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Graham Baylis's Articles in Automobiles, Vehicles, Transportation

  • Are Hybrid Cars The Future For Us All?
    Engineers are developing engines that can run on other sources of energy but still have the range of a traditional petrol or diesel driven vehicle and they have come up with the hybrid engine. So what is a Hybrid car? In simple terms, it is a vehicle that has 2 sources of power which can be either battery or fuel.
  • How Oil Has Been Used Through History
    People have been using oil in one form or another for about 5,000 years. Over the centuries civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians made use of it in the preparation of mummies before burial. The Native Americans used oil for medicinal purposes. The Chinese were using it for numerous purposes and were the first to develop drilling techniques. Asphalt has been used for centuries to seal seams and leaks in boats and ships. Read more..
  • The Internal Combustion Engine Today
    Most motor vehicles operate using an internal combustion engine which, if you did not already know, makes use of very small controlled explosions to generate the power required to operate the car. This process is entirely safe and it is in a very enclosed space, so please don't think that the next time you drive your car, it is going to blow up!
  • The History Of Vehicle Testing In The UK
    In the UK virtually all cars and light commercial vehicles over 3 years old are required by law to undergo an annual comprehensive examination known as the MOT to ensure that they are roadworthy. This testing has undergone amendments since its inception in 1960. During the 1940s and 50s motor vehicles were becoming more common on the roads and many of these vehicles were manufactured before 1940 and were not serviced very regularly or if at all.
  • Keeping Fleet Vehicles Clean Is Important
    First impressions count or so the saying goes and this is in fact one saying that is very true. Consider how many times you have seen something or someone for the very first time and either looked very favourably upon them or dismissed them completely due to appearance. This when a business or even a government department owns a fleet of vehicles, it is important that the right impression is created straight away.
  • Selling Your Car? Some Tips On Getting The Best Deal
    When the time comes to sell or replace your car, it is obvious that you want to get the best price possible for it, but how do you go about this? The first thing to do is have a ball park figure of what your car is worth. You can do this very easily by looking at one of the online car valuation sites which are free of charge to use and this will give you a base to go from.
  • Choosing the Right 4x4 Vehicle
    Before you choose a 4 x 4 vehicle, you need to consider what you are actually going to use the vehicle for. If you are planning to go off-roading regularly then you will need a different set of requirements for your vehicle than if you are using the vehicle purely for conventional road use. Whatever your requirements are, take a little time to think about what you actually need as well as what you would like.
  • Getting Your Car Ready for Sale To Get The Best Price
    Many of us end up selling our cars when we don't want them anymore, but when there are so many other people out there doing the same thing, we need to do whatever we can to get the best price for our used cars. This means taking care over how we get them ready for sale, and doing our research to ensure we get a fair price for our vehicle.
  • How To Choose The Right Car
    It is probably fair to say that most adults have, at some point in their lives, had to purchase a new car. That is to say, new to their household, not necessarily new in manufacture. One of the most important aspects of buying a new car is getting the right one for you and your family. Cars are expensive, whether straight off the production line, or second hand, so choosing the one to suit is paramount
  • More Convertibles Sold In The UK Than The Rest Of Europe Combined
    There is a most unlikely fact in the motor industry, one that is strange but true and that is that more convertible cars are sold in the UK than the rest of Europe combined. For those of us who live there, with all the rain and bad weather, this may seem a bit strange. Until, that is we start thinking of the holidays we've had in Europe when we have been complaining (you never can get the weather right for a Brit) about the sun…
  • The Importance of Oil Today And In The Past
    There is no mistaking that there is a lot going on in the motor oil world, just searching on Google shows that. Checking in April 2012 the stories on the web include Valvoline launching it's next generation oil I Canada, a press release confirming that G-OIL a 'green' oil will reduce carbon footprints by 67% and Champion Oil announcing that it will be supporting Earth Day in 2012 and that is just a few of many stories
  • Selecting The Right 4 * 4 Car
    In recent years, 4x4 cars have become ever more popular as they have moved out of their traditional off-road terrain and into mainstream use, in fact many are used as MPV's these days. There are an increasing range of 4x4s on the market, so this can make the process of choosing the best 4x4 car a bit of a minefield for the inexperienced, there being many things to think about when choosing a 4x4. This article will no doubt help.
  • The Importance Of Choosing The Right Engine Oil For Your Car
    Giving the proper care and attention to your car will not just ensure that it will run efficiently, but will also ensure that it will operate safely. Changing your car's motor oil is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running well. Motor oil is very important for the overall performance and function of your car.
  • Factors Need To Be Considered When Selling Your Car
    There are many reasons that causes a car owner to want to sell his car. It can be that he wants something new or even wants to get rid of the discomfort and hassles brought by the old car. In order to avoid pitfalls and get the best possible deal in selling your car, you have to take some important things into consideration. This short article gives you some pointers to consider.
  • The Importance Of The Right Motor Oil Grades For Colder Conditions
    Motor vehicle manufacturers and oil companies invest millions in motor oil grades that work under wide-ranging climatic conditions. The result is the virtually fit-and-forget reassurance that we enjoy as year-round vehicle operators - whether driving artics in the UK, tractors in Germany or hatchbacks in Hammerfest, above the Arctic Circle. The good news is that oil companies and manufacturers make it easy to make the correct choice…
  • Used Car Prices And Car Valuations
    Selling your car can sometimes be a daunting process, especially if you've never done it before. However, it doesn't have to be stressful and it is possible to get a fair price when you are selling your car. This article looks at different issues associated with this and offers some guidance on how to sell your car.
  • Motor Oils: What If You Use The Wrong One?
    Oil's just oil, right? Well no, it isn't, and putting the wrong motor oils in vehicles can contribute to all sorts of costly consequences. Whether you drive a 15-year-old Vauxhall, a Pagani Zonda or a 1960s MGB, the right lubricant choice helps optimise the seven critical engine factors identified as important by oil experts. Read on for more
  • Blending Industrial Lubricants For Specific Purposes
    Have you seen the Will it Blend? viral marketing campaign by a US-based kitchen blender manufacturer? Watching a smart phone or silly putty blend makes great entertainment - and a powerful point about the power of a kitchen appliance. But, blending lubricants for specific purposes still remains a speciality of the leading lubricant manufacturers…
  • Making Your Number Plate Look Cool
    Do you want a cool, funny, number plate that shows the world your true personality? Well today with the many online number plate printers you can have one. Simply follow the instructions on the websites you find (they are noramlly very easy to follow) and turn your car into an extension of you.
  • From Basic Oil Properties To The Latest Synthetic Motor Oils
    The importance of choosing the right motor oil cannot be overstated, especially with todays long vehicle servicing intervals. It's all to easy to shut the bonnet and take motor oils for granted. But you shouldn't. Even if it's just so you can talk to your garage mechanic more knowledgeably, it's useful to know a bit about the importance of choosing the right gearbox or engine oils.
  • Ever Counted The Different Oils And Other Fluids Use In Your Car?
    You'll be amazed how many fluids you need to keep a car running. Engine oils and the other fluids in your car are your vehicle's lifeblood and a key to safe, economical, reliable motoring. But what are these fluids and what are the secrets to making sure that gear oil, antifreeze and the others keep doing their vital work all year round?
  • Making Your Number Plates Theft Proof
    Car theft is one crime that seems to be under control these days, modern vehicles being that much more difficult to get in to or to start. However, identity theft is on the rise and one 'identity' that is pretty easy to steal and to replicate is that of your car registration or number plate. This article covers the topic in more depth and tells you how to protect yourself from this form of identity theft.
  • Choose Your Lubricating Oil With Care. There Maybe More At Stake Than You Think
    You must of heard of the poem 'For the want of a nail a battle was lost'
    which of tells the story of a lost rider that causes
    the end of a kingdom, ending 'And all for the want of a
    horseshoe nail.' Well it is the same in the case of oil, choose the wrong type and your machinery could fail, leading to a lost order and then perhaps a
    lost company. This article tells of the business benefits of choosing the right oil.
  • Different Uses for Number Plates
    When you buy a new car or bike, it automatically comes with its own number plate. This, however, doesn't mean that you can't buy your own to replace it if you want to personalise the number plate. You can even buy number plates for many other different uses. We take you through some of the most common uses for number plates - and a couple of the less common ones.
  • Car Number Plates - Some Things to Think About
    When it comes to making
    your car your very own, there are a lot of things that you have to consider.
    For example, you are going to want to make sure that you are taking the colour
    and design of your car into serious consideration. Your car is a great way to
    express your creative side. For many people, a car is as important as a home. One way to make your car extra special is to fit special number plates.
  • A Short History Of Registering Vehicles In The UK
    A brief history of the method of registering motor vehicles in the United Kingdom.
  • Choosing The Right Car
    If you are looking for a new car, then you already know you have a hard task ahead of you. Graham Baylis has chosen a good few cars in the past, but wanted to pass on some (hopefully) useful tips.
  • Number Plate Cloning And Number Plate Theft
    If you have ever had to replace your number plates, it is worth considering why, as well as where you can buy them. With the instance of car cloning increasing, this short article is well worth a read.
  • Tyre Maintenance Can Save You Money
    The importance of tyre maintenance for the safety and smooth running of your vehicle.
  • Fun Number Plates
    The car number plate has more uses than you think, not only for show vehicles and bikes, but also for bedrooms, sheds, you name it anywhere that you want to name or to give a funny message on.
  • There's a Plate 4 Us
    Want some ideas on how you can a number plate for other things than on your car? Read on for more information and see how you can have fun with number plates.

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