often than not, an applicant will apply with an online direct lender because there are no options for help elsewhere. This is often due to low credit scores. Once a score has fallen into the sub-prime category, financial doors close quickly.
  • Online Cash Advance Loans For Quick Money Results
    Are you applying for an online cash advance loan because you have been turned down for additional credit? Has your credit score put you into the sub-prime category and the direct cash advance lender turns out to be your only option for emergency money?
  • A Personal Cash Advance Loan Emergency Fund Fueled By A Tax Return
    Did your tax refund act as a replacement for an online cash advance loan? Are you still waiting to finish the paperwork? Do you already have the money spent in your mind? I got mine. It went straight into the bank for my own personal cash advance emergency fund.
  • Financial Goals Do Not Need To Include A Cash Advance
    What are your financial goals? Are you looking to get away from needing a cash advance? Would you like to be credit card debt free? How would you use a budget to help achieve these goals? Before you can even start working on these goals, take a good look at where your finances are now and begin to think about what sacrifices can be made in the process.
  • Is Your Credit Card and Cash Advance Debt Steering You Towards Bankruptcy?
    Are you counting on a bankruptcy to knock off your credit card, cash advance, student loans, and medical debt? Once upon a time, declaring bankruptcy was a fairly easy process, but it is no longer true.
  • An Inside View On Why Women May Choose Cash Advance Loans
    A PEW study shined a light on the fact that woman tend to use a cash advance or payday loan more often than men. A debt management company, which has seen an influx of women seeking debt relief, points out reasons why many women's finances fail.
  • Create A Triumphant Story Over Cash Advance and Credit Card Debt
    Most Americans carry a big ole pile of debt around month after month. Some of these Americans know exactly how it happened. Purchasing fancy televisions, comfy furniture or exciting vacations are too often causes of that debt.
  • Help Yourself Out Right: Limit Payday Loans and Other Debt
    Fixing your credit is a good thing. It will support future financial needs. It will additionally help to keep payday loan reliance from creeping into your budget.
  • Negotiate A Better Deal To Avoid A Cash Advance In Car Buying
    Will you buy new or used? Have you examined leasing programs? How much money could you comfortably afford each month without a cash advance looming in the background? Anytime a long-term installment loan is acquired, it should fit comfortably into the budget. When a loan payment uses too much income, it jeopardizes the entire budget. This problem is what hurts cash advance users.
  • Contemplate Credit Card and Cash Advances Prior To Falling Into Serious Debt
    Credit card companies thrive because lines of credit offer convenient spending power.Online cash advances thrive because people with poor credit need a fast loan. Both financial options are helpful, but their overuse or misuse tends to create financial difficulties for many customers.
  • Cash Advance Debt Won't Be Settled By Third Party Companies
    The struggle to pay off debt is often times overwhelming for many folks who live paycheck to paycheck. Unexpected costs pop up and in order to avoid a cash advance, juggling costs will occur. Late payments the best way to protect credit, but it is also the slightest infraction if something has to give somewhere.
  • How Fast Can The Cash Advance Grow? Watch Out For Additional Charges
    You hear about a cash advance being expensive, but have you ever really looked at what gets charged and how much it affects your finances? Let's take a look at an average cash advance where the borrower received $200.
  • A Cash Advance Loan Online Is Not A Debt Death Sentence
    Just when I think that I will not be able to handle paying off my cash advance loan online, I read a story about a couple who overcame $160,000 in debt in three years. My first thought was that these folks had a spending problem not a living paycheck to paycheck problem.
  • Unfit Finances Will Overuse Cash Advance Loans
    Did you plan to have your debt amount rise up over your yearly income? Was it in your mind to max out all the credit cards? Do you use online cash advance loans just because they are there? If you have any type of desire to stay financially fit, you would have answered no to all of these questions.
  • Don't Leave Cash Advance and Credit Card Debt To Your Heirs
    Ever worry about what happens to your debt after you pass away? I'm sure it is not on the list of stresses when seeking out a cash advance or hoping to get another credit card approved. Financial situations are what they are and when trouble arises, most of us do what we can with what is available.
  • 5 Steps To Climb From A Cash Advance To Financial Freedom
    It sounds so simple! Take just 5 steps out of the cash advance line and into being financially free. The definition of financial freedom may be confusing, but it certainly would consist of very little bad debt. In order for anyone to have a credit score, there needs to be a history of managing debt well. You have to have debt in order to have credit, it's quite the oxymoron.
  • How Would You Handle A Money Crisis - A Cash Advance Or Cut Back?
    A PEW's study found that 81% of people who use cash advances or payday loans do so because they can. The deciding factor is not income, credit score, or credit worthiness. People choose to use a short-term loan so they don't have to give up something else. Who needs to cut back on eating out or watching movies when a cash advance online is so readily available?
  • Track Within Your Budget To Omit Cash Advance Reliance
    Have you ever kept track of your expenses? One of the best ways to avoid a cash advance is to create a budget and stick to it. It's all the untracked extras which get bought throughout the month that leads many folks to online short-term money options.
  • Hard Inquiries To Credit History Are Not From A Cash Advance Lender
    The effects of inquiries on credit scores are often confusing to consumers looking to build or rebuild their own credit. No credit check cash advance lenders pay no mind to credit scores while other types of lenders view the history. It ultimately affects the score in a negative manner. Overall understanding of the score and its effect on personal finances will only lend itself to continued improvements.
  • Avoid A Cash Advance and Use Student Loans Wisely To Build Credit
    Young adults are being bombarded with warnings. Avoid a cash advance, don't use credit cards, limit student loans but build your credit to help assist future finances. We all know that eventually car loans and/or a home mortgage will come around. In order to have good credit, we have to have credit and then manage it wisely.
  • Prevent The Need For Multiple Cash Advance Loans
    Finding a resource to obtain emergency cash is often a stressful process, especially when the money is needed immediately. A quick cash advance or payday loan is often used when small money amounts will do the job. The bigger problems arise when more than a few hundred dollars is needed to cover the emergency cost.
  • Manage Debt Online and Pay Your Cash Advance Loan Off First
    "Honey, do you now any sites I can go to in order to get help to pay off all my student loan debt?" This question is similar to one that a girlfriend asked her boyfriend one day. Out of this question came the answer from the man, "NO, but maybe I will make one." So the man and his best friend went along their merry way and developed one of the latest leading websites focused on managing debt in order to pay it all off.
  • Would You Use A Cash Advance To Purchase A Discount Coupon?
    Are you signed up for one of the daily online discount coupon emails? Have you ever paid $25 for a $50 trip to a favorite restaurant or clothing store? Did you have the money or did you rely on a credit card or cash advance to make that purchase? Did you use the coupon?
  • Could Frugality Keep Cash Advances Away and Build Finances?
    Want to be a self-made millionaire? Billionaire? You may not have the money to invest in an up and coming business, but you can live a lifestyle which promotes frugality over spending beyond one's means. What does this mean for most of us? Well, we may not all be able to avoid cash advances and become rich, but we can adopt frugal lifestyle choices.
  • How I Stayed Away From Cash Advances and Limited Credit Card Debt
    To be young again. It was a struggle to make it out on my own, fresh out of college and diving into the life of being a responsible citizen. Financially speaking, the starting pay which I started out with was peanuts compared to today, but the cost of living has also increased. I didn't use online cash advances to support cost of livingor rack up credit cards.
  • How Would Your Child Handle A Cash Advance?
    How do you teach your children about money? Do they request a cash advance on their allowance because their wants outweigh their weekly earnings? The better question here would be, do you give them the advance? Planting the financial awareness seed early on is what helps to build their financial future.
  • Debt Collectors Would Love To Collect On Your Cash Advances Gone Wrong
    If you haven't gotten on the debt collections calling list you are doing well. Once the harassing phone calls begin, the pressure to find a way out of bad debt becomes stressful. It isn't just bad credit card debt which has collector's calling. Overworked budgets have landed folks in trouble with medical payments, cash advances and even student loans.
  • Retirement Plans Gone Sour: It's Not All Cash Advance and Credit Cards
    Entering that last decade before retirement? I bet these folks are doing their best to keep their debt from building, take care of all their own necessities and be the support for family. This generation is feeling the financial stress as they work to rid themselves of credit card and cash advance debt. Why all the stress for this age group? It isn't necessarily because they are making too many trips to the mall.
  • A Spring Financial Cleanup Should Payoff Cash Advances First
    Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Will you be including your finances in this yearly ritual? Don't worry, you won't need cash advances in order to make it happen, but you may want a good paper shredder to kick start your cleaning supply list.
  • A Cash Advance Can Help After Bankruptcy, But It Won't Rebuild Credit
    When you are trying to recover from bankruptcy, a cash advance is still an available option. Those short-term - no credit check loans are not interested in what the credit bureau reports. Don't fret; credit recovery also consists of other options.
  • Explore Other Options Besides A Cash Advance
    It is a fact that a cash advance is a loan option when the rest of the finances are not in the best of shape. It is one option out of many and often times gets used unnecessarily out of convenience rather than ultimate necessity. People may take offense to that statement, but it is true.
  • What Next When An Auto Title Loan May Not Even Work?
    When debt straps your finances and your credit score hinders other efforts for help, an auto title loan is an example of a way out. There are many ways to find extra cash, but depending on your personal financial situation, you may not want to choose certain routes. Emergency money would hopefully come from savings, but when funds are not enough, we all need to do what we need to do.
  • Credit Problems? Find The Problem's Source and Avoid A Cash Advance
    It's time to pay the dinner bill and the waiter returns with news that your credit card has been declined. Ouch! Even a cash advance is not going to help you out of this one. It would help if you have more than one credit card in your wallet or maybe some cash tucked away for emergencies. If you have cash in the bank and a debit card with you, this will get the dinner bill paid.
  • Out Of Pocket Medical Expenses: A Cash Advance Is An Option
    I was listening to news radio the other morning on my drive into work. There was a big discussion about doctors in our county. The focus switched back and forth between their salary and debt as well as the influx of out of country doctors charging less. Since my head is normally found within the financial boundaries of cash advances and credit card debt.
  • Which Do You Find Punishing, A Cash Advance Or A Savings Account?
    Is saving money one of the goals which always seems to fall to the wayside? You are not alone. Why do you think there is so much cash advance and credit card debt infiltrating households today? So often, people are defeated before they even get their first $100 saved. It is difficult to defy unexpected or emergency costs as well as the urge to splurge.
  • Avoid A Cash Advance and Build Your Own "Pay In Full" Fund
    If you budget an allowance for yourself, would you end up needing a cash advance because you can't control your spending? We give our children an allowance to spend at their own free will, why not give ourselves one? It may help to have some "free will" money to spend in order to keep the other budgeted categories unscathed by the end of the month.
  • Could A Secured Loan Help Relieve Cash Advance and Credit Card Debt?
    Would you risk your home or car for your cash advance or credit card debt? People who look to secured loans in order to payoff unsecured debt are doing just that. The fear of having credit scores lowered has created more debt problems. As often as these choices do work for some people, we all need to keep in mind the possibility of losing property and still have credit tarnished with negatives.
  • A Homeowner's Cash Advance Dependency Depreciates Lifestyle Opportunities
    The American dream of being a homeowner may not have as many advantages as in the past. The cost of homes drove the market to charge exuberant prices before it collapsed and left people owing more money than the house was now assessed value. The opportunity to sell was significantly reduced and many people ended up having their home foreclosed upon.
  • Control Budgeted Costs To Avoid A Cash Advance
    Food prices are always an issue at my house. My daughter has her favorites, which of course are opposite of my son's and then there is me who is trying to make a more conscience effort in eating healthier. Most often, I can match a meal to two of the three, but rarely do I get all three unless we go out to eat somewhere. With groceries in the home, I find eating out brings more relief to stress, hunger and housework but ruins my monthly budget.
  • The Young Generations Will Learn From Cash Advance and Debt Errors
    The young generation has fallen into some financial errors which are keeping them in debt and struggling to start life out on their own on the right foot. Besides the overuse of credit cards and cash advances, many will have student loan debt to burden their starter income. It's no wonder that young people remain living with their parents for longer periods of time.
  • A Balanced Lifestyle Has No Room For Cash Advance Or Credit Card Debt
    With credit scores ranging from 300 to 900, it is amazing that anything below a 650 is frowned upon by many banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders. There are many credit cards which look closely at these numbers and even though they may not turn an applicant down, they sure will charge them extra in interest for such a low score.
  • Cash Advance Success Is Not Found In A Debt Trap
    Being strapped for cash does not make a cash advance a perfect solution. Too often, a customer will fall back on the short-term loan in order to make good on some emergency payments; but when the due date comes round in just a few short weeks, that individual is still cash strapped. Now what? This story is heard around the world as the cash advance cycle of debt.
  • Omit The Need For A Cash Advance By Planning Ahead
    An individual's point of view should matter when it comes to personal finance. How would a cash advance lender suggest I take care of debt compare to those from a debt settlement company? Suggestions need to be taken with a grain of salt and applied as you see fit into your own personal finances.
  • Do You Take Your Cash Advance From A Specific Type Of Lender?
    So often, we read about bad credit cash advance loans as an opportunity for desperate borrowers who are looking for fast cash. I guess it is all about point of view. What side you are looking at these loans from? Are you a lender hoping that someone will apply or are you a borrower wishing to get some emergency help?
  • No Escaping Debt When Cash Advances and Credit Cards Are Still In Use
    Escaping debt is on everyone's mind. It would be great if we never needed to obtain a cash advance or payday loan; or have to use emergency credit cards for regular costs. The cost of using third party money is often never addressed when the bottom line monthly payment is the only concern.
  • Emergency Cash Advance Lenders Do Not Follow Credit Card Aggressive Tactics
    Using a cash advance to relieve financial emergencies is the basis to why short-term loans are so popular. The loan is for a few hundred dollars, it gets deposited quickly and the payoff is meant to keep the borrower form falling into more long-term debt. The harsh part of these short-term loans is that if the full payoff is not completed on the original due date, there is high interest applied to any remaining balance.
  • Getting Real With Cash Advance and Credit Card Debt
    Do you know what your debt is made up of? How much money is owed to an online cash advance or payday loan lender? Does the core of your bad debt consist of multiple credit card balances? In order to get a handle on debt and begin to repair your finances, you need to know the facts about your credit history as well as who it is you owe money to.
  • Does Lying On A Cash Advance Application Fix Your Finances?
    Have you ever lied on an application? Maybe you added to your income to let a creditor know you could afford the new card. Maybe you told a cash advance company about your employerbut left off the part about being fired. Were you approved? How did this new credit affect your other finances?
  • The Press Release Said What About A Cash Advance?
    I may understand the pros and cons of a cash advance better than some people, but one thing I would hope that everyone would know is that one of these short-term loans is not an answer to extra spending. It's not that I think of myself as climbing up on a soap box in order to preach to people about finances, but… some things need a response.
  • Foreclosures and Short-Sales Put Credit At Risk Save Cash Advances
    Credit scores are calculated by secret algorithms mixed with all the complexities of managing money which makes the final score a challenge to fully understand. Once there are problems reported to credit bureaus getting help becomes a challenge. Short -term loans like cash advances are an exception to this since there is no credit check to determine loan approval status.

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