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  • Why Use The Services Provided By Freight Forwarders
    As an exporter and/or importer, you may encounter daily problems on in your international transactions. Selling or purchasing goods overseas involves one or more modes of transportation, numerous types of documents and paperwork, and needs deep knowledge on the global trade and transportation.
  • Air Freight Rates: How to Get an Accurate Figure
    Knowing air freight rates is very important, as your business will be greatly affected if you don't do your homework and just go with the cheapest or the most expensive shipping service.
  • Understanding Freight Forwarding: Duties of a Freight Forwarder
    A freight forwarder sometimes called a forwarding agent acts on behalf of exporters, importers, and other companies or individuals to organise the timely, efficient, safe, and cost-effective movement of goods. Such shipments can be for individual persons or for other companies, such as retailers or manufacturers.
  • Export Business: 7 Great Money Saving Tips
    Severe price-cutting is one of the steps many companies do in order to stay competitive in the international market. Oftentimes, this measure results to operating at a loss. An export action plan, supporting the price-reduction strategy should be developed.
  • International Freight Forwarding: Labeling Tips When Exporting Goods
    In international freight forwarding, labeling is one of the most important aspects. A single slight mistake can lead to huge consequences such as time-consuming and/or financially damaging results. So, when you're exporting or importing goods abroad it' important to take note of the following tips and guidelines about labeling:
  • International Freight Forwarding: Myths About Exporting Goods
    You do not have to be an export before you could export products. There are lots of online resources that can help you know and understand the ins and outs of exporting. You can also consider investing in several books in exporting, ask people you know who have experience in this types of business, or seek the help of professional international freight forwarders.
  • How to Increase Collaboration in the Workplace and Increase Income
    If your group is significantly large, (or you have employees overseas or from other locations), consider implementing SharePoint Solutions in your company.
  • How to Motivate a Lazy Employee Without Pushing Him to Quit
    A lazy employee can be as bad as an unruly employee. Other employees, who are left with no choice but to make up for the shortcomings of the lazy employee, can become resentful. Productivity and morale in the workplace will dramatically decrease in this case. And if company leaders and managers fail to apply effective solutions, other employees will tend to be lazy as well.
  • Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Hotel Security Guards
    The safety and security of guests and employees in hotels is very important. It is one of the top considerations of guests before deciding to check in taking into account the fact that crimes can also occur in such places however secure they may appear. This is why hiring guards from security guard recruitment agencies is imperative.
  • Important Considerations When Looking for a Good Freight Forwarding Agent
    These days, freight forwarding agents play a very vital role in the supply chain management. Businessmen in this field guarantee timely and safe delivery of goods and products. However, finding one that will surely deliver these results and more can be a real challenge considering that there are lots of freights forwarders out there. So, check out the following important things you have to consider when you are looking for a good forwarder.
  • 8 Freight Forwarding Cost Cutting Tips
    If the weight of your cargo is more than its volumetric weight, you may ask for 5 to 10% discount from the usual rates because almost all airlines provide this discount to freight forwarding agents in Australia.

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